Ireland Is Not A Republic

Ireland is anything but a republic.

Independence in 1922 did not lead to freedom and self-determination, but slavery, child rape, wholesale theft of our resources by dishonest politicians, and domination of our education and health systems by perverted, authoritarian clergy.

We live in a country that abdicated its responsiblities to its most vulnerable.

It handed control of schools and hospitals to people who are unqualified and unfit: the Catholic church.  The taxpayer picks up the bill for compensating victims of clerical abuse.  A foreign multinational takes our natural gas without paying for it, and 200 of our police beat protesters off the roads.  The minister for justice proposes to make blasphemy a crime.  Our former prime minister was owned in his entirety by property developers.

In 1984, we had the most advanced digital communications network in the world, but this government gave it away to an asset stripper for peanuts and now we have almost no broadband infrastructure.  We have no proper public transport system.  Our schools are in prefabs.  There’s no access to information: this is one of the most secretive States in Europe, and one of the most authoritarian.  Our politicians, doctors and lawyers are the best paid in the world.  Small cabals run the country for their own benefit, while the poor, the sick and the weak have no voice whatever.

It’s insane.  The country is insane, corrupt and oppressive.

This is not a modern European democracy.  This is Albania.

The project has failed.  It’s time to start again.

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24 thoughts on “Ireland Is Not A Republic

  1. I think you’re being a bit harsh on Albania BOCK, Ireland is unique in its corruption and in its secrecy and perverted Governance.

    However I believe you are correct in all that you state to be true about Ireland.

  2. Bock,

    one of your younger readers here.

    What happened in 1984? we had digital infrastructure? It seems unlikely!

  3. We replaced our old electro-mechanical exchanges with digital in the mid-eighties. What we had was the most advanced in the world at the time.

  4. Bock but of course “sher didn’t John Jo get us a parish pump . Blessed by the Parish Priest and everting” Guess what? F.F. will lead the next Government. A bet of a pound to a pinch of shit. Resistance is futile . The Party rule. As Biffo would say “This is MY Government and I’ll do it My way”. The People get the Government they deserve.

  5. Bock the point is ,regrettably, the voting people of the Republic of Ireland are in the main F.F. sycophantic Gobshites. No matter what form of filth turns up on the F.F. card they will get in. Not to sure about the rest of them either.

  6. Yes, the proect has indeed failed. AND it fucking rains most of the time too.
    But we know there’s fuck all we can do about the weather.

    I spend a lot of time at home during the week, and not ONE person has called to my door to canvass for any potential politician. Not one! Is it just MY house?

  7. You have just described exactly, a Republic. It is just that there are four of five of them, possibly more, all protecting their own Spartans.

  8. If FF get back in then I’m out of this country.I shit you not.Something needs to be done.The joke is over.Revolution anyone?

  9. Bock – Spot on – it is sickening, the politicians, doctors, lawyers, bankers, developers are all doing exactly as the crew in the Ryan report – the masks are all falling and one massive cover up is appearing – the “i’ll look after you gang” along with “never worry about that team” have been exposed.

    [Mod Edit : Name corrected]

    We have all been sold short – this country is worth so much more …

  10. I listened to our politicians.
    We cannot let the banks go bankrupt.
    We cannot bankrupt the religious orders.
    We can’t let the developers go bankrupt.
    We can’t take bertie’s pension off him until retirement age.
    Blasphemy is to be a crime, the timing a coincidence I think not?

    We can shut down wards in our children’s hospitals.
    We can deny vaccines to our children.

    Oh and by the way,Albania get a fine summer every year.

  11. Back in 1987 I DID leave this country for almost the exact reasons as I may again do today if I am free to. The voting back into power of a criminal Taoiseach.

    The Name of that Rose was Charles Haughey. I couldn’t believe that a politician involved in supplying weapons to republicans who was also very obviously corrupt could become the Taoiseach of this country (yet again) in that advanced age. To me that evil lump of Irish gombeenism represented everything that was wrong and bad about the politics and country of the day (little did I know how bad he would turn out). And still the country kicked out one of the few honorable and capable politicians we ever had, Garret Fitzgerald, and voted that FF numpty and his gang of moneygrabbing gobshites back in, and kept him/them in power until he was uncovered from his snake pit. By then I was gone and stayed gone for 11 years. Poor Garret lost faith in Irish politics and pulled out for much the same reason.

    Christ, looking back on it, how naieve I was. Back then, I for one had no clue about Magdelen laundries, industrial schools, etc. I knew the Christian Brothers were bad-ass and violent, but I had my share of leathers and sticks and rulers too, and I went to the most progressive school in Limerick at the time. The pedo stuff that went on in the industrial schools and the level of violence was still surprising when it first became news fodder, my first awareness of industrial schools was the film Lamb with Liam Neeson(1986), and even then I thought it was past history. I’ve never trusted clergy, some built-in warning told me something ain’t right with a lot of them, and the more senior they were the more wary I was of them. I briefly met our great ex-bishop Jerimiah Newman when I was 22 (1984), he personally created an anti-catholic out of me. Since then my conviction has only grown with each discovery and my own research.

    The problem with Ireland is that a huge percentage of this country would take the place of all the corrupt politicians, developers, bankers we have had tomorrow if they were in a position to (make big money). The majoirity of this nation are greedy, self-serving and couldn’t give two flying fucks about Joe Soap as long as they’re okay. Philanthropy is virtually non-existent in Irish politics, and those few philanthropic politicians rarely get anywhere in our fantastic party driven political system. Until we get a council driven government, we will always be stuck with these FF (and probably FG) fucking gombeens.

    Collusion and protectionism between the gombeens, clergy, republicans, state departments, legals, judicory, political, legal and judicory family dynasties is rife and probably representative of the level of political awareness of the electorate. Most look no futher than their front door or garden gate when it comes to political decisions. Philanthropic people go as far as their own town versus everyone else, or own county versus everyone else. There is no hope, we are a materialistic bunch of cretins..

    As Spike Milligan said when he discovered vandals had graffitied ancient Aboriginal cave drawings: “What is so great about human beings?”. I tend to agree, this planet would be far better served with a lot less of US on it.

  12. I have just turned off the radio I can’t listen any more for today.
    They were only children.

    I often wondered where the Nazi’s got the people to run their camps.
    Now I have a good idea, anything can be done in the name of the organisation, and everyone and everything must be protected at all cost.
    “I was only carrying out orders” says the Christian Brother.
    “Discipline must be maintained” says the nun
    Slave labour camps ran by perverts with the blessing of the government.

  13. But in the valley of the squinting windows of this financially and morally bankrupt Republic have we replaced Roman Catholic authoritarianism with secular authoritarianism?

    During a week in which the entire nation was recoiling in horror at the vast catalogue of abuse and torture of thousands of children in the institutions of this state, John Waters was banging away in the Irish Times.

    Leaving aside your views on John Waters, he writes of a case in which a father has lost his children.

    How can you lose your children? Well, according to Waters, this mans flesh and blood were taken into care by the HSE.

    Waters writes that because of the veil of secrecy – which supposedly exists to protect the family in cases such as this – he cannot tell us much about this case.

    But Waters insists that the man in question is guilty of nothing except that, “struggling to cope in extraordinary circumstances, he was naive enough to ask the HSE for help”.

    Just like some of the parents of the unfortunate children cited in the Ryan report were struggling to cope in the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s and turned to the state for help and had their children spirited away to a life of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

    The above parent had his minimal access to his children terminated because he dared to phone a foster mother in an attempt to discover his children’s whereabouts, Waters adds.

    The father has not seen his children for three months because they have been moved to new schools and foster homes and the HSE have refused to give his children’s addresses.

    If Waters is correct the Catholic fundamentalist crozier has been replaced by a secular crozier and an arm of the state is once again being allowed to abuse Irish children.

    But despite the above being published in last Friday’s Irish Times, the paper of record, the silence is deafening.

    Just like it was in the 40s,50s,60s and 70s when ten of thousands of children were delivered into the hands of sadists.

    Official Ireland looks the other way. Maybe we will read about these children in a report into child abuse in 30 years time.

  14. I was going to say we need a Second Republic.

    We never had a First did we? Was the Celtic Tiger our Weimar?

    Who is going to stop Them?

  15. With respect Abdul,
    I believe the Church wields as much clout in the HSE as it does in the schools. I do not believe there is such a thing as secular power in Ireland.

  16. What irks me most is seeing people all dressed up in ther finery bringing their kids to church to make their first holy communion.
    I saw this yesterday in Limerick and today in Ennistymon.
    Don’t these people question the authority of the Church.
    Can they not see that it is an evil outdated institution.
    Bringing their kids to participate in this traditional Catholic ritual re-inforces the Churches place in Irish society.
    I suspect the majority don’t give a fxck about eh Churches perversions other than finding them an embarrasment. They will be happy to be let continue their traditions, go to mass on Sundays adn get into heaven, whether you’ve been a b*stard your whole life or not.

  17. The Catholic church in Ireland must be the only Paedophile ring in history that was supported by the state and recieved taxpayers money.And unfortunately nothing much has changed here,just look at the slavery and abuse heaped on the migrant workers during the recently deceased Celtic pig era.Just another manifestation of the same prevailing ingrained attitude of exploitation of people less fortunate.That this rotten state is collapsing is just Karma.To turn this into a civilised nation with morals and values would in my opinion require firing squads working around the clock for a year

  18. “If you hoist the Green flag and remove the English Army…..unless you set about establishing a Socialist Republic all your efforts will have been in vain”

    James Connolly….prophetic to say the least.

    @builderfromhell, agree 100% with you. People are stll bringing kids along for a water splashing where a ten day old child somehow commits him/herself to this evil institution. Good trick there. Time goes on and before they know it, they dress up 7 year olds as “brides of Christ” to eat wafers transformed by voodoo into flesh (yuck!, although Bocks recipes for Comunion Host Salsa sound tempting)….then its off to lavishly spend thousands of euro celebrating the communion feast when – in the week that was in it – a national boycottt of these “ceremonies” should have begun.

    We have great potential as a people, but unti we rid ourselves for once and for all of the twin evils of the Churches and Fianna Fail, then we remain as we are seen by the world. The Sheeple.

  19. I have a 4 year old child, and I can tell you, If I did not accept and play along with the church, my child would not be going to the school of our choice this September. I moved house and set up a business in the area specifically so my daughter would have an education of our choice, and yet after speaking to school boards, councillors, politicians etc. it was finally the parish priest that guaranteed her a place. He inquired if my partner and I were married (he noticed our different surnames on the application form), was delighted that we were! Also looked forward to seeing us at mass in the future.

    If you think these guys have relinquished control, you are mistaken. Them, their army of laypeople and the god faring politicians have us by the bollix.

  20. When you wipe the brown off your nose and examine your idea of choice, teaching your precious at home might be a better answer. Let the Guvermint pay you for your trouble. They and da Church have made such a hames of it you could hardly do any worse. Why stick your kid in a pre fab?
    From crisis comes opportunity.
    Stop bending over and watch how quick da power evaporates. You are prisoners of your mind handing your children over to abusers expecting a different outcome. Einstein’s definition of madness.
    Hope this helps!

  21. Its a Roman Church ,with their Roman god, run by the last part of the Roman Empire.

    They have little or nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

    When it comes to the Roman Empire and their church – its all about the money –

  22. Very true Bock, and tragic. Now what can people do about it?

    I don’t know that they pay you to teach your children at home. I live in Northern Ireland and my lot learn without school. That way, they don’t have to be limited by whatever curriculum the state decides on, and we avoid the whole divisive religious system. It’s a lot easier and more pleasant than people think and it’s great for our family. If 1000s more in the “republic” took their children out of school the church would lose that income for each child. Teach your children how to think, not what to think.

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