Leinster 25 – Munster 6

We were stuffed.

Every Leinster player was better than his opposite number, with the possible exceptions of Doug Howlett and Jerry Flannery.

Leinster were better than us and we have no cause for whingeing. The better team won.

The first half was played almost entirely inside our 22, it seemed to me, and whenever Munster counter-attacked, Leinster dug in with the sort of intensity we’ve never seen until recent times. They defended everything and Munster rarely looked likely to score anything. Going in at half-time only 11-6 behind, I thought we were lucky to get off so lightly, and the other Munster supporters I spoke to agreed. Everyone felt unhappy with the shape of the game.

I don’t know what the plan was. Did the management team become complacent? Did the players just assume we’d win? I’d find that hard to believe, but nothing is impossible. On the other hand, credit has to go to people like Brian O Driscoll, Luke Fitzgerald and Rocky Elsom who had a huge game, and who was, in my opinion, instrumental in the Leinster win. We were never going to shove the ball over the line, and they stopped us from running it despite one or two nice Munster breaks.

When O Driscoll intercepted a pass and ran the length of the pitch to score a try between the posts, we were dead. There was no coming back from that.

All in all, it was a comprehensive win for Leinster which they fully deserved and there can be no complaints about it.


The atmosphere in Limerick reminds me of the old Max Boyce story about a funeral inthe valleys. As they were burying the deceased, one of the mourners was listening to the rugby on a small radio, and just as the coffin was lowered into the ground, word came through that the local team had lost.

You know, he said, it cast a terrible gloom over the whole thing.

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  1. It was Munster’s Heineken final 2009 and they did not recognise that. I don’t know if the team and the back room boys had any clue about just what was at stake here.
    It was a Leinster team we haven’t seen for a long time. Inspired no doubt by Munster’s great performances in the past number of years.
    There is a new kid on the block!

  2. I hope we did not hurt you too much. We need you for the Lions tour.

  3. But a “club world record crowd of 82,208”?
    Isn’t it great for Irish rugby.

  4. The only problem is all Dublin and Leinster will be going to the match in future. All the poor culchies will not be able to get a ticket. Or even worse the Red sea shall turn Blue. Not to worry I shall wash my mind out with some warm soapy water.

  5. Agree with all you said Bock. We were outplayed in every possition. Am still going to Edinburgh but no heart in it now. Munster usually lose with some style but yesterday we were over run. The Galtees seemed sad today as we passed south westward. It’ll take some getting over.

  6. They’ll meet Leicester, fucked if I’m spell checking that, they won today in a penalty shoot out of all things, first time in the history of the European Cup, which is sponsored by a product which makes a massive contribution toward collapsing peoples livers. Cardiff had the chance to win it in the shoot out but one of their kickers ballooned his effort horrendously wide – could have sworn I saw the orb fly pass the window just now – Penalty shoot outs in rugby, I don’t know what to think of this. In football, any fool can score from twelve yards, but these rugby shoot -outs are a lot more difficult. Would Munster fans stay quite in a penalty shoot-out?

    Meantime, there are lot of heavily traumatized people walking around this town today. Between Ricky Fat un being KO’d in Vegas and this we’d want to go away and have a mass said for ourselves.

    Pssssst, I know of a great training camp right alongside a pig farm in Guadalajara if interested, Leinster.

  7. Just saw the footage. I think Quinne can start looking for a sun holiday.

  8. Munster fans would stay quiet but I can’t vouch for the Leinster following. One Leinster supporter, shouting as Contepomi lined up a kick, reminded us that we weren’t in Thomond Park now.

  9. Leinster were better than us and we have no cause for whingeing. The better team won

    Abdul get over it. There is always tomorrow . Perhaps not. Life is a bitch and then you die.

  10. Well said Bockmeister, most fairminded Leinster fans were saying the same after both Magners League derby matches this season. Hopefully we’ll have yer backing come May 23.

  11. Abdual: “In football, any fool can score from twelve yards, but these rugby shoot -outs are a lot more difficult. Would Munster fans stay quite in a penalty shoot-out?”

    Except that hitting the target – the infinitely high target – is all that is required in rugby. In football you have to deal with, you know, the goalie.

  12. On the Upside,Nancy’s wasnt too packed yesterday…

    ..I’ll get me coat..

  13. Maybe they SHOULD have a goalie. I’m thinking something involving a very large crane and some bungee cord…how cool would THAT be???

  14. Deiseach, – fair play, you have raised one of the deep philosophical questions of our day, a question which some of our greatest thinkers, not pikeys, have pondered – how to score in a penalty shoot out.Likewise, in football the goal is just twelve yards away, and lets face it, the antics of the deranged person with the gloves – “I kept a clean sheet – are almost incidental, arrow the ball low or high, into the corner, any corner. with sufficient velocity and the fucker is obsolete.But lose your nerve and he will prevail – and the opening paragraph in tomorrows paper may contain his name in the same sentence as the word hero – and your name in a sentence which contains one word, wanker. In football, as the foot part suggests, most people know how kick a ball. But in rugby the vast majority of people on the field look on the ball as a sort of abstraction to their endeavors, a hindrance some might say, as the go about their business of basically kicking the living fuck out of each other – in the general vicinity of the ball. In football most players know how to direct a ball – using their leg – in the direction of the net. But in rugby, some players,in a shoot out situation, as they clutch their opposite numbers lungs in their fist, might not be on familiar terms with the orb at all. They might ask themselves, what is this thingy I am presented with, this leathery Easter egg like object I am being asked to kick between the posts to glory? Hence, I deduce that, culturally, penalty shoot outs are more difficult on rugby players. Meantime, yesterdays shoot out in Cardiff – and leaving aside that draws are rare enough in rugby – invites most coaches to beging insisting that at least ten members of their starting fifteen should start to make some attempt to familiarize themselves with the ball, any ball. You’d never know when this might come in handy.

  15. Have you ever taken a penalty Nora? Have you ever stared down the barrell of that gun, taken that lonely walk to the area, the ref, the heartless whistle in his gob, opposition fans suggesting that your father would fail a DNA test if it came down to confirming your exact parentage – and the things they are chanting about your mother….the woman that brought you into this world….. Anyway, best approach the ball from the left in your run up – pay no heed to the deranged one bouncing up on down on the line waving his hands like an orangutan on speed, he’s just trying to distract you. Anway, you are giving the impression here that you are going to sidefoot the ball to his left. But at the last moment, wrap your instep around the ball and direct it low and hard to the fuckers right. Take that you bastard.That’s my suggestion for a perfect penalty anyway. I am open to other suggestions however?

  16. Wow. Another essay. I think you missed Nora’s point. I’ve read maybe a line of each and ignored the rest.

  17. Abdul — Rugby is football. It’s just not Association Football, which is what you seem to be talking about despite the fact that this post relates to the Munster-Leinster rugby match.

  18. Speaking of penalties, Quinlan has been citied – according to the BBC – following the alleged eye gouging incident with Cullen on Saturday. He could receive a minimum 12 week ban which rule him out of the Lions tour.

    Thanks for reading the two lines Skaara – meantime, is there a reason why you call yourself after an intergalactic transvestite?

  19. Why would Abdul be writing a book about the National Dyslexics Association?

  20. Did you hear the one about the dyslexic rave party Fox? – everyone was taking F’s…..

    Am working away on the DNA book as we speak Benny…

  21. “waving his hands like an orangutan on speed”

    I liked that one, Abdul. Reminded me of this:

  22. I don’t like it, Fox.

    This post is about the rugby match. If people want to have a private conversation, I recommend Facebook or Bebo.

    Any further irrelevant commentswill be deleted.

  23. Well, glad I checked in here first. As I get the match delayed, I don’t think I’ll stay up late for this one. It won’t be worth 12 hrs of bleary-eyed torture at work the morrow.

    Sorry for the loss, but I do love O Driscoll’s style, I have to admit.

  24. Well put Bock, “outmunstered” and no mistake. Call it complacency, call it what we will, but Leinster were up for that game and put their bodies on the line in the way we expect normally from Munster teams. Very few can hold their heads high, Flannery imo, the only one who seemed on form. Did the “Lions” thing go to the heads a bit for some of the others?. POC was really off form, the back row were as quiet as mice while Stringer and O’Gara had some shocking moments. The basic handling mistakes and penalty count was hardly helping the cause. I wonder if that Lions squad were selected this week rather than a fortnight ago how many would Munster have on the plane.

    Back to the match, Leinster fully deserved their comprehensive win. Have to say that in the pub I was in that there was spontaneous applause at the end for the Leinster performance. Think we can drop the “ladyboy” tag from now on……unless there are some harder nuts on the Bangkok strip joints than we think.

    Won’t have any problem supporting Leinster in the Final and if they play as well as they have against both Harlequins and Munster then they should take the trophy. Pity about the way Cardiff went out but that’s another days chat.

    Incidentally, All-Ireland League Finals day next Saturday in town with games in Dooradoyle and Thomond Park. Don’t forget the roots of where all this success lies and get out to support club rugby.

  25. Well said on the club rugby Hoof, – do you hoof balls up the field? or maybe hoof your opponent up the field, the ball being incidental – people assume that Munster just “came about” and ignore the clubs that helped nurture their talent. Shamefully, on international match days the provinces are adjacent to the names of the Irish players on the team sheets – and the clubs don’t get a mention.But without the Shannon’s, Garryowen’s, Young Munster’s, UL Bohs, Bruffs etc etc there would have been no grand slam and Munster would never have been European champions. Meantime, clubs should take a leaf out of pro soccer’s books and start demanding compensation from the pro rugby leagues. For instance if Fairview Rangers help nurture the talent of a player and he goes on to make it as a pro and is transferred involving large sums of money, under FIFA legislation, Fairview are entitled to compensation, as long as they can prove he was registered with them. It might not be much, but it is at least formal recognition that without the clubs that there would be no pro soccer. Likewise with the rugby, with more and more money being poured into the game they should not be allowed forget that the grass roots need watering.

  26. The majority of y’all might not have noticed, might not have paid homage to where the heartbeat of the oval ball game is at, the majority of y’all thinking that Munster is rugby – but even Flannery, “well sometimes, I go out by myself, and look across the water”……at the Shannon – was there. And he observing the gallant Clontarf, where the Vikings were sent to Valhalla, undone, on a first goal wins technicality after extra time. The majority of y’all want to sing along to the Fields, an absurdity, seeing as the fields are in Connacht, when the anthem, the real anthem, should have always been, “there is an isle”. And you thought that events at Croke Park recently represented a shift in the balance of power, a shift from where the core values of the game exists. The Treaty City has claimed 13 from 19 since 1990/91. Provincially, 16 from 19 if you take into account Cons disputed win over Garryowen in the inaugural 91 – but that never was a penalty try, Cons…., we remember. Meantime, the league table never lies they say – and fair play to Dublin for their solitary title, courtesy of St Mary’s. Hard luck today Clontarf, god only knows what acne ridden pup within the anal retentive IRFU thought up that rule, you met fire with fire and won a lot of respect.

    Title wins

    Shannon 9
    Garryowen 3
    Cork Constitution 3
    Young Munster 1
    St Mary’s College 1
    Dungannon 1
    Ballymena 1

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