The Hound of Satan

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Apr 022009

A movement at the end of the garden caught my eye.  A brief flash of colour running along the top of the wall.

That’s a strange-looking cat, I thought, but then I looked again.

Wait a minute!  That’s not a cat.  That’s my fucking dog!

The bastard has done it again.  He’s found a new way to escape, for the purpose of savaging my neighbours, their children and their pets.

Jesus Christ, what did I do to deserve this Hound of Satan?



Dinner With The Hound of Satan

Bock’s Dog Knocked Down

My Dogs

My Dog, Satan

Working dogs


Our new puppy

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    Satan must have great time for you BOCK to let you have his hound all this time. Is he a fan of bocktherobber perhaps?
    It is a unique situation you’re in you know. Don’t know if I’d have satan as a buddy!
    Too hot for me.


    Your dog too? I spend my time checking for my dog’s escape routes. I have lost count of the number of times I have blocked her hole.


    I’ll send my dog over to your place for a spot of hole-blocking, if that’s all right.


    I use wire netting and razor wire. That OK with your dog?


    My dog eats razor wire.


    Good for cleaning out the digestive system. It beats colonic irrigation any day.


    I’ve been looking for him for ages. You’d want to be carefull, he’s a right bollix when he gets going, but dont worry Bock, I’ll collect him off you soon enough.

    Soon enough….

    PS, Can you tell some of the builders there to go to mass. Its starting to get a bit crammed down here.

    All the best.


    Mr Satan — How the devil are you? We haven’t spoken in a while. I’ll be bringing a fair collection of the lads with me when we meet and they’re looking forward to it. As you know, half my friends are musicians of one sort or another and I told them you have all the best tunes.


    You need to get him something to occupy his mind Bock, like a bunny. Alternatively, you could install a hall of mirrors out the back garden, ala Enter the Dragon. Could slow him down.


    Wire brush and dettol


    You should put him out front. He could occupy himself eating Postmen and the Bills . With the occasional meter reader throw in for good measure.


    So far he has eaten:

    2 postmen
    1 meter reader
    3 freesheet delivery people
    1 policeman
    2 tinkers
    8 children
    37 dogs
    a horse


    A Bowler , as we say in Dublin, after my own hart. Try calling him Cerberus and stop feeding two of his heads. That might settle him down. But do not give him back to Satan . If he let him stray?

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