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CORI Statement on Child-Abuse Report

CORI, which represents 138 religious congregations, wishes again to place on record its recognition of the appalling reality presented in the Ryan Report published last Wednesday. As previously stated the emotional, physical and sexual abuse suffered by so many children on such a vast scale is horrendous.

CORI supports the eighteen congregations whose institutions were investigated by the Ryan Report in their efforts to find the best and most appropriate ways forward (a statement was issued on behalf of these eighteen congregations earlier this evening).

All of us accept with humility that massive mistakes were made and grave injustices were inflicted on very vulnerable children.   No excuse can be offered for what has happened..

The recommendations and conclusions of the Ryan Report are an imperative for all those involved in the care of vulnerable people.

This is CORI’s bland, self-satisfied response to the storm of disgust that has swept over Ireland.  This is the measure of their disconnection from reality.  This is how stupid they think we are.

Read what they’ve said in that dismissive statement.

They wish to place on record their recognition of the reality presented in the Ryan report.

Why?  Do they want a medal?

They support the 18 congregations investigated by the  commission.

Of course they do.  They ARE the people investigated.

They accept with humility that massive mistakes were made and grave injustices inflicted on children.

Mistakes?  Injustices?  They raped, beat and murdered children.  These were neither mistakes nor injustices.  These were crimes for which members of CORI need to be jailed.

The recommendations of the Ryan report are an imperative for those involved in the care of vulnerable people.

CORI’s members did not care for vulnerable people.  They abused , beat and raped vulnerable people and they need to be forcibly disbanded and prosecuted.  We need no more statements from these criminals.

These criminals, who tortured our children, have blood-sucked this State for over a billion euros thanks to a deferential Fianna Fail government and a minister who is a member of a secretive religious organisation.

After all, this is only a country, and what’s that compared to the interests of an international criminal conspiracy?

These abusers are the beneficiaries of a treasonous conspiracy and need to be kicked out of our education and health systems.  These people no longer have a place in decent Irish society and have no business making statements of any sort.

The only statements these abusers ought to be making are statements to the police.

This is the statement made by the 18 raping,child-abusing congregations:

At our meeting in Dublin this morning, we again recognise and accept the gravity of the findings and conclusions contained in the Ryan Report. We fully accept that we seriously failed vulnerable people while in our care and that we have an on-going responsibility to try to meet their needs.

Rather than re-opening the terms of the agreement reached with Government in 2002, we reiterate our commitment to working with those who suffered enormously while in our care. We must find the best and most appropriate ways of directly assisting them.

We will meet again in the coming days to explore the detail of our responses

In other words, the people who raped  our children have stated that they don’t intend to revisit the agreement reached with Michael Woods , and why would they? After all, isn’t that why they inserted him into the government in the first place — to look after their interests?  What’s the point in having an Opus Dei member in government if he isn’t prepared to sell the country down the river to protect his cronies in the clergy?

What’s the point in having a chain-wearing religious adept  inside the Cabinet if he’s not going to subordinate democracy to the interests of a religious conspiracy?

But consider what exactly the’re telling you.  This statement is saying that they will continue to take gigantic amounts of money from the taxpayer, even though they committed the crimes.  It says that they care nothing for the financial state of our country as long as their own money is safe.  It says that they have no respect for you, or for your country.

These people are criminals.

It’s time we started to see them for what they are and withdrew any respect we might have for them.

It’s time to kick them out of our schools and hospitals.  It’s time to get their hands off our children.

It’s time Ireland grew up.
Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse