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Things have been a bit quiet here for the last few days because I was away in Letterfrack on a special mission.


All right then. I was in Letterfrack on the batter and I’m worn out from associating with the drunkards and ne’er-do-wells of that fine village. If I never see the inside of Peter Veldon’s pub again, it will be … a mistake.

One poor devil was so upset telling me about his terrible experiences in Letterfrack that he broke down. Or to be more precise, he fell asleep.

It’s hard to blame him, in all truthfulness after the horrors he’s witnessed.

Horrors like people joking about the funfair set up outside the old industrial school.

– Maybe they could have a big inflatable fukken Christian Brother jumpin out of a bag at ya.

– Yeah, with a big inflatable mickey in his hand.

Jesus Christ, is there no decency left in this country?

I pause and think for a minute.

Let me rephrase that: was there ever any decency in this country?

But enough of that. I’m worn out from climbing hills and swallowing Guinness.



I’ll have to get back to the regular posting tomorrow, but this evening I think I’ll just have a rest from it. Christ, I was hardly half an hour back on the road before they started talking about the banks, and telling me that Anglo-Irish is in even worse shape than anyone knew. Fucking great. Just another €4-billion hit for the taxpayer.

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i’m weary from just reading this, sugar! and doing housework, too, but that’s an aside. recover, i mean, get some rest! i’ll raise a glass or 6 in y’alls honor later! xoxox

Bock You are not going to like this. Not one little bit. I shall get no sympathy from anyone else in here either. Those of a sensitive nature should stop reading now.
I was revolted by the conclusions of the Ryan report. The perpetrators were IMHO less than animals. Some it seems were themselves “groomed” into perversion by their “system”
That having been said, I knew nothing of these perversions. As far as I am concerned the vast number of People currently living in Ireland have nothing to feel guilty about, as far as this filth is involved.
There is a school of thought that the redress board are “stingy” less than a hundred thousand euro being awarded .The proposal is that all complainants should receive a minimum of €300,000 with out question.
There are currently 15,000 survivors/victims known this figure is expected to rise substantially as a result of the Ryan report, as Ireland Inc. is currently “trading whilst insolvent” where is the money to come from?
Of course it is not about money now is it?
A further line of thought is that St. Patrick’s Intuition should be closed. The “Children” are being abused by being given access to Training for a mere eight hours a day.
These “children” are sixteen to eighteen years old (young Men I would say) found guilty of rape, murder, drug dealing .What is supposed to happen to them? Let loose to do as they will? I have written enough.

Gary — I see nothing wrong with your comment.

First of all, this is not about Irish people feeling guilt. This is about the perpetrators paying for their crimes. I happen to think that they should pay in full and that the State should not have to pick up the tab. While the State might have put these children into the control of the abusers, it was the brothers, nuns and priests who did the abusing, and their congregations should, if necessary, sell every stick of furniture, and every shed and out-house they own to raise the redress funds.

This should bankrupt them.

The redress board is a mechanism to shield the religious orders from harm — nothing more. It was put in place by Woods and Ahern as a means of using the State to protect the clergy, with your money and mine.

I don’t know about closing St Patrick’s, but I do know this: it shouldn’t be in the control of anyone but the State. The clergy are not fit to run anything and they should be kicked out of every position of power they hold in the country.

Bock I vaguely recall the ”Brothers” visiting my National School. We would have been about fourteen years old at the. time. One lad decided to join them. It seems from the Ryan report that he would have been “groomed” into perversion. As Pavlov’s Dogs proved the mind is malleable. Even the human mind. more

We are strange creatures.

Just a thought.

I’d be surprised if you were still in National School at fourteen, but maybe things were different in the Capital.

However, you are correct in thinking that they abducted boys at the age of about thirteen and immediately started warping their minds.

Touché my lord. Given that I screwed up on the link to Pavlov and on the age. The Capitol remark was justified. henceforth i shall be a good boy

I am appalled that u thought it was acceptable to post a picture of a man u do not know on the internet. “This poor devil” that you refer to is actually my uncle. The absolute cheek of you to do such a thing. You know nothing about him or his circumstances and how dare you use him as some form of entertainment on your hideous site. Remove the photo pronto!!!

All you have to do is ask nicely. This pronto business just makes people dig their heels in, and normally I’d be telling anyone who took such an attitude that there’s no way I’m taking it down.

However, even though I don’t know you from Adam, and you could be anyone, I think I believe you. Therefore, the picture is no more.

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