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Apr 202009

When I was wandering around town over the weekend, I had an impulse to buy a CD and maybe listen to something I hadn’t heard before.

So I picked up three albums which I’m listening to in the car as I noodle around.

Seasick Steve’s Started out with nothing is an album I’d been meaning to listen to for a while but just didn’t get around to.  The more I listen to it, the more I’m inclined to think he’s a bit of a one-trick pony and that maybe this swamp blues kind of thing has already been done far better by the likes of John Lee Hooker and Tony-Joe White, not to mention the old-time greats like Robert Johnson or even Leadbelly.  Not convinced by this one.  At all.

Muse are far more interesting.  The Bullet tipped me off about this bunch.  He’s been listening to them for a while now so I bought Black Holes and Revelations.  I have to say I like their mix of close harmony, heavy guitar-hero riffs and ridiculous science-fiction lyrics.  It’s completely over the top, but you know, some days, that kind of thing is what you need.

Of the three, I think the real keeper will be Bon Iver’s For Emma, Forever Ago. Anyone with the balls to make an entire album in a remote cabin with only a couple of microphones and some antique recording equipment deserves a second listen. And when the creaks, echoes and groans of the log cabin become part of the soundtrack to a set of aching, life-baring songs, and somehow it all seems to work, you know you’re onto something special.  This one will spend a lot of time on the dashboard.

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    You’re right on the button with Muse and Bon Iver. I used to irritate the hell out of the young fella by referencing each track from Black Holes to its influences but I came to eaxctly the same realisation as your good self – nothing like a bit of OTT now and again, espacially when you’re 18 … and he respects the music I listen to and sometimes we even like the same stuff …


    Bon Iver is amazing! He is playing the Galway Arts Festival this summer, its worth checking him out live!


    Can recommend a couple of tracks from each album bock for the download generation


    Would tend to agree re Seasick Steve. And while the kids have introduced me to the likes of Snow Patrol etc I find the quality of recent music quiet poor. I seem to be regressing to the likes of Dave Brubeck, Springsteen (Tom Joad, Nebraska, Devils & Dust) and Counting Crows. I have enjoyed a Spanish singer called Enrique Heredia, his album is El Ultimo Beso. I don’t understand a word but he has some voice. Also a French Canadian band called La Bottine Souriante. Sorry if I seem pretentious.


    There are plenty of good bands out there. You can’t be like the people living in a time-warp listening to the fucking Eagles for the rest of their lives. It’s bad for you.


    It’s great to find stuff that surprises you. I’m currently listening to Melody Gardot whom I found accidentally.

    She does it for me.


    Seasick Steve is class, but I think any old-schools blues album can get repetitive if you’re not an out-and-out blues head. I’ve found the same thing with BB King, Robert Johnson et al.

    Muse are class. It’s like Space Opera!


    Seeing as you’re a fello Freddie fan, you might be interested in these Galway sounds:
    Don’t be listening to music you already know and check out “Take the evening slow” Mellow sounds to make you happy! Hope you enjoy, Cheers.


    BOCK, it seems that when I put up a link on my page to a post on yours the software sends a link to your comments!
    Don’t know if that’s a bother but I’m also clueless as to how to prevent it happening. Well; apart from not doing so!!


    That’s a pingback. Normal.


    Got the melody gardot album last week…it’s ok..prefer the previous album but a little too close to Norah jones for comfort at times.seasick steve’s album very disappointing…whole album sounds like the same song.Check out Madelyn Peyroux’s Careless Love,some amazing takes on Dylan and Waits tunes amongst others.If you fancy something completely different check out Cinematic Orchestra live in the the royal Albert Hall.Headphone heaven!!


    Hey Bock, what about Lenny’s live album from last year’s tour? Worth it just for the cheer when he sings “I was born with the gift of a golden voice” during ‘Tower of Song’ and then, as an added bonus, when he reveals the meaning of life at the end of same.

    Couldn’t agree with you more about the Eagles and their ilk, but for Lenny (and a few more) I’d make an exception


    Just read that the Eagles have cancelled their proposed show for later this year, while Lenny is adding a fourth Irish date due to demand. That puts him ahead of U2 ….

    The cream eventually rises to the top …


    +1 for Bon Iver.

    Good shout Bock. Very good.


    I’ve only heard the title track from Seasick Steve’s album. I’ve heard Muse and Bon Iver and like the both. I’ve got creedence clearwater revival on the headphones now. Nice way to carry me through work.

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