Limerick Pictures Saturday Morning

Wandering around town on Saturday morning in the sunshine.

It’s nice to get into town early on Saturday morning and have a quiet read of the paper with nobody around to annoy you, especially with all the news we have to put up with these days.  You want somewhere quiet to fume and curse without frightening old ladies or strangling decrepit Christian Brothers.

Something like this, I had in mind, as I wandered past the gentle tones of not one, but two violinists.



Lovely, I thought.  But what the fuck is this?


A boa constrictor.  The very thing you might bring for a walk on a Saturday morning, and the kids seem to like it.


I like it myself, in a creepy, disturbed kind of way, and so do the other adults, it seems.


But enough is enough.  I’d better tell this fella that his home town got promoted to the  Championship.  Did you know that his Dad used to be the Scunthorpe United team doctor?

Small world.


14 thoughts on “Limerick Pictures Saturday Morning

  1. What a delightful place, sugar! Do y’all have outdoor markets every weekend? We now have 3 farmers markets, 1 on Wednesday and 2 on Saturday. I do miss being able to walk to the market, but I am glad we have them. xoxo

  2. That asian bloke is bang on. I get my lunch from him every saturday. A true gent with absolutely beautiful food on offer. Get some green chai off him next time your passing.

  3. As the Doctor said. That is a fabulous stall that guy runs, but better again is the advice and cooking tips he offers. I’ll vouch for the ready-to-go food there too – excellent value.

    Anyone try the Mushroom stall ….various types on offer, a big bag of your choice just €2.50.

    Good thing I missed the boa-constrictor or I’d still be looking for the dog…..or come to think about it, he’s faster so he might be looking for me!

    Sunny saturday mornings with fresh produce and so many aromas, terrific musicians and a feelgood atmosphere like last weekend at the Market take you a world away from any thoughts of doom-and-gloom. Even temporarily. Thanks for the pics Bock.

  4. That violinist (with the cap) is the smiliest person in town. Always cheers me up.
    And a nice pic of Judy with the snake.

  5. O’Driscolls Fish stall from west cork have fabulous fresh fish every saturday, you need to be in early to get the premium fish like brill and turbot, but it is worth getting up at 7 for such good value. The guy on the spices stall is an excellent source on information, and unusual ingredients and the bread stall who come from Galway is sinful. (they are beside the cheese van)

  6. That guy with the snake is a friend of mine and I was in town the day he picked it up. It was so unreal.

  7. I know the guy with the snake. His name is Baz. He should be locked up for cruelty to animals?

  8. Is that a question or a statement?

    By the way, I’ve corrected your punctuation and spelling.

    The word “Know” is not spelled “no”. I refer you to the comments policy here. All comments are required to be in English or Irish. No txt permitted.

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