Armed Robber Shot Dead by Gardai in Lucan

A man who fired a sawn-off shotgun during a robbery in Lucan, County Dublin, was shot dead by undercover police yesterday.


The more of these bastards who get shot the better, and I don’t want anyone telling me about inquiries and the burden of proof.  This guy was carrying a sawn-off shotgun and he was threatening the lives of honest employees who were delivering cash to an ATM.

Fuck him.  I don’t care if he has family, loved-ones, children or friends.  I don’t care if he had a tough childhood or lacked educational opportunities.  I don’t give two flying fucks how hard he had it in life.

He was a scobe and now he’s dead.


That’s one less scobie to worry about.

16 thoughts on “Armed Robber Shot Dead by Gardai in Lucan

  1. The minute i heard about this I was thinking there’s going to be a huge inquiry.

    In my mind if you walk out of the house with a gun with the intention of robbing someone, you can’t complain if you yourself get shot.

    End of.

  2. Excellent! The more the merrier. At last the solution. Fight fire with fire. The only problem is the Guards involved will have the Ombudsman’s Office all over them for the rest of their lives. In and out of Court at the expense of the tax payer.

  3. On mature reflection the Guardi should have taken all the fuckwits out. It would have saved us a fortune . Our learned friends would not have been pleased. Poncey about in their wigs and silks .Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.

  4. If you go out with a gun in your hand with the intention of commiting crime it should be considered an occupational hazard that you will be shot. I speak as a person who nearly lost a member of myfamily to one of these bastards. If the gun had been pointing a couple of inches to the left when it went off my mother would have been hit point blank in the head so when these fuckers come out with their sob stories I have very little sympathy.
    “I was never given a chance or an education.” they moan.
    You had the initiative to get a gun.
    You had the brains to get a crew together.
    You were smart enough to plan a robbery.
    Put that initiative, that brain and that smartness to work and fuck off out and get an honest job like the rest of us.
    And if you dont I honestly hope when the Armed Response Unit is waiting for you outside whatever place you are terrorising, that they shoot first and ask questions later just as you would.
    Oh and one final thing before I finish my rant, all the bleeding hearts and Civil Liberties clowns that disagree with me, You Fuck Off Too!

  5. GAURENTEED this scumbag wont be intimidating decent people going about there daily business, well done to the garda who shot him, we need more garda like him that will get a job done, hopefully he wont have to answer to anyone for doing his job. so let the liberals and PC brigade fuck off

  6. This clown held a weapon at a security man, and when warned to drop his weapon by the ERU, threatened to blow the head off a man who was doing what not one of these maggots have ever attempted – an honest days work.

    So he gets his just reward from a Garda marksman while some other hoodiecunt with him receives a nice bullet-shaped souvenir for thinking he, like all his ilk – and including the fuckers who have dragged my city through the mud of Europe – are invincible. Ultimately protected by scumbag lawyers and cretinous judges if caught and only thrown in jail when they’ve committed their 100th plus crime.

    Why there has to be an inquiry beats me. They should have thrown a fucking party.

    More please.

  7. shoot all of the cunts and then go and finish off all of the other scumbag fucks waiting in their getaway car, fuck questions, blast the cunts away, Fair fucks to the garda who lessened the world of one more scumbag fuckwit cunt. Wait till you hear the funeral, “oh he was a loving father and a good man… bla bla bla…” I’d love to stand up in the church and go ” no he wasnt, he was a toe rag cunt who doesnt even deserve a buriel so shut the fuck up father”

  8. Post under one name. This is the third identity you’ve used.

    Read the comments policy. Any more of this and your IP address will be blocked.

  9. It seems from the News that the four “boys” have walked free. Great little system we have? In Finglas last night the Garda stopped a B.M.W. because of suspicious behaviour . They let it go. A very short while later it was found crashed with a dead man in the boot! Perhaps we should just issue a Glock to everyone in the audience and let the Games begin.

  10. its the second identity ive used, ive chosen this one because of the seriousness of the issue and the fact that I am known by my ususal name to most people I know. I did not mean to misuse any policies. point taken. I also stand firm by what I said

  11. Use one identity. This is not the second identity you’ve used. It’s the third. Take my point seriously if you want to continue placing comments on this site.

  12. i think all of the comments made on this site are bull……
    this guy had a family.
    the loss of life should never be taken for granted.
    you people and your thinking should fuck back to nazi germany
    where you belong.
    bad karma tou you all you ruthless bunch of idiots.
    most of you sound like pigs anyway.
    death to the swine

  13. That’s right. He was only a harmless armed robber, and it wasn’t his fault.

    Nice, warped mentality you have on show there, my friend.

  14. Jim, had this fucker shot the head off the security man would you be all bleeding heart over his death?
    Like fuck you would.

    But when it’s a drug-running scumbag who gets his come-uppance it’s all Family Guy from you people. “What a lovely man, if only society could have understood him. Why can’t the goons who go out and work for a weeks honest pay not appreciate the initiative of an armed thief making a fortune for just a few minutes of threatening to kill a few working men for a bag of cash.”

    And seeing as another branch of your heroes have recently decided to bypass the laws of civilised society by shooting dead a totally innocent man for no other reason than he happened to be related to someone who had the gall to give evidence against, and help put away for a while, one of the most dangerous scumbags in the State, could you re-define just who you are calling “Nazis”?

    If you have any notion of what a Nazi is, you might find a huge disregard for civil law and random executions rank high among their traits. Not above a bit of theft either but your recently deceased hero will have known all about that.

  15. Seems like we have a real live bleeding heart liberal (jim} its people like you that has our lovely country in the state its in, kop on to yourself jim this scumbag had a shotgun not an umberella. now fuck him

  16. To jim,

    Fair point about human life being scared, BUT the scobe was prepared to take the innocent security guards life when ask to give up by ERU. Time to make a tough decision then, no choice.

    Who would you prefer to die? The innocent security guard who also has a family, or the scobe who created the theft, violence and threat of another person’s life? Do you think the scobe’s family is likely to be more deserving of our pity than the security guards family?

    Some of the commentts here are over the top, but not all. You don’t do your “argument” any favours by tarring everyone here as Nazis.

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