Fingleton Brokered Religious Orders’ Bail-Out Deal With Government

This article was first published in May 2009


Michael Fingleton secretly met Michael Woods in the lobby of the Shelbourne hotel in 2002, and agreed the terms of the clerical bail-out before the official meeting took place. Fingleton concocted the agreement off the record with Woods, who later agreed — illegally — to exclude the Attorney General from the negotiations, at the insistence of the clergy.

Of course, Fingleton never worried too much if billions of taxpayers’ euros were being sidelined to prop up his bank or his clerical friends, even if it endangered the very stability of this State, as it now threatens to do.

Fingleton was the intermediary who shuttled between Michael Woods and the religious orders’ negotiators before the final deal was struck, in which taxpayers’ money would be used to protect the religious orders from legal action by abuse victims. It was Fingleton who told Woods what the clergy would and would not tolerate. It was Fingleton who laid down the law to the government and instructed them as to what was expected of them. It was Fingleton who helped Woods to work out a deal that would bring least pain to the religious orders, and maximise the burden on the taxpayer.

Fingers Fingleton, as you may know, is the man behind Irish Nationwide, one of the two non-banks that have dragged our economy to the depths. He was the man who ran the bank as his own private fiefdom, and who was eventually forced from office last March. Fingers, you might recall, paid himself a €1 million bonus after the government announced its intention to bail out his zombie bank, and also set up a €27.6 milion pension fund of which he was the sole beneficiary.

Of course, Fingers wasn’t just the most arrogant banker in Ireland. He was also the person who slipped Celia Larkin the cheque for €40,000 to pay back that money she’d borrowed from the FF funds in Bertie’s constituency.

According to the Irish Times, Fingleton approved a loan of €40,000 to Ms Larkin on March 4th, 2008 without the standard criteria being fulfilled initially on the loan application. Ms Larkin did not provide documents normally required by customers borrowing such loans when she applied for the money.

He’s a deeply religious man. Fingers proudly boasts of his membership of Opus Dei, a shadowy Catholic brotherhood, and there you have it. One Opus Dei member has a quiet word with a fellow Opus Dei member who just happens to be the government minister responsible for negotiating the deal and everything is wrapped up nice and neatly.

See? This is independent Ireland. The Gaelic idyll.

Not only are our banks, our governing political party and the main church in this country all filthy, despicable and unprincipled organisations who have no qualms about sucking the taxpayer dry. It now seems there’s no difference between the three.






Celia, Bertie and Fingers. The Plot Thickens

16 thoughts on “Fingleton Brokered Religious Orders’ Bail-Out Deal With Government

  1. It could be just my ignorance of Irish politics and the parties thereof but I’m wondering now if there’s any entity or governing body left to take this jerk to task for it? If both the church and the government are utterly corrupt where do the Irish people turn for help in this matter?

  2. I’m not expecting you to name a confidential source, just curious as to where the information is coming from. There’s no indication at all if its a government source, banking source, or some bloke down the pub.

  3. the UDA,UVF,PROV. IRA all seen the writing on the wall,that in the modern Europe,there was no future for them… when are F Fail gonna wise up and disband?….

  4. Fingleton’s membership of Opus Dei – that’s something I never knew. Opus is an intelligent, calculating organisation that talentspots bright young undergraduates at colleges and discreetly attempts to recruit them either before or after graduation. Their strategy has always been to recruit potential pillars of society. Their secretive practices render them more hazy than the more open Knights of Columbanus.

  5. Good for you Bock. The essence of journalism and free information depends on you protecting your sources. Stick to your principles. How would we know as much as we do without your good self? I say stick to your sources. I value your instinct to follow the threads and get to the truth. I trust your ability to dig it out. Keep in with your “informed sources”.

    There is a report of nine little girls, orphans who died as a result of eating bad meat, at Mount St. Vincent Orphanage, Limerick. I remember my Mother showing me the grave at Mt. St. Lawrence cemetery in Limerick and her incredulous words, “…and to think at only the children died. Not one nun perished from the bad food.” I never forgot it. She said she witnessed the funerals and she was only 7 years old herself.
    Then the story appeared in the 100 year anniversary issue of the Independent Newspaper, marking 100 years of publishing from 1905 to 2005, it was distributed in 2005. Check it out Bock, if you have time. It appears on page 13 under the heading Mysterious deaths of orphans Friday, November 20. I say, we are as ignorant today as we were 100 years ago. If you cannot get a copy of it, contact me and I’ll happily share mine with you.

    As a civilization we are still cavemen or bogmen and will remain so until we accept that we must change. We must not enable the corruption of the future generations by accepting abuse. We must preserve and protect those who are vulnerable, the old as well as the young. We must try to raise the bar in our behaviour.

    Without the investigative reporters who protect their sources we would not have half the knowledge of these abuses, nor would they be addressed. Well done.

  6. Lit Fan Jo, can we have a little perspective here? I’m not asking Bock for the name, rank and serial number of his source, but I do think a little information would have been helpful in judging what to make of the story. The essence of journalism is credibility, and protecting sources is part of that, but so is allowing the reader some way to judge the veracity of information.

  7. Ireland semms to at last find it,s voice and the rats scuttle to the cracks in the walls. But you are still occupied now by forces more shrewd than you have met before. They are ashamed besause they were fond out to be beasts but 5 days ago felt nothing. What does that tell us. The process of their own dehuminisation had gone so far that had certain factors been in place they could have carried this holocaust to it,s logical conclusion and exterminated the children. Just look at the number of suicides as a consequence of this endemic abuse. That which prevented this extermination happening was that they would loose out on money paid to them from the government. They did everything else to the children except kill them, that was left to them selves.

  8. Even cavemen and bogmen did not behave like the so called brothers and nuns and bishops. I would prefer to live with my fellow cavemen than in an Irish industrial school. And bogs are lovely places and people there have a gentle disposition.

  9. Apologies to the cavemen and bogmen. I agree with you Charles bogs are lovely place as are the beautiful caves and likely those people who spent time in them. Have had some wonderful times in bogs and caves.

  10. Bock,
    Good stuff, Fingers kept the Dublin on site document shredding company busy while Fianna Failure allowed him the time to tidy up. We have an ineffective politically compliant press, a discredited police force whose members promotion is subject to the whim of the Minister for justice this is a throwback to the Dublin Castle times. With regard to Fingers cute whoreism, It does not need a foresensic accountant to log the loans and mortages by Irish Nationwide to a compliant press, biddeable Politicans and an ineffective double jobbing police force. The annual Irish Nationwide, all day Christmas party attended by the lick spittle Press and Politicians are now hopefully a distant memory. No doubt Fingers will continue to entertain in his holiday home away from Ireland and its gullable tax payers.
    Keep up the good work,

    Fianna Failure,

  11. Thank you Litfan, Our common defence of bogs and caves and the people who come out of them warms my heart, I,m a bogman myself and marvel at the beauty of such places. I,m so boggish that bogwater still leaks from my boots despite the absence of three decades. Cavemen led a life of hunting and reflection, oh! to have sat with them at the fire and listen to their hunting stories. I beleive they were deeply human.

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