Limerick March Against Crime

On Sunday, the 10th May, our people are having a march to show our disgust with the lowlife scumbags who have given our city such a bad name.

It will start in Pery Square at 3:00pm and it will go to City Hall.

Support this movement if you live in Limerick.  Turn out and express your feelings about the way our society has gone.

Say no to the ignorant fools who have managed to gain such a foothold in Irish society.

Demand that your elected representatives do something about the kind of filthy scumbags that are trying to take our society away from us.  Refuse to accept it.

Let the politicians know how you feel about these savage criminal bastards.

Wear red. Red shirts. Red jerseys.  Red Munster colours.

Go to Pery Square at 3 o’clock on Sunday, wear red proudly and show our government that the good people of Limerick have nothing to do with the vermin who have defiled the good name of our city.

Be proud of our town and reject the miserable, lowlife bastards who care nothing for our town.

Fuck them.  They have nothing to do with us.


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24 thoughts on “Limerick March Against Crime

  1. Hopefully you will have a more sympathetic police force than did Tony Gregory and others who marched to evict drug barons from inner city Dublin in the 1980s.

    May the occasion meet with the success it deserves.

  2. i hope this gets the support it deserves,i will be there,cheers for posting this bock

  3. I’d suggest bring some cameras, as the opposite side will possibly turn up as well, which would be ironic (they would turn up and give out about being called scumbags, but by doing that, they would be admitting it…)

  4. Old saying but true “The People united shall never be defeated” The scumbags shall not win.

  5. i wish you well, sugar! i may not be in limerick, but i’ll surely wear something red in solidarity across the pond! xoxox

  6. Good idea. People across the world telling their governments they’re sick of scumbag criminal lowlifes.

  7. Oh indeed.

    However, the particular scumbag criminal lowlifes in this instance are a little more immediate and need to be stamped on.

    Crushing the banking criminals is another day’s work, but the state could eliminate these bastards in the blink of an eye if the political will existed.

  8. I hope you make RTE 6.1 News.
    Actually, Sky would be good (although I hate the so-and-sos!)

  9. I’d like to see a mass-lynching on Sky but it probably won’t happen because of our namby-pamby PC liberal bullshit laws.

    Reclaim the city is what I say. Down with scumbag knacker useless bastard pyjama people.

  10. I’d like to think this march would mean something – but it wont!
    If the Munster Rugby team marched through certain estates in Limerick with a March againts crime banner, they would be either Laughed at, shot at or stoned – just like the Gardai are!! Thats what your up against – sadly!

  11. Congratulations on the optimism there Will T.

    Pity you weren’t around to tell Rosa Parks to get her lazy arse off that seat.

    It could all have been so different…

  12. It isn’t about sending a message to criminals. What they think doesn’t matter.

    It’s about sending a message to the authorities that we want the criminals crushed.

    The alternative is to do nothing.

  13. I agree something has to be done! Organised crime will all be an issue. The aftermath of the Veronica Guerin killing and public outcry should prove this. Hopefully life can be made a little less comfortable for these criminals in the future, by hitting them where it hurts.

    “Rosa Parks” indeed….. sounds like another sprawling housing estate in the making :) – Fox

  14. “Numbers far exceeded expectations”
    – RTE 6.1

    Well done all. Looks like it was a success? Don’t know what Willie was promising but I suppose we’ll find out.

  15. No doubt a politician or two will turn up for the photo opportunity, then go back to being a politically correct arsehole in the day job on Monday, sometimes i wonder who is the scumbag is it the criminals or the PC brigade who prevent them from being punished

  16. Watching our beloved Willie’s tash twitch live on TV, I spied that the left side of his whiskers started to tilt slightly to the left of his gob in a downward trajectory, as the inane platitudes dribbled out of the other side of his gob in an outward trajectory, a sure sign that he’s either lying or doesn’t give a fuck. He was rambling about more leg-is-slayshun, or something. I think we’re looking at the march from the wrong perspective. Ask yourself this. If you were a scumbag would you lose sleep over this – would you be recalling that there was a similar march on behalf of the murdered night club bouncer Brian Fitzgerald a few years back and that nothing came of it, except genuine, but ultimately futile expressions of outrage. But if you, the scumbag,heard today that the good people of Limerick had chipped in a fiver each to raise 25 grand to hire a good no nonsense hit squad, now that might give you pause for thought. Circa 30 bullets in 30 designated skulls is all it would take to clean up this town. It would be all over in a weekend.

  17. Numbers are been estimated at 5000 although I think it had easily swelled to 6-7 by the time it reached City hall.

    Sincere well done to all who organised it. The notes struck by Mayor Gilligan and Steve Collins were I felt apt, sincere and suited to the day.

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