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Ansbacher Report On Line

Gavin Sheridan has uploaded the full text of the Ansbacher report HERE.  If you want a clear insight into the poison that affected Irish public life, it’s as good place as any to start reading.

Haughey was the abscess.

Des Treanor and his cronies were the poison that flowed into our country’s bloodstream.

Ahern was the resulting gangrene.

Is it any wonder the country is in such trouble with all these bloodsuckers gnawing at its neck?


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1 reply on “Ansbacher Report On Line”

Gosh, you’re brave calling them blood suckers, Bock. Good old Conor Linehan had a little rant about that in the Dail yesterday.
He also let a few other bits of trash fall from his mouth (see, I do read you, Bock!)
Take a look over at mine.
I’m so fed up and exhausted at the antics of FF, that I can’t bring myself to blog much these days, it isn’t good for my blood pressure.
I had to rise up when I read the Dail transcript of yesterday’s Dail debate on special needs supports being axed though.
I will read about Ansbacher tomorrow, I’m all maddened up already.
Thanks, Bock, for keeping up the good fight.

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