Letterfrack — A Christian Brother’s Prayer

Dear Lord, I thank Thee for all of Thy bounty.
I thank Thee for the beauty of this land.
I thank Thee for the comfort of our splendid home.
I give thanks that in Thine infinite wisdom, Thou has seen fit to provide me with all that I need, though I am not worthy.

Dear Lord, I thank Thee for all of Thy bounty.

I thank Thee for the beauty of this land.



I thank Thee for the comfort of our splendid home.


I give thanks that in Thine infinite wisdom, Thou has seen fit to provide me with all that I need, though I am not worthy.

Thou hast provided warmth in this fine house, and sustenance from the land.


For the devils that beset me as I walk these corridors at night-time, Thou hast provided succour and comfort.


Thou hast sent me the serpents that I might chastise them.


In Thine infinite wisdom, Thou hast stayed Thine hand in The Holy Scripture and hast not forbidden the comfort of the flesh, save with womankind. Though the serpents’ hearts be black, yet their limbs are warm and their cries sweet unto the ear.

I gaze now from this window, and behold the cornucopia Thou hast provided for my delight, and for the easing of my rage.



It is with true humility and gratitude that I descend these stairs to the garden and make my way to the house of the serpents, where, with Thy divine blessing, I may continue the great work entrusted unto me by Thee.


Dear Lord, grant me the strength, I beg of Thee, to persevere until every last one of the serpents hath been cast from this place, and destroyed.



Then, Lord, let me rest, content in Thine bosom.



Pictures taken in former Christian Brothers monastery and industrial school at Letterfrack


Ryan Commission report

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21 thoughts on “Letterfrack — A Christian Brother’s Prayer

  1. That graveyard is remarkably similar to those you see around the country of the famine pits. And much as I hate to say it, it may be a good idea to exhume a sample, given the violence it seems certain that murder is not out of the question.

  2. Yes. It’s a mass grave.

    There are 78 memorials in the graveyard, but many more children were murdered in Letterfrack by this criminal conspiracy calling itself the Christian Brothers. And Letterfrack was only one of many gulags they operated.

  3. Is there any law preventing the matching of the names of the dead and the convicted religeous to their ryan report pseudonyms (sp)

  4. It seems that if they were named in the Ryan report. They could claim that any prosecution would be invalid. Because they could not possibly get a “fair” trial. For some reason, the legal Eagles feel that any Jury would be prejudiced. I attempted to read the report, I was physically sickened.

  5. And the official position is that they were all “natural” deaths?.
    I think that if a ratio was taken from a normal boys school and applied to Letterfrack in instances of child death,a horrifying picture would emerge.
    Are causes of death in these instances a matter of public record?
    May the pope slip in his red shoes and crack his head on his gold chair for giving his support to these fucks.
    I see David Quinn is saying only 4% of these monsters were abusive.Even if that percentage was true,what does that say about the other 96%?What were they doing?Just masturbating to this shit?

  6. The moore death in the tralee chapter is rather suspect.

    also the baby that died three days after being admitted to Goldenbridge

  7. Letterfrack, I remember some of the brothers and some of the nuns growling the word through their teeth way back then. “You’ll wind up in the Frack, you little bastard”. None of us really knew where or what it was – but we knew it wasn’t Butlins.

    There is a town in Poland called Oswiecim, also called Auschwitz. Most of the residents prefer Oswiecim. Afterall, who’d, with the exception the few neo Nazi living there, want to be associated with a name which is synonymous with mass murder.

    Likewise, – to a much lesser extent – with Letterfrack. So there she stands exposed, the heart of darkness of Irish society,the auld Frack, in all her infamy.

    God only knows what crimes are buried under those head stones, maybe the remains of murdered children, who, as a nun said way back then, had a “want” in them.

    So much for the good old days.

  8. Hell of an interesting ‘Blog-site’ good work, the f**king church still runnin’ the place, it seems.

  9. Letterfrack Bock.

    Looking back at it’s history, it was founded by Quakers who came over to contribute to post famine relief in the area, they built the schoolhouse and the farm and provided employment for 60 men in the area. Built a doctors surgery and houses for their families. They left in the 1850’s and the Catholic church moved in and desecrated the place with their actions. Fucking typical.

    Link: http://www.discoverireland.com/us/ireland-places-to-go/placefinder/l/letterfrack-galway/

    BTW did you know this post is no 5 in google for letterfrack? Keep up the good work.

  10. This post provides much to think about. You did a great service to the memory of those who have left us without proper identification. Thank you.

  11. I have a close relative that was in Letterfrack ,but thankfully survived the horrors there ..What was done here was inhuman ..But the survivors will never forget .It saddens me to think of the poor children . May they rest in peace now

  12. 1943 my father was sent to letterfrack, his only crime, was he one one of 6, and his mother had died of tb, sadly i am the eldest of 6, and the abuse that he suffered as a child , was handed down to us as children as a result.. The christiian brothers have so much to answer for, and i hope that the pits of hell are nice and hot for these bastards. My father, was a small terrified boy, who on the morning of loosing his mother, had this black crow, persuade him to take a ride in the car with him, he fell a sleep on the journey, asa small child would, and when he awoke, he was outsside the doors of that hellhole. I grew up, hearing about the regime and living some of its disgusting rules.

  13. Re the last two pictures…these of a memorial garden created by a group led by Co. Kilkenny based therapist Christina Holt, a finalist in the Spirit of Ireland Awards who who has done a lot of voluntary work for survivors of institutional abuse. Writing as Chris Barry, she’s also the author of a novel titled Truth Behold…dealing aspects of the institutional abuse era in Ireland.

  14. Hi Guys,

    Somehow I hadn’t clicked on the Auschwich Blog before today, and its sickening to the extreme. Its amazing how ” Man can do so much to their fellow man.” What a World we live in., so called Civilised. May I say that Once in an earlier career, I was an officer in the West German Merchant Navy., All the way from Limerick from the Parish in fact. and I was confronted with these German Officers and Sailors alike most of whome would have been in the forces in WW2., and all I can say is that they themselves were disgusted with the stories of the Concentration Camps. One of My Shipmates whose ” In laws worked on Admiral Karl Doinetz estate, as housekeepers after he was released from Spandau Prison. (Remember he took over after Hitler Shot himself.)
    Naturally I declined the invitation. but I must say that all my memories are happy ones as the ordinary Seamen the world over are generally a happy go lucky LOT. But keep in mind, LEST WE FORGET.

  15. I spent 1 year, 10 months in Letterfrack. 1972to 74. I found most of the brothers sound. I remember Brother Tobin well. He was terrifying. I was never in in kitchen. Thank God. Had a near miss with the bastard once. Brothers were great teachers. Brother Furlong seemed sound. Think there was a Brother Leo. He was sound.

  16. Would you mind if I asked something about the circumstances?

    Obviously it’s your private business and you can decline to answer if you wish, but if you feel inclined to share a bit of information, what happened in your life that led to you ending up in Letterfrack?

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