Munster vs Leinster Ticket Quest

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Apr 282009

I love the skullduggery in the week before a match.  I love the clandestine phone calls and the meetings in darkened doorways. I love the muttered calls.

Howya.  We might have three.  No.  Three.  NO! THREE!!  Yeah.  Three.  Yeah.  Ok?  Not fifty.

We’re off to the game.  The big game.  Myself and the Bullet, again.

We’ll head towards Dublin on Saturday morning, as we’ve done so many times over the years, this little Bullet and myself, though he isn’t so little anymore.  His days of sitting on my shoulders at matches are over and done.  Finished.  Now it’s my turn.

Bullet, gimme a heave up there lad.  I’m tired.

Hmm.  Maybe not quite yet.

We were there so many times and it paid off so many times though we were disappointed as well.

Who knows?  Perhaps we’ll be disappointed this time too, though Munster’s performance against Ospreys gave us hope that they might go all the way.  Who knows?  We’ll have to wait till Saturday.


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    Due to the recession, I’ll be staying home for this one. And to top it off, also due to the recession (dole queue) I may very well have a ticket, return flights from shannon and accomidation for the final going at face value.

    Excuse the shameless punting, but baby needs a meal.


    Dont give up, you could still win a ticket to the Munster game on Competition closes on Friday.


    Dr Org — That’s a pity. Hard times we live in.

    Catherine — Thanks for the info.


    Am also heading to the match but have had to dig deep for the funds. The clubs are now cashing in on the Munster bandwagon and charging over double the face value for tickets. Have also got tickets for the final and a very cheap ferry crossing to Liverpool then a four hour drive to Edinburgh. Please please God don’t have me cheering for Leinster in the final!


    You should contact the IRFU about clubs over-charging for tickets. Touting is touting, regardless of what they are wearing.


    Am still waiting for final confirmation on 2 tickets but if they don’t turn up fuck it.A bar stool in Fla’s will do rightly.


    Got 2 tickets. Come on Munster :D


    anyone have munster tickets…will drive the length and breath of the country for them,…..need 2


    Go on the monsters

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