I know that Limehouse Dick is a rascal.  I know he’s an incorrigible corner-boy and dodger.  I realise old Scrotum can’t stand him, and yet, for all his uncouth manners, his shuffling, mumbling shiftiness and his surly manner, he has always responded well to a sound thrashing and a small bag of sovereigns.

This time is no exception.

Once more, at the appointed time, Limehouse Dick has presented himself at my study door with a brace of the finest tickets for the forthcoming encounter between our fellows and those British chaps from Dublin.  One for me and one for my young lad, who has accompanied me on these journeys since he was but a babe in swaddling.

Bless him, Limehouse Dick.  I almost feel affection for the scruffy old devil.  It was a most unfortunate business when he fell from the ivy outside my window.  I do hope that limp clears up eventually.


Oh, by the way, I should perhaps mention that Munster have won the Magners League.  A minor matter, I know, but still.

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31 thoughts on “Munster vs Leinster in Croke Park

  1. As the best player who plays for Connacht (prove I’m not…you don’t even know who the hell that would be), I’d just like to congratulate my Munster colleagues.

  2. Let’s not forget the nursery to the aforementioned nursery, Bruff RFC, I know you’re appreciateive of them too Bock!

  3. Being the best rugby player in Connacht must be a bit like being the best ice hockey player in Jamaica I reckon.

    In one sense people are proud of you, you being the best an all. But at a deeper more subliminal level they can’t quite grasp what exactly it is you do, and you propelling yourself forward with that strange shaped ball.

  4. They did an all – and I remember Bourmouth beating United in the FA cup once also.

  5. Ah sure … relax, Ted. That Bock fella will do anything to provoke.

    All ye Munster yobs with the funny accents: Good luck tomorrow. May the best side win. ;)

  6. Leinster are staying very quite – we don’t like this. Usually they can be relied upton to talk complete and utter bollocks in the lead up to the match, to write cheques their bodies can’t cash as someone once put it. Basically, we are relying on Leinster to be as lethargic as Berbatov on the field of battle. Berbatov, as James Lawton wrote in the line of the year last week, ” a man, who if he brings any less concentrated effort to his task, will slip into a coma.” Do a Berbatov Leinster, because if you get to the final you’ll lose the fucker as sure as our beloved Pope sits on the throne St Peter.

  7. Looks like the minor matter of the Clonmel Cup is about as good as its gonna get for the boys in red.

    Humble Pie required in large doses, esp you Abdul.

    Can McGeechan reconsider the captaincy? I only saw one contender on the pitch today.

    And no, I’m not a Leinster fan in case you care. I was neutral in this affair, although I do have to admit I was finding the Munster Supremacists a bit hard to stomach these last few days.

  8. Well, I won’t crow too much about it, but we showed Munster how to play today. And Brian played a stormer. The “pretty boy” (so-called) showed his extraordinary talent once again.

    Tough luck, Munster. It was a great match.

  9. Dear Mr Bock

    When you are finished staring at your arse can we have the plate we handed it to you on back? We need it for the final, like.

    Yours faithfully,

    Those British chaps from Dublin.

  10. Well said, Fox. :)

    [“We were pretty much second best in most facets of the game” said O’Connell]

  11. Leinster played a good game (finally) fair play, good luck in the finals hopefully another Irish team bring the Heineken cup home, good luck to Leinster, hard luck Munster.

  12. Hardy har har har – there has been a huge amount of disrespect dished out to the Lenister players by some sections of the Munster fan base over the last couple of years.

    Karma – what a bitch, eh?

  13. Darkness has descended across the realm as Camelot falls and our knights cede to the dark forces of Mordred at Camlann. T’is not unlike when, the Sicilian hit-man, Salvatore Schillaci – translated, meaning the bastard, for once evading the attentions of the impeccable Black Pearl of Inchicore, netted in the Eternal City, after Bonner, the idiot, failed to deal with a drive – of not significant velocity – and parrying the orb into the deformed pygmy’s path watched as Toto plunged the dagger into the heart of a nation. Our knights, having earned their seats at the round table did assume that being of the people and for the people sufficed. But they grew complacent, and Mordred, exclaiming “absolutely” before each sentence, whilst being of questionable lineage, plotted, and plagiarizing our ways, triumphed to plunge Hibernia into darkness.

  14. Awa! Us Nancy boys ,west Brits ,up in Dublin robbed ye. The ref was wearing a blue jersey . The culchies , even the ones living in Leinster for years will not support the team in the next match.

  15. If you’d been in the pub in North Dublin that I was in – and heard the roars for Leinster – you’d know there wasn’t a “West Brit” accent to be heard. Blue jersey on the ref my arse!

  16. Nora was it McGrath’s ,the red Parrot or the Big Tree? Please read anything I write. Preferably with your tough firmly in your cheek.

  17. Jaysus Wept – beaten by leinster – what happened yis yesterday… yis were bleedin brutal….

  18. Gary, my tongue is semi-permanently in my cheek here. Not my eyes. How else would I cope in such a nest of anti-Dublin vipers?

    [Just kidding, lads. I enjoy this blog.]

  19. Fox,

    Fair play! I just hope we play like that in the final. It’s great too see a performance like that put to bed all those lazy cliches like D4 ladyboys etc. Munster weren’t allowed to play. POC was gracious in victory, but accurate all the same.

    Pity about Quinlan going biblical on Cullen “if thine opponents right eye offends thee . . ”

    Fair play to the real Munster support though.
    One good thing about yesterday was that it’ll shut the Lunsters up for a while. Shower of johnyy come lately bandwagon jumpers that they are. Maybe Reggie Corrigan has it right, there should be a special shirt for them, half red and half blue so that when the tv cameras are on them they can turn either way to shout for whoevers winning.

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