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We don’t know yet if Ronnie Dunbar murdered Melissa Mahon.

What we do know is that Ronnie Dunbar had a highly inappropriate relationship with the fourteen-year-old girl, and I can put it no stronger than that, since the case is still in court.

However, I can tell you my personal opinion of Ronnie Dunbar, and it’s this:

I think he’s an absolute scumbag, and if I believed he was anywhere near my children I would end his existence without a second thought for myself.

However, that’s just my own view of Ronnie Dunbar, who is without question a despicable scumbag.

I don’t yet know if he’s officially a murderer but I personally believe he killed the poor girl.


UPDATE: 28th May 2009

Ronnie Dunbar was convicted of the manslaughter of Melissa Mahon, but not of murder. He was also cleared of threatening to kill his daughter. He will be sentenced next week.

Just to be clear about this. Manslaughter is not some minor offence several orders of magnitude less than murder. A person who commits manslaughter intends to kill his victim, or doesn’t care whether his victim dies as a result of hs attack. The only difference is that the prosecution failed to prove he planned the killing.

Dunbar did away with this young girl and then callously dumped her body in a river, as if disposing of a sack of rubbish.

He’s a scumbag.

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    The longer I live the closer I come to Michael Douglas in Falling Down.



    Just look at the fucker.

    That is one load his mother should have swallowed.


    They do say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, however I’ll make an exception in this case. The man has the kind of face you could never tire of punching.


    Fox, I am breaking my shite laughing at your comment.

    Bock, go easy on the lad. Just look at him there, with his packet of crisps, sure his mammy probably gave them to him so he wouldnt go hungry in court.


    The more I learn about man the more I admire my dog.


    Before you’re so quick to judge him, can we not think of the ”mental processes” that may or may not have occured when he may or may not have carried out these deeds?


    Betty isn’t there a floor somewhere that needs sweeping?


    Well something definitely doesn’t add up with that guy and his story, and the fact he looks like a total scumbag leads me to assume he was up to no good anyway with a 14 year old girl and did kill her & is’nt his daughter to testify that she saw him take the girls body out of the house in a sleeping bag? Or did she already? I hav’nt heard.
    He looks like he should be off the streets for Something anyway, I wouldn’t let him near my daughter, that’s for certain.


    Glad to hear you warning us Benny, ref Falling Down – if I see you in McDonalds at one minute past 12 ordering a breakfast then I’m clearing the fuck out of there.

    Did someone not mention during the week that this misfortunate child was pregnant?


    “and the fact he looks like a total scumbag leads me to assume he was up to no good anyway with a 14 year old girl.”

    “I wouldn’t let him near my daughter, that’s for certain”

    Haughey, Ahearn, Lawlor, Burke, Fitzpatrick all wore suits and were pillars of society, would you let your daughter near one of them?


    Erm, No!
    But just look at the fuckers face, straight off you’d know he was dangerous looking brute, Our upstanding pillars of society might get in the door but you’d soon see them for what they are pretty quickly too.
    Dunbar is a different caliber of a man entirely


    Judging someone by thier appearance is a dangerous road to go down.


    i’m originally from sligo and without saying too much he didn’t always look like that. i’ll wait till the whole trial is over before i comment further, however.


    ..But just look at the fuckers face, straight off you’d know he was dangerous looking brute

    With not Mr Dunbar in mind, but me.. Never judge a book by its cover.


    To be honest, the HSE doesn’t really come out of this smelling of roses either…….. Melissa’s social worker testified in court that McManus/Dunbar had complained to her that it wasn’t made known that she was in care when she went missing.


    I’m surprised to see that No 2 comment above from Fox is still there. It is very offensive and more in keeping with something I would expect to see on Twenty’s blog.

    Is this man’s mother in some way implicated in this case and even if she were would this sort of comment be appropriate?


    On the Bertillon scale……..Guilty!


    Its obvious from his body language, Ronald Dunbar doesnt think he has done anything wrong.
    His defence team have already started to rubbish the States main Prosecution Witnesses,and are already demonizing this misfortunate girls parents.
    Its strange that the Social Services couldnt
    keep this girl safe, given previous instances
    of girls being influenced by older men.
    Two other cases spring to mind, one of a girl
    killed by a hit and run driver, and the other of a girl who died of an overdose, both in care.
    Is there any point in these agencies, when they blithely ignore coroners findings, reports theycommission themselves, and the ministers for Health and Children and for Social Services our elected represantives.
    And yes Ronald Dunbar is a dangerous thug who has escaped prosecution so far by intimidation.
    Anyone who knows him is of the opinion he is one dangerous cunt and a total scumbag.


    Does anybody know Dunbar’s bio ?
    One I hear the guy has an alias as in “Ronald McManus, also known as Ronnie Dunbar” I smell a rat.


    cadrjr – Dunbar is his surname, McManus is his mother’s maiden name. he lived in the UK for a while (some say under a witness protection programme, some say he was ”ran out” of Sligo but neither are evidenced in the public domain) and since his return to Sligo he’s used the name McManus.


    [Mod edit: Comment in txt spk deleted]


    Maria — This site has a policy of publishing comments in English or Irish only. Your comment, in txt, fits neither category and has therefore been deleted.


    Last time I checked, the presumption of innocence was still good Irish law. I can’t believe that comments here are based on his looks. Handsome people do bad things, and ugly people can be entirely good. Most of us fall in between on both counts. If you defend the presumption of innocence for this man, you uphold it for us all. Let due process run, and let blind justice weigh the evidence in the balance. It’s all that’s between us and anarchy.
    Our love of ancient criminal records and our tendency to judge people because of them is an anachronism. In the UK, there is a fade period for most offences, after which they are no longer on your record and you may then legally declare yourself as having no criminal record for job application purposes etc. We are well behind that enlightened approach.



    I knew the guy in school he is a scumbag .always starting something then running away .did some sort of weight training and blew up steriods on doubt .he aint to be feared ,if that poor girl had about 30pounds she,d have beat the shit out of him.have fun in jail i hope all those dads me you their little queen.


    Ronnie Dunbar as I knew him in school was always causing trouble and was a total scumbag and I dont think he has changes over the years, but we have to say that he is persumed innocent until found guilty by his peers. The truth will eventually come out or in true justice be burried by lots of money.


    I knew Ronnie Dunbar from my time as a youth worker and indeed his whole family were totally dysfunctional. Not making any excuses for the tragedy that has happened, but he was a child at one point and maybe if social workers had intervened when he was a child none of this might have happened.


    What do you mean Patrick his whole family were dysfunctional. The majority of his cousins still are! Anyway you can’t tar all members with the same brush, his immediate family aren’t all like him.

    With regards earlier comments about his mother thats a bit below the belt, she hardly reared him to do that. You can only rear your children to the best of your ability but the choices they make, good or bad, are their own! Yes he is a scumbag and always was, but I still think the whole story hasn’t come out, I believe his daughters had something to do with it!


    Not sure if people have heard but there was someone stabbed last night in the same estate that this dude lived in. It is a small enough estate so just wondering are they linked


    Juries are strange entities and they do as instructed more often than not when the Judge advises. The witnesses were at cross-purposes in this case and the result was therefore inevitable. That he was convicted for manslaughter was more surprising I believe.

    Natural justice will intervene eventually, it’s unavoidable when guilt is excused. I’ve seen it too often not to doubt it.


    does anyone know anything about ronnie dunbars first wife angie?


    Melissa Mahon wasn’t the first teenage girl he befriended, when he was married to his first wife he befriended a 15yr old girl who then went on to become his 2nd wife as far as i heard??? I think she lives in England?

    He tried to befriend myself and some of my mates when we would have all been about 15 or 16 but it never went any further than him chatting to us and inviting us out to Rosses Point beach with him and his mates. [we never went] He would have been about 28 at the time so he would have no reason NOT to know this was a bit weird. We were all convinced there was something ”not right” with him at the time but at the same time kinda enjoyed the fact he’s go out of his way to ”find us” when we hung out round the town on saturdays. I think he went off us eventually cause we weren’t falling for his charms. And to a group of young naiive chubby/nerdy/creative/indie kids he was just that – charming. Anyway a few years later when I was in college and home for a weekend I was in town with my 15 yr old neighbour who I used to babysit. We met him on the street and they started chatting….. Turns out he knew her and her mates too, in the same way….chatting, liking the same music, flattering and whatever…

    So whatever he did or did not do to Melissa Mahon and whatever he HAS been convicted for at least the fucker is off the streets.

    Let’s just hope it’s for a good long while.


    Artyeva are you sure you have the right brother, you might be mixing him up with the not so pleasent Stephen! (who is another total scum, )Ronnie fella only moved back to sligo in 2005/6 from the eighties, he didn’t live her in between I only remember him coming home once in all those years!


    well the guy i knew was calling himself ronnie dunbar. i doubt if his brother would be using his name. what reason would he have to do that?!


    the second wife lives in england his relatinship with her was similiar to his relationship with melissa but id love to know what happened to his first wife and with divorce being relativle recent in ireland ,how come he had a sedond wife? [Mod Edit: defamatory comment deleted]


    I see Dunbars newest girlfriend a m/s Ruth Nooney stood up for him in court and after she gave her testimony they waited until the jury left the room before they hugged each other, then she told the newspapers she would wait for him faithfully until he is released. And this lady swore on the bible.
    Some people will never get sense.


    the interview is wth his second wife,there was a previous one.


    i think it realy sad wat you are doing i now he kill that girl but petty web site like ths is sad ???




    Any possibility of writing your comments in English?


    [Mod Edit:

    Comment deleted. Defamatory.]


    dunno if you should be reprimanding tha last contributor about the awful spelling , its good to try at least and probably took great effort on that persons part


    Give me a break. That could have been written better by my dog.


    so what . i still dont think you should exclude people , isnt that i bit im not giving you a break.


    There’s a policy on this site. Comments are required to be in Irish or English. The comment from Samantha was in neither.

    I recommend reading the comments policy.


    thats shite it was in badly spelled english . have some tolerance.


    There will be no further discussion on this. If you wish to set up your own web-site with different standards, you’re free to do so.


    your an arrogant bollocks too bad i love the rest of you.


    Them’s the rules.


    dont you recognise the name. dont you think her contribution badly spelled or not is quite fascinating .


    People are free to leave comments under any name they choose. I have no idea who that commenter really is.


    use your intuition . i feel sure its finely tuned.


    Hope he rots.


    me too,I think he got off far too lightly.


    can any one tell me if ronnie dunbar was related to a dunny dunbar?..i grew up in sligo and he was a good friend of mine..ive been reading about what happened to melissa and im truly shocked by it..poor girl..wot a scumbag..


    Hi Bizzy I’m pretty sure they were brothers, what ever happened to Dunny? I’ve been away from Sligo so long I am completely off the radar!


    whwt ever you think of ronie the rest of his family are not like him as far as dunny he got knocked down 10 years ago in london ripxxx couldnt meet a nicer fella and his mum your intitled to your comments on ronnie but leave his family out of it please?


    poor dunny..he was a lovly bloke..and a good mate..r.i.p..cheers mel 4 lettin me know..


    ye make me sick. and for you nemo get the facks before you talk abought me i was a witness for the state not for ronnie so you tell me who has to get sence.


    How could anyone be so selfish, does that poor girl not matter.
    Sense is staying as far away as you can from a monster like that, not sticking by him.


    and who said i was sticking by him. don’t be leave everything you read. mel dose matter more than any one


    I apologise if i got it wrong. So sad that he has caused so much pain and heartbreak to so meny people.
    I hope all involved will learn to move on and live happy lives.
    He is the only one who should be suffering.


    the foxes comment should be removed. that woman who has done no wrong at all has passed away. It shows that this is an appalling site if that comment stands.


    It shows that Fox is an idiot. However, if I had to remove every comment left by idiots I’d never be finished deleting things.


    Well God rest her soul, the poor woman, she was a good person. We all should take stock cause at the end of the day we all do our best for our kids but we can’t change the way they will turn out.


    if anything learn from foxs comment you should not write about family members they should not suffer aswell they have not done the crime let that woman rip.


    Libellous comment deleted.



    i went out with this man for 8 months He was so controlling My kids disliked him intently So glad i got away from him I cant b controlled and he really didnt like that!! Hope he stays there for the rest of his natural life Im so thankful that wasnt one of my kids or me even Keep him where he is!!!!!!!


    Sue — 8 months is quite a long time, isn’t it?


    yes but he started as being a nice guy I saw a different side to him when we went out to the coast in hiscar He went mad at traffic lites accusing me of looking at other guys I was told to ONLY look out of the main windscreen From that timeon things deteriorated He could see that and asked me to move to the scottish highlands with him and my kids Thank god i saw sense and got out He was i thought a man who had taken on his kids from an abusive mother How wrong i was


    i lived in the same house as ronny ( in flat above..1) in essex 18 years ago he was with that lisa conroy at the time
    the daughter was only a baby ….god they were a evil couple


    Were they both evil? God love the kids


    yea it was her that was getting most of the attention from social services.over the way she treated the kids. I rember one of the big stores reporting her over the way she beat the child in store .,i had hell from them


    hes a sick bastard i was one of her mates e shuld be shot


    [comment deleted]

    Anyone posting comments that have even the whiff of defamation about them will be deleted and the commenter will be banned permanently.


    Glad that post was deleted from “John Stenson”. I’m sure the girl he mentioned would not be very impressed with comments relating to her and its also a low blow to speak so ill of the dead who can’t defend themselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i know this man and i know his daughters they used to live next door to me in england, i even slept in this mans house when i was a child! he neever gave the impression off to anybody that he was this way inclinde at all, but as for those of you who are slaggin of the poor young daughters of his, i think you shouldnt judge them unless u know them because they were clearly very scared of there father and didnt know what to do, imagine yourself in that situation! as a 14year old abused little girl! He is a sick sick man and i personally think he should be sentanced to death.. there is a lot more to this storie than anybody knows, as i personally know the daughter of this cruel man ii know quite a lot of detailed stuff that went on and take it from me you should not be slagging them off!


    Stephen Dunbar is the same sort of scumbag he is exactly like his brother. I should know I’ve had a baby for him. The only good thing thats come out of my dealing with him is that I’ve an amazing child that I will never let have anything to do with him
    Or his family . He has several kids all around Ireland and England that he doesn’t want to know about. I was 20 years younger than him when I met him , so the apple doesn’t fall far from
    The tree , when he met his child for the 1st time he told me I should of had an abortion . He is a sick person an is exactly like his brother . I hope the two of them burn in hell together .


    @ Patrick & Fox – You shouldn’t be making any assumptions about the family or anybody’s family for that matter. Who died and gave you the right to call people dysfunctional? Making comments like that doesn’t say much about you. I don’t even know them but from what I heard they are a loving & caring family. You all shouldn’t bring any of them into this just because he’s an cunt. I honestly don’t understand why half of the comments are still doing up since there not at all relevant to the discussion – obviously doesn’t say much about this site.. Anyways, Both comments from the imbeciles mentioned at the start of my comment should be taken down, actually, all comments about the family should be taken down because it’s not fair on them, they didn’t do anything, and could you imagine what it would be like to be in their shoes? Half of the accusations made on this aren’t true since they don’t even make sense or not even convincing. He is not innocent but, his family is and none of you should of making those assumptions and accusations about them.


    Bambie, I know who you are in real and half of that story is made up! You shouldn’t be even writing that shit on this since it doesn’t even have to do with it.


    Cassie » Use the same name for all comments or you’ll get barred.


    This is directed to all off ye with your sick comments and to the people that cant spell. My name is Stephen Dunbar, i hold my head up high where ever i go and so do the rest of my family, We didnt turn our brother into a monster he done that all by himself. My mother and father raised us all to the best of there ability, some of us turned out good some bad just like most familys.My parents and the rest of my brothers and sisters are all good people so who are you people to come on this site and judge them. Theres a good oul saying ‘People in glass houses should not throw stones’. I am not proud of some of the things ive done in my life but i am no sicko like ronnie dunbar so how dare anyone put me in the same catogary as him is sicker than him!!! And this is to you bambie… Your trying to say youve had a child to me and your twenty years younger? cop on will you and have the guts to use your real name!!!
    And to whoever was saying i used ronnie dunbars name? Cop on i have my own name which is STEPHEN DUNBAR and everyone in sligo knows me as that.and to you people with the smart comments about my mother Margaret Dunbar which is now passed away after her battle with cancer she was a lady she won the heart of gold for sligo, she ran a marathon for cancer while she had cancer she was a great lady she rared 11 children and done a great job, so its not her fault or any one of my familys fault how that monster turned out!

    Ps….. Wish u would all be brave enough to use your real names like i did.


    Firstly @Stephen Dunbar regarding you slagging off people who can’t spell as I’ve seen your Facebook page (unfortunately we have a mutual friend and he let me have a look at your atrocious spelling) and that definitely ain’t you writing that cos you matter of fact you really can’t spell.
    Regarding your brother people are entitled to call him a scumbag as he’s gone down for the crime even pedo is an appropriate term.
    As for you being called a scumbag I would agree although I think your mostly know on the lovely isle of Lanza for being a spongey rat. Expecting people to look after you when your nearly 40 & probably haven’t worked a day in your life that’s probably why your homeless cos your a waste of space, as for Bambi she probably does have a kid for you because rumors are ripe that you have a few kids and don’t see any of them, lucky kids I say. Hope their mothers are all happy and the kids calling a real man “daddy” oh and reason I’m not using my real name is because you don’t know me but we’ve met in Lanza on more than one occasion and you asked me to buy you drinks as surprise surprise you had no money. Wonder if the Irish social welfare are aware of them finding your lanzarote trips.
    On a final note I would categories you with your brother as a scumbag.


    This is lanzarote belle first and foremost úr not so great at spelling urself as for me being a waste of space i dont think so. Ive had quite a few jobs over here and can get a job in most places over here as for me asking u to buy me a drink i dont think so as when i go out i have my own money in my pocket and even if i dont i can get credit in most pubs here as they all know me. You said im known as a spongey rat on the island i dont think alot of people would agree with that as i help most of the people i know most of the ones i dont. As for the children i dont think thats any of ur business or anyone elses this website is about my sick brother not me not my mother are the rest of my family. And lets get something straight im not the greatest speller are writer but im nothing like him and never will be you havent a clue to i went though as a child and its probably one of the main reasons ive ended up the way i am. And ive no problem with slagging of the sick cunt this website is about not me and my family. One more thing belle like the rest of the chickens have the balls to use ur real name .
    P.S the next i see u i,ll buy u a drink if ur stuck


    I know that scumbag too Lanzarote Belle. And your totally right about him. And Stephen Dunbar your barred from half of the pubs on the Island so you getting any sort of credit in any pub is all in your head. I do know quite alot about you an the fact you sleep with married women how you havent had your head kicked in after that one I dont know. And as for spongey rat the reason your known for that is you prey on young girls on there holidays bum off em sleep wit them cause you have no where eles to sleep.
    To blame your child hood on how fucked you are grow up
    you are the way you are because of ur self.
    And maybe the reason why some of the above comment are fake is other people have more respect for them selfs tt associate there names wit you or your scumbag brother. God help your poor kids one day going 2 google you an seeing this cause lets face your hardly daddy of the year !!!
    Ive also witnessed ye slapping ur bird around de place in one off the locals bars.
    Keith Finley..


    You nothing about me ya muppert im bared from half the pubs on the island ha make me laugh and u seen me slapping the head of my bird in one of the pubs over here ur nothing but a fucking lair like most of ye on this website. ive fucked up alot in my life that i put my hands up to but im nothing like that sick cunt and neither is any of my family and if you know so much about me come and see me and i,ll show you in person that im no srumbag but i,d have no problem slapping the face of you talking shit about people on websites. And as for married women i dont think so you most have yourself mixed up with me there are loads of single girls on this island so i dont need to be going with any married ones. And u said about getting my head kicked in if u have the balls to do it you know where im. Ye all make me laugh i know this website is about a sick fuck who killed a young girl and every one is aloud to leave there comments but when u start running down people that has nothing to do with it that makes ye as sick as the fuck your writing about.People in glass houses shouldnt throw stones your nothing but a bunch of sad bastards nothing better to be doing with ur lives .


    Touched a nerve there have I stephen ?
    Liar u call me ?? Thats hillarious coming from someone nicknamed LC (lying cunt) by your own family might I add.
    Your a tosser buddy an Id love to bump into you again.
    People like you are not worthy of the air you breath.
    Instead of sitting on your fat ars, bumming of other people an being a scroungey Rat. Get ur self a life !!
    Might wanna start wit ur kids I know thats a long list


    Ps ass hole
    This is a public forum every one has the right to free speech.
    The reason you have been mentioned is obviously other people do know you and have met you an have come to the conclusion the apple doesnt fall far from the tree.
    If your as decent and well respected as you say you are your name wouldnt be on this!


    This is not a public forum and nobody has the right to comment here unless they’re permitted to do so.

    This exchange of insults is becoming boring.


    Ur full of it u want to meet up no problem big man. As for my nickname mousey jinks gave it to me lazy cunt. Its sallow minded dicks like u that gives people a bad name have a wank for urself are something u sad fuck. Yes ive fucked up and made alot of bad choices and a hell of alot of mistakes and that makes me a monster grow up u fairy just


    Because one dick and two bitches slag me of im a monster i dont think so. Every one has people they dont like in there lifes thats called life u get on with it are u do what these sad fucks do with no lifes sit on a computer half the day running people down to make themselfs feel better.


    Ahhh here did you just spell your own wrong you shoulda been called SC as in stupid cunt haha..
    That just made my day.
    And no every one hates ye, your only fooling your self to think otherwise.
    Sure ye cant even live in your own country, what does that tell ye?? TOSSER !


    Ok. I’ve had enough of this childish abuse. Stop now.


    You’ve had enough dont make me laugh its not you and ur family thats being put down like dogs.


    Missing a word are two keith and i can live where ever i like u nothing but a sad little boy now go play with utself . And ur right bock its getting boring come and meet me keith and i’ll show u first had what i can do.


    Stephen, I promise not to make you laugh.

    You can have one final comment here, and after that, I’m closing the discussion.


    I Just want to verify something. I am stephens ex girlfriend and he has never hit me in a pub in lanzarote what a load of crap and is able to go into what ever country he likes what another load of crap! He has always worked in lanzarote when i was with him and provided for me. I was with him for 4 years so i think i should know. You all need to get your facts straight before you slag anyone of. He comes from a lovely family and just because he may of been a jack the lad in his day does not mean he is anything like his brother far from it! And with the spelling thing are you people for real? some of the most intelligent people in the world cant read or write.
    Haha and the keith and stephen fight i would love to see that happen. Be a man keith and stop hiding behind your laptop pal!


    Oh and by the way he was not barred from all the bars in lanzarote either except one and that was the one i worked at because my boss didnt let any of us have are bf’s in (understandable) We always went to bars on our days off together and he was never barred from any and that was in the last 4 years if anything we used to get free drinks sent over to us all the time as stephen was always sending big groups of people down to some of our good friends bars! you people are nuts i would love to know where you get all your information from!

    And before you all start childishly slagging me of dont bother all im doing is stating a few facts


    Thanks for that lauren and bock i wouldnt waste another comment on ur sad website.


    Keith F — Comment deleted. Keith F is now banned from the site for failing to comply with moderator’s instructions.


    Bock, your Klaus avatar is back. Story?


    I’m not seeing it.


    Feck. And now it’s gone when viewing on the iPod. Weird.


    I don’t think it’s fair to compare stephen with his brother. Stephen may not be liked by evryone but that makes him nothing like a pedo or killer… I should know life with ronnie was hell. As for all his family, I don’t really know them. However, the ones I do know are far from nice people. I didn’t know his mother, my grandmother, properly but its not fair to put any blame on the woman. Ruth, now she did stick by ronnie, so don’t lie. You even did interviews. Sue from kent… You mentioned your own kids, but he was abusing all 3 of his daughters through out your whole relationship… And you never suspected? The baby from the flat was me… Yeah lisa and ronnie were both really bad parents… Its strange reading about people and parts of your life you weren’t even aware of. As for the ‘I think his daughters had something to do with it’ comment. How sad. No really.


    All very of fascinating in a Jeremy Kyle sort of way.


    I have no comment to make about Ronnie Dunbar but I do feel for his family, all except Stephen of course. Apologies for being off-subject but this WHOLE discussion has ASTOUNDED me!! I too have a child to Stephen, he has unfortunate children, that he denies and speaks poorly of, dotted all over Ireland and the UK.

    To any girls reading this who have children to this illiterate waste of gods good space, thank your LUCKY stars that he has NO CONTACT with your child. This man has been in prison for physically attacking his ex gf in Ireland, has been barred from the UK for some other horrific crime, IS CALLED L.C because he IS a “Lying” cunt. He’s a complete 100% narcissist (google it!!!)

    I look forward to the day, that all of his fatherless children get together as adults and confront him and listen to his sorry excuses, lies and bullsh*t about why he has never known them, nor wanted to, their entire lives. I have saved the sh1t out of this page and will keep it in my little box of goodies (newspaper clippings, facebook print-screens, text messages, voice recordings etc) to sadly show my child EXACTLY why he/she never knew “Daddy” all these years.

    Lauren, you are completely MISTAKEN about this guys character, god help you, four years and you don’t even know the guy?!? Maybe you’re blinded by love??! I can only feel sympathy towards you, if that is indeed the case! Maybe you’re just one of the lucky ones who didn’t end up pregnant, and therefore you have never been the victim of his completely narcissistic behaviour when it comes to responsibilities.

    Anyone who is a parent to a child created with the help of this “lazy/lying cunt”s dna should be eternally grateful if he has refused to be a part of the childs life. My child is extremely successful in all his/her endeavours thus far and has zero psychological difficulties also. I dread to think of the psychological problems inflicted on the poor children who ACTUALLY do know this gobshite as “dad”!

    Keep your heads up mammies and do your best to keep yourself and your child/children away from him!! He’s a dangerous man, physically and psychologically!!!!!!

    A fortune teller once told me that my child will never know his/her father and that he likes to have his trousers around his ankles a LOT….he also told me that my childs father would meet his end when he sleeps with the wrong mans wife and gets a knife in the belly. I’m not one to believe in fortune-teller nonsense but I must say his accuracy about the trouser thing made a wry smile spread across my face.


    PS: To Lauren, if you’ve been following the very PUBLIC announcement on facebook of late, you will KNOW of Stephens TWO little kids in Dublin who are BOTH 4 years old and only 3 weeks apart….if you do the maths (if you’re able?) you will probably realise that those two kids were fathered in or around the time that you were in your perfect relationship with this wonderful man!? I’d imagine he’s keeping maternity wards and GUM clinics worldwide very very busy indeed! Thank god he’s just a fat ghost from my past!


    It appears Jeremy Kyle would need a few episodes to deal with this vile human being.


    I can be contacted at anothernotchonhisbedpost (at) gmail (dot) com. It would be great if we could ensure all these half-siblings are aware of each other by name, age and whereabouts at the very least. Thanks for this intriguing thread Bock.


    Around in for u at the pub. Yes i have kids to different women im not perfect yes i fucked up and probley other peoples lifes from what i did in my past and ur right its best none of them no me because they were all bad choices i made in my life bar two caitlyn and conner. And as far as u go u sad fuck this site is about my sick brother not me you want to put me in the same league as him ur as sick as he is to people that know me know my past and real me know what im like know the real me. Your just a sad part in my life that has nothing but hate for me far enough enjoy hating me. As for lauren we had good relationship not perfect like any one elses and losing her was my biggest mistake i ever made but there ya go thats life u move on are try ur best. Not do what ye sad cunts do but if it makes ye happy go right ahead tell world makes ye feel better. But im nothing like my sick brother not one bit and neither is any of my family. Im sorry i had kids to any of ye and thats the truth most of ye were one night stands the others were just something to shag the same thing i was two ye. Ye had a choice keep a child to a waster as ye all put it are get rid of it ye made the choice ye thick fucks and then come on playing the victims grow fucking up will ye i sorry ye hate me so much but i dont fucken care ye are my past. Im not the person i used to be it took losing my mother to cop the fuck on and some of this ex’s if thats what ye would call themrang up my mother while drying of cancer giving her shit at two in the morning not thats fucking sick not have one night stands. Write as much as want about me ye are still my past and bad choices that i made that will never change. Im the first to put my hands up for letting down people and fucking up some peoples lifes but they to had a choice so dont come here acting like fucking angles because none of ye are.


    O ya thick fuck i didnt know lauren when them bad choices were made. And she knows all about my past i told her from the word go about all my fuck up including u.


    Sorry about my spelling and missing of some words im a liturte and that probley spelt wrong to.


    This really shows how much ye really care about youself and ur kids. Only one word can describe ye tramps and for lauren she is ten times the women any of ye tramps will ever be ye are a shower of bitter cunts get a life.


    Well if I was you I wouldn’t bother to comment on the blog about what kids you do or don’t have, seen as it is ment to be about something else altogether. No you are nothing like your brother but saying your family, like your twisted sister and her 2 daughters and son (who believe Ronnie is innocent by the way everyone) are nice people is a lie. The other half of the Dunbars are snobs that pretend they don’t even know me when the see me (just because of who my father is) and they treat you the same because I’ve listened to them slag you off when I was younger. I’ve been verbally and physically attacked by some the Dunbar family for speaking out about their pedo brother/uncle. So I don’t think they would be considered nice, normal or decent to be brutally honest. And as for Jeremy Kyle, I think he would retire after meeting the Dunbar family. :O


    First and fore most theres no perfect family out there and i know im the black sheep of my family because i also spoke out to. But matter what they do are say there still my family and urs shirley even that sick cunt but my point no of us are like him neither are any us perfect and what my sister gets up to has nothing to do with me i kniw first handthat his a sick cunt. But if my family belongs on jeremy kyle show so does ur sick father and mother. My mother was a great women and a brillant mother to us my father wasnt the nicest man but there u go lifes not perfect


    It sounds like you are all oxygen thieves. Bock, cut off their airway, Disgusting people.


    Alice if you are calling me digusting, on what basis did you come to that? And stephen, I’ve never said anything about your mother, I didn’t know her well enough to make a comment about the woman. Believe me I wish I wasn’t related to Ronnie or the Dunbar’s. That poor girl was killed by him and he ruined alot of people’s lives, including mine. But unlike Melissa (RIP) I got the chance to rebuild mine and have done. The sad part about the ‘family’ is they done nothing to help infact made it worse so I will disown them, not the other way round…. Everyone knows Ronnie Dunbar is a killer and pedo, so anyone that defends him (his sister and her little sh*ts) are just as sick and twisted as him.


    I’ve known the family for years. Ronnie was always a creep, but since he went to England that time I didn’t hear too much about him, until his return and the murder of Melissa may she rest in peace. My kids knew of his kids and they weren’t nice people either. They were bullies and manipulative towards other kids and even their own family. I’m sure you could use the excuse that they were troubled? But many people grow up perfectly and good hearted even with a dysfunctional mother and father. Their cruel ways must have rubbed off the kids. The rest of the family are lovely people, kind hearted and caring. Not a bad bone in any of their bodies. There is bad people in many families in Sligo, that shouldn’t reflect on the rest of them. It’s a pity that this has happened to the victim Melissa, her family and even the Dunbar family. As for Stephen, I didn’t really know him, but this shouldn’t be a battle of who did this and who did that. And bringing up such pathetic things like the Jeremy Kyle Show? A innocent girls life was taken because of this monster. You all can live your life and move on, but she was so young and had a life ahead of her.


    Penny you are absolutely spot on. Ive had the same experience as you!!!!! the rest of the family are nice, genuine people on the other hand the others are not!!!!!


    spot on penny!!!!


    @Penny did you not read my last comment? I said unlike melissa, I have had the chance to rebuild my life. For which I am so greatful. It’s unjust that this girls life was robbed at the hands of monster, that’s why it was me that brought it to the gards attention when I was made aware (18 months after her disappearance) of the reality of what really happend to Melissa. And as for being a bully? To be quite frank I really can’t comprehend that one. Also, you made reference to the fact that we may have been ‘troubled’, well being abused from 4/5 years old in every sense of the word, would warrant that, wouldn’t it? You are of course entitled to your opinion but that doesn’t make it facts, does it?


    We all have if people would just move on but some people are so bitter inside they dont know how to let go are forgive so will never move on. If ye dont let go its gonna eat ya up inside and turn u into a person nobody wants to know beleive i know first hand whats that is like.Shoot ahead with all the smart comments have a dig at me at my family at the kids that monter abused but remember something this about the girl HE killed not me not my family are anybody else for that matter. So if it makes all ye sad cunts i had a past with feel better go right ahead but its just showen what i said bitter people will never move on.


    yeah Stephen you’re right.


    Alice alice who the fuck is alice.


    Who as the right to judge anyone?? No one is perfect we all av a past we all av regrets let bygones be bygones .I ent knw Stephen that well but me and my friends have nothing bad to say about the man he’s real honest and says it how it is no bull shit off him…he may not appreciate us putting comment on this site but Stephen yer decent dnt forget that as for the bad mouthers there not worth yer time rise above it yer so much better than the haters.
    Frm yer 3 amigos


    I will second the above comment a man with a pass like all of us. 100% a true gent. And the rest.of you need to av more time in your own lives them sosmeone else’s time yer moved on he has get over it and lI’ve yer life yer get one shot no point been bitter


    Truely thanks for that i wish people thought the same.


    Stephen, would you like the opportunity to write an article of your own?


    About what this sick fuck thanks but no thanks ye are all doing a great job yourselfs


    Not about the sick fuck. About how you feel.


    I think ive done that already.


    Stephen, write an article about how you feel, it would be another great thing to keep for all your confused children to read when they’re adults (not too long now before that day comes). Defend yourself as usual…. feel sorry for yourself as always….poor you…poor you….always the victim. We’d all love to hear!! I bet you feel more sorry for yourself than you do for poor Melissa (RIP) or any of Ronnies children.

    About these “tramps” you speak of who made the “choice” after a stupid mistake to give birth and struggle to raise a child as best they can, all on their own….. What about the fact that abortion is ILLEGAL in Ireland and BLOODY costly and difficult to obtain regardless if you’re in Ireland or the UK? I have a sneaking suspicion that most of the (young) girls you impregnated would have had VERY little option, at the time, financially at least, only to continue with the pregnancy at the time, as well you know.

    About the girl who contacted your mother when she was ill, yes, that was VERY wrong, especially at 2am, but I’m guessing that girl was probably hoping that her child would KNOW the other half of it’s family…you were probably not being much help….had you acted responsibly and told your mother the TRUTH, that could have been avoided, I’m sure. I bet your poor mother knew VERY little of her “denied” grandchildren at the time of her sad passing (RIP) and that is nobody’s fault but YOURS. She was a good mother, she loved her children, did the best she could, from what I gather, and she was the type of woman who would have loved to have known all of her grandchildren, but you denied her that, you, no-one else!!

    How many of the girls you impregnated were OLDER than you? Or even the same age?! I’d guess none. All much younger, naive youngsters. How many did you offer money to, even to pay half towards abortions, if that was your wish? I’d guess none. You took advantage of stupid naive impressionable girls, got them pregnant and then supported them in NO way whatsoever, whether to enable them to have abortions or to support YOUR child/children. I’m not saying the girls themselves are victims, they are responsible too, obviously, and hopefully have acted responsibly from the day they made the “mistake” and got pregnant to you….the girls had choices yes, it’s the kids who had NO choice and regardless whether you desired that specific child with that specific girl or not, those kids are biologically as much yours as ANY other child you fathered, yet you deny them and talk badly of them and their mothers because you didn’t like their mothers choice, or maybe just because you didn’t like their mothers, shame on you!

    You’ve always felt sorry for yourself, long before Ronnie committed any crime, it’s always been “poor Stephen” … everyone has a past, everyone has made mistakes, many very decent individuals have had a troubled childhood….yes life wasn’t easy for you, yes you have demons to face all the time, but you’re rapidly creeping towards 40 now (I really thought you’d have accepted responsibility by now for all of your own “mistakes” and turned your life around – as I believe you have it within you somewhere) and there are a LOT of small defenceless children who are crying out to KNOW a simple thing, who their father is….and you’re still acting like a child, a victim, who everyone should PITY, will it ever end? Will you ever accept responsibility and say “yes I’ve made mistakes but now I’m gonna face it, be honest, tell the truth, and take responsibility!”

    I’m not talking about maintenance, or ANYthing like that…. I, for one, would NEVER expect or accept a cent off you towards my childs upbringing, all I want is for my child not to face undeserved rejection from his/her own father as he/she grows into his/her teens and adulthood, rejection based on absolutely NONE of his/her own actions or choices in life but based on the mistakes and irresposibilities of GROWN ADULTS!

    I’ve personally, as a mother, never even wanted my child to have you in their life as you would be a negative influence and you know it yourself. But the fact is, you’re my childs father so that’s not my decision to make. All I want, is the day to come when you hold your hands up and say, “YES, that’s my child, that’s my child too, and so is the other one, that one over there is mine also, and SORRY kids, for lying so much, but I wasn’t there for you, because I made the choice NOT to be there for you. ” Just for you to finally answer the questions that all of these mothers face from their “fatherless” children year in year out. “Why don’t I have a Dad? Why am I the only one in my class without a Dad? Where is my Dad? What’s my Dads name?” Simple simple questions that only need simple answers………but you turn it all into such a complicated matter.

    I’m not playing a victim here or saying I’m perfect in any way, I made choices, some good ones, plenty of bad ones, lots of choices, we all make choices in life….we all make mistakes, most of us redeem ourselves in one way or another as we mature and take responsibility in life and we do the best that we can…….especially once we become parents……the people who never HAD a choice, are the living children that you fathered, why do they have to suffer and be denied and spoken poorly of by you, the ONE man that should be proud of them and encourage them and speak good of them and accept them and know them and keep in touch with them, if even from a distance…. because of their mothers/fathers bad choices?! The fact is that they exist and you need to grow up and just accept it, they are 50% yours whether you like it or not! You are HALF of their parentage! They will ALWAYS want to know you and know about you because you’re half of their DNA!

    Aspects of their personalities, features in their little faces, came from you!! None of it was the childs choice!! But they don’t know you, imagine how that feels for them, as individuals?! Forget about the mothers, forget about yourself, forget about the circumstances that lead to their creation, and for just ONE minute, imagine being that child!? Put yourself in THEIR shoes for just a moment, and think about it Stephen!! I don’t think you will be able though as, as long as I’ve known you, you have never possessed the skill of empathy. You’ve never been able to see beyond yourself and your own troubles.

    Shell, you’re very well spoken and seem like a very strong person, well done girl, it has to be admired. Rest in Peace to little Melissa, thoughts to her family and the Dunbar family and thoughts for any person that animal harmed in any way. Lets hope he stays locked up for a long time.

    Stephen – grow up, stop living in the past, you’re the one stuck there, not these “tramps” you speak of….it’s the present and the future that matters, take responsibility, think about the CHILDREN and not just YOU……buy some durex or get the snip! Just stop! Allow all these children, individuals, to know about each other. Enough is enough!

    Bock, apologies for this off-topic post again, but after many years, this has pathetically become my only EVER line of communication with my childs “father” and I have to seize the opportunity to reach out to him, as you might understand, for the childs sake


    Look say what you like call me what u like im never gonna change my mind. All of this is the past that ive forgot about s long time ago and bringing it up slagging me of it gonna change that. Them kids are better of having a father that holds them that loves them with all there heart i dont have that love to give them that got taking of me as a child myself feel sorry for myself stopped doing that a long time ago and demons well there still there till the day i die and bet most ye hope thats sooner then later but again i dont care what think are say im gonna end up a lonely old man so be it thats life. Yes hands up ive being a waster most of my life but there again what life so what will be will be and mother knew everything about me and all her grandkids and i mean all them. And the girl that rang my mother while drying of cancet was nothing but a bad fuckung bastard miss no it all. You nothing at all. All u know is that u k had a child to a fella that was a waster most his life and now had changed around for better but u k and other sad fucks from my past cant understand that them kids are better with the new dads in there lifes. This site is about that sick fuck not me . What u want is never and mean this never gonna happen im sorry thats the way its gonna be. And just to let u kniw a have a beautiful daughter her name is caitlyn uve met her and ya she knows about her half bro and sis and will up to her if she wants contact them thats her choice i fucked up alot of things in my life but she is one of the things i didnt. I made my choices now im living with them are whats the point in making them in the first place. Im truely sorry for anyhurt and i have caused to any one but thetes nothing i can do about now so keep slagging keep running me diwn what ever makes ur boat float i dont care for all the right reason.


    Ive six kids to six different women not the perfect gent i know but i was a dick most my life. It took my mothers death to change that im far from pecfect cant really write miss words out cant spell all of the above but ive moved on from that why cant ye.


    Stephen, if you don’t mind me asking, do you know your children?


    My daughter thats it ive meant the others when they were younger my son in england i was with till he was four. But what has this do with any way this site is not about me thank fuck but people from my past are making it look that way. I told u in the comments before i have a past one im not proud of but its my past and thats where it belongs as for the girl who wrote the last comment is the same girl that wanted me to sign a form so her new fella in her life could adpot the child and then comes on here crying wolf fuck of give me a break. Whats the point of me trying to be a dad to kids that never knew me and its best they never do ive nothing going for me in my life not one thing. I done the best i could by one child and i know thats not fare on the kids i know but ive that much shit to deal with in my life thats it not fare to put any child though that as well. All these women bar two were big mistakes in my life and i probley was in theres. They had a choice they knew i was no good when they met me they knew what i was like a waster as most of them put it so why have a kid to a man u no will never be around. I might sound lije a total waster to most of ye on this site but to honest i dont care what ye and dont care any more what u say the life ive had most people could probley write a book about it and thats not me feeling sorry for myself its just some straight facts.


    And another thing u sad fuck k ya i know who u are i dont feel sorry for myself one bit. As for melissa what that sick fuck did goes with out saying to that young girl and to what he did to my family as well as her’s. This website is about what he done not me not my mother not any one in my family for the matter just him. I dont want contact of any kind with any of ye full stop ur wasting ur time and ur breath im not going back wards in life im going forward and forgetting about my past the best i can i suggest u do the same thing.


    i hope this short remark doesn’t lead to another open ‘discussion’; i’d hate to take time from the busy schedules of those notified, being adults, of course.. after all, you’re all grown up – except for stephen – a 40 year old boy who supposedly needs to grow up, yet you all stoop down to his level, of which you decreased, because of your incompetence, and other inabilities of rending from choking on ones contradiction. self deemed superiority, yet, you’ve all stooped lowly to gossip, because you’re malcontent with your own shittyness, you have to indulge in the smut left by others to feel self worth, an instant ego risen because you’ve been “raised” right by the mother who seeming released you into the world to willingly argue on pitiful matters non concerning the original topic out of pure spitefulness and to oppress, suppress, and repress. It’s agreed upon that the alleged is a “scumbag”, but it’s just murder. all god’s creatures do it. you look in the forests and you see species killing other species, our species killing all species including the forests, and we just call it industry, not murder. the media is like weather, only it’s man-made, and you all contribute to the scum.


    Frightening prospect to realise that so many of you people here are the stuff of juries.


    Bambie are you Fiona I want too speak too you please

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