Munster 22 — Leinster 5

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Apr 042009

A good win for Munster.

Hard luck, Leinster.  Well played!

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    I have no sky sports but len dineen called a great game


    I watched it on the internet. Picture quality wasn’t great but it was better than trying to figure out what Len was telling me. Len doesn’t realise he’s on the radio. He thinks you can see the game the same as he can.


    I’m just back from the match. Good game alright, but I’m disgusted that cunt didnt get binned for kicking mafi in the eye.


    You’re dead right. Mafi got kicked in the face, and it wasn’t a “trailing leg” either. It was deliberate. Yet Mafi was binned. Very unfair.


    Indeed. Just back myself.

    Munster werre just too good for Leinster though. They looked dangerous in the first half but Munster just soaked it up, bided their time and struck when the openings eventually came. Contepomi completely bottled it.


    Contepomi looked a lot like Charlie Hodgson always does in Thomond Park.


    Worse, in my opinion. It only seems to be munster he bottles it against. I think the munster flankers get a kick out of making him crack when he’s in at 10.


    They do. Remember Leamy in Lansdowne Road, 2006?


    Wouldn’t say it was a good game but the pony made it easy enough for us alright. Earls took his moment to prove his caliber so very very well..a defensive game that was in danger of suffocation but munster were so assured in everything they did they never looked like losing.was at the game but missed the Mafi incident,have heard since that a player from both sides has been cited?.roll on next week..we beat the hairsprays and we’ll do the double …Great time to be a rugby supporter in this town!!


    I could probably look this up myself, but you guys would probably be a more reliable source than google. Is there a good website to watch rugby online? I live in the States and haven’t seen it on except maybe once or twice a year. I’d be happy to pay to subscribe or whatever.

    As of now, your posts are about the best rendition of games I get, keep it up.


    It’s free


    Looks good, thank you kindly.


    You’re welcome


    Thanks Bock I enjoyed the match yesterday via p2p

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