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Munster 43 Ospreys 9

It’s always a good sign when the day begins with a surreal moment.  Luckily I had a ticket for Bullet as well as myself, and we decided to stroll out in the pleasant spring sunshine.  As we passed a church, the bells began to peal.  The Bells of the Angelus.  Lovely.  A tune we all learned in kindergarten.

Bullet, I said, do you know that tune?

Course I do he replied. It’s The Wheels on the Bus.

I didn’t get a chance to do a report on the game yesterday because I was out carousing with my children and various friends afterwards.  Sorry.  It won’t happen again.

You probably know the result by now.  It was a massacre.  A slaughter.  A comprehensive bulldozing.

A disallowed try early in the first half turned the crowd a little ugly, but by half time Munster were completely in charge and in the end it was all just too easy as they ran in one try after another, and Paul Warwick slotted two magnificent drop-goals as well as scoring a try.  The first drop-goal was a cheeky opportunity grabbed on the fly, but the second was a gigantic kick from half way that left the crowd laughing and Paul O Connell shaking his head in amazement.  There were no passengers.  Everyone played their part and gave whatever ot took.  Mafi had a stormer, smashing through the Ospreys time after time and tackling like a lunatic.  Leamy was immense, working constantly, both on and off the ball.  Young Keith Earls is becoming one of the most exciting players ever to step onto a rugby pitch and his brilliance produced two fine tries.  O Connell is one of those rare natural leaders and I was delighted to see him going over the line for his own try.  I thought I had a video of this but it turned out all I had was a video of the back of some guy’s head, so sorry about that.  Not to worry though.  I have a few pictures of the lads warming up before the game, and for a change I think I’ll post them later, instead of any action shots, mainly because my action shots are rubbishy blurred shit.

My head is exploding.  I have the hangover of two men. I can’t write any more now, because my hands are shaking and my vision is blurred.  There’s a faint tang of poisonous dolly-mixtures at the back of my throat and I fear I might see the end of this day.  If I should somehow survive, I’ll put up the pictures of the lads.  Promise.



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Our visitors looked totally shell shocked, with 10 minutes to go Munster were still playing like they were only one point ahead or even one behind. I would like to see the report that Warren Gatland and Rob Howley will write for the Lions after watching this game.
But as Paul O Connell pointed out nothing has been won, yet The Munster side is now stronger than ever.
A mix of power and skill across the whole squad, and now yet another biggest day for Irish rugby coming up.

One of the most complete performances I’ve ever seen from Munster. Gatland must feel like an even bigger Class A tosser after watching this demolition of his babies.

Is there any way we can keep the GAA players off the Croke Park pitch before major rugby and soccer matches? Their ruining the surface with their muck savage like ways.

Judging by the photos I was very near you at the match. On the 10 meter line north of half way. Well done Thomond. A great show before the match. Good clean fun. The choir were great got the crowd in good form. I thought the crowd were more annoyed by the length of time taken to disallow the try than the decision itself. Should be a great semi.

Hey Bock…small world….in the picture of stringer warming up…in the crowd..front centre…is my brother joe…weird,eh?

Thanks for the p2p link. Saw Leinster being beaten last night and a great game between the western neighbours tonight. If they beat Scarlets in Cork next weekend they’ll wrap it up.

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