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Child Abuse — Bishops Begin To Crack

I see the bishops are starting to lose their composure, and not without cause.

They’re in a cold sweat now that the whole world knows about their pals raping little children. They’re desperately trying to put a lid on the problem, just as they’ve been doing for the last 87 years since we got independence and Irish children were thrown on the mercy of the barbaric Catholic church.


On Sunday, we heard statements from two clerics and on Monday another statement from the Archbishop of Dublin. At last we’ve heard them start to acknowledge what really happened. The Bishop of Down and Connor, Noel Treanor, described the actions of the Catholic orders as crimes, which I suppose is progress of a kind. Until now, they have spoken of the things that happened as if they were talking about the weather.

To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time the Catholic clergy have acknowledged that they committed crimes, and I suppose Noel Treanor deserves some credit for what he said, but not a lot.

Where was Noel Treanor last week, before the Ryan report was published? Did he not know that the Catholic church was paying only a tenth of its share? Did he not realise that the taxpayer was carrying the entire burden for the crimes of his colleagues?

Of course he did.

Noel Treanor is a hypocrite, just as all his bishop olleagues are. A hypocrite and a liar. I don’t want to pay for the rapes committed by the priests who held this country by the throat for so long.

Cardinal Seán Brady issued a statement devoid of human feeling, and clearly drafted by a firm of lawyers. This fine Christian man made no mention whatever of the appalling crimes that his pals inflicted on innocent children. This Christian man clearly cared for one thing only: the protection of his hide, the hides of the countless perverts who infest his organisation, and the finances of the Catholic church in Ireland. Do you think Seán Brady cares one jot for the welfare of the children his pals raped?

Think again. It’s time to kick them out. Kick them out of our education system and kick them out of the hospitals. They have nothing to contribute, apart from pain.

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I could not agree with you more. But I think it’s going to take at least another generation before this country wakes up. I take comfort in the knowledge that my teenagers are awake.

The timing of the new blasphemy laws could not be more crucial.
Don Baker says if he names and shames his abuser, he is open
to prosecution and a 2000 euro fine.
He says that he is strongly tempted to go ahead any way and
damn the consequences.
With the publication of Inquiy of Abuse by Justice Ryan, the
Religous Orders are becoming the most publicly reviled
bodies in the the history of the State.
Imagine what will happen to anyone who wants to name their
abuser when this Bill becomes law.
Once again the Soldiers of Destiny have protected their
partners in the education business the Clergy.
The Christian Brothers have put 400,000,000 euro in trust
which cannot be touched under any circumstances.
The Abusers will never be named and shamed under this

I am appalled that under the new blasphemy laws a victim can get fined?? It’s time to take to the streets and fight for what is right and eliminate what is not. People need to make it clear to the depraved perpetrators and their equally vile supporters that they can not get away with this any longer. Get them out. Justice and fast.

Don Baker named a few abusing bastards last week on theKenny Show, ned. Interesting to see if any of the brotherhood decide to take him to court.

They want to “negotiate” directly with the abused about paying another pithy amount, are these people fucking seriously trying to palm themselves off as some kind of dis-interested observers in all this?

It’s like a murderer serving a sentence, who, upon being found guilty of having committed four other killings, deciding to offer to serve a further six months if it suits him.

Having watched the abuse victim on Q&A last night make one of the most powerful and eloquent statements of this entire and shameful era, to turn on my radio this morning and have to listen incredulously to a soft-spoken CORI lackey blaming just about everyone else for the activities of its rapist congregations, side-stepping the issues as much as possible telling us that hospitals and schools still depend on religious (???) and pleading the poor mouth despite the interviewer being able to recall off the top of his head a single deal involving the Oblate Order a few years back which netted the operators of the Daingean Stalag in Offaly a cool €105 million.

If it needs an amendment to the Constitution to seize the properties of these vile Orders, I believe a date during October is available and it can be held along with the Lisbon #2 referendum.

btw, any word of condemnation of the CORI 18 yet from those staunch defenders of (albeit unborn) catholic children such as Hauptmann Justin Barrett of Youth Defence, Dana, Kathy Sinnott, Lord Ganley and others of the catholic funda-mentalist set? Usually impossible to shut up once they start, now they’re all clams.

Don’t think that’s correct about the blasphemy law – it’s the new defamation bill that would apply. Defamation only occurs if the allegations cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

if any victim gets taken to court for blasphemy or defamation or
whatever the crooks/perverts want to call it
i will be there with my chequebook and i will easily contribute 100 euros
anybody with me?

Hey Bock, agree with what you are saying here. Would you say that kicking them out of our education and health systems would leave a big hole in resources on those fronts? I wouldn’t know where to start looking for figures on this, but it’s always been my impression that the church (while a detrimental, anti-modern force in nearly every other respect in Ireland) had a role to play in providing these services last century. And at a time when the State could neither afford nor had experience to do so.

Of course, saying that, the kind of shit that was going on was not fucking ok or anything. Just a point.

It is a good question on removing the church from the education of Irish youth. (better placed in Bocks other post I think). In any modern business, senior management (govt) would do a value analysis to see what does the church bring to the table in the education system, and if indeed they are found wanting, or if a better alternative is available, then a change should / would be initiated.

In any modern business, if department heads were seen to facilitate and cover up the wanton abuse of the company’s assets (Irish youth), then not only should the business owners strive to remove them from their position of authority, but the legal system would probably be brought to bear on them for fraud.

Of course, from what is becoming apparent with our floundering political leaders, is that they don’t see that they have any responsibility to manage or even lead, they grant exceptions and get-out-of-jail-cards (literally) to corrupt bankers, development wankers and craw thumping deviant religious leaders.

Ah Ireland… the twinkle in our eye isn’t mischievousness and divil-may-care derring do any more. It’s a teardrop-potent mix of despondency, fear, and self loathing. Cheers, I need a pint.

let the worms squirm! a lot of the church’s victims in canada carry a load of hate and shame.many suffer from P.T.S .D. (post truamatic stress disorder), for the rest of their lives.they have gone through a war of attrition and their reward was not a medal but shell shock,not warn with pride but unbearable shame and not be fooled.the victims of abuse, non sexual as well,sometimes turn out to be abusers themselves.what they have learned at the hands of vicious sadists when still children,their pent up hurt and anger is taken out on others as they go through life adrift. i have ptsd myself.i am 68 years old and still suffer from flashbacks.i cannot bear anyone to scream in terror,every nerve in my body jumps as i look for the source of the screams and try to run to the rescue.i literally hung from a fire escape platform to scream myself at a pimp who was beating a very small girl.he told me to mind my own business.just as i was to run down the stairs she was blood pressure went through the takes a long time to calm down after trauma.ptsd gives a person panic attacks as well.your heart is racing so hard and fast that it makes you dizzy and you think you are dying.they can be controlled with training, but sneak up on you when least expected.some victims turn to slashing or hitting themselves as hard as possible.that pain takes the other away for a short jump at every little sound if it has been quiet for awhile.people have literally seen both of my feet leave the floor at sudden loud noises.i still do this at my age and live with the stigma from family members.this is one of the hardest things to experience.if they have’nt been there,they don’t understand and most refuse because we can make them jumpy when under stress.if you can’t turn to your famil;y , where do you turn?at times ,factually, your family is harder on you than others. being exposed to .traumatic events in some cases for years will cause this father brought it with him from wwi in vimy france.the continual cannon booms and flashes from all sides wore him down.he was terrified of thunder and lightning and would shake severely.he drank so much that he was found where he had passed out in a snow bank.he was dead.this disease can be a slow killer and causes suicide as well at times. it is hard to describe how hopeless one is easy to identify with the irish victims.bless them all. i am also of irish descent on both sides.proud to be.

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