National Blasphemy Day

In light of the draft anti-blasphemy legislation proposed by the Irish government, I suggest holding a National Blasphemy Day, on which every blogger deliberately sets out to grossly offend the religious sensitivities of as many religious believers as possible, with the clear intention of causing outrage.

I think the 14th May, two weeks from now, would be a suitable date. 

What do you reckon?

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Facebook has deleted the group. 



Blasphemous Libel

23 thoughts on “National Blasphemy Day

  1. I don’t reckon you’ve gone far enough Bock, you should set up a religious order that has causing outrage amongst all other religions as its central philosophy. NBD could be our Christmas day!

  2. Sounds like a solution to me. After all, where the high priests of finance and their fíanna fáil altar boys can do as they damn well please then there is a definite requirement for something like this.

    I think you should have a few pints and then make a few suggestions like guide-lines and such!

    Meanwhile; I suggest that the first Tuesday of the month would be a good day. Links to micky-money day etc., so lots of drink for all on the night!

    Well one day a year wouldn’t be sufficient.

  3. I be reckoning National Blasphemy Weekend: Friday for Islam, Saturday for Judaism and Sunday for Christianity. Any of those nights with a full moon for Scientology.

  4. How does one offend a Pastafarianism? Does citing standard religious dictates qualify as blasphemy for the FSM? (got to catch them all)

  5. This new law is no doubt coming out of last weeks UN Defamation of Religion resolution. Check out Peter Singer, The Guardian, April 15th for a defense against such a proposal (which seems to have already been passed in the UN)

  6. Last gasp effort of the so called ‘government’ to cover their criminal tracks.
    And be in no doubt, this government are a bunch of criminals, no different that the scum drug shit-heads that murder at will in our cities.
    Only difference between fíanna fáil and the druggie murderers is where they go for a pint!

  7. Here’s a few issues you might raise:

    – Female genital circumcision is wrong

    – Homosexuals should be allowed marry, even if they are priests

    – Condoms should be given to sexually active in countries with high incidences of HIV (doh)

    -Jesus never seems to speak out against slavery despite all the “master/servant” stuff going on.

    – The Koran is pretty nasty to the Jews.

    – Papal infallacy is a load of hogwash.

    Is that €100k or €500k that I could be done for?

    On the other hand any one who contradicts these is blaspheming against my religion and is liable to a fine.

    Mad, mad, mad.

  8. Why can’t I start up my own religion? What’s the criteria for a religion these days – how many members? Does it automatically qualify for the tax free status or must I apply? Can I worship what I like?
    a God?
    a devil?
    a Goat, cat, rock whatever…?
    me bollix?
    Munster rugby (this year)?

    Fuck me.

    Blaspheme away. Give them hell.

  9. I think that the heresy laws should be brought back and, in due time, the inquisition. Anyone up for gathering kindling?

  10. People, there is only one God and I forgive ye if ye blaspheme against me. Try not to do it too much though or i’ll send a hail of lightening bolts up yer arse…….
    I’m starting a new religion with all the best bits of the others and none of the guilt…well almost none anyway.
    Bock, play nice now or i’ll let the lady boys win this weekend…….
    For the rest of ye that want to join. Entrance fee is 500 Euro and when you die you get a six pack of beer, 2 hookers and a 12 inch pizza…..

  11. I was just listening to to that smarmy cunt Declan Ganly on the radio. It sounds like he wants to declare Libertas as a religion with himself as the all seeing, all knowing god – that would snooker us.

  12. Batman — It isn’t about suing anyone. It’s worse: this is a criminal law.

    Seconds Out — On the other hand, if the Supreme Court had passed it, the law could never be challenged again.

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