Local Elections: Best Political Slogan of the Year

Pat O’Sullivan (independent) is running a campaign based on 99% honesty, and you can’t get better than that.  He means nearly everything he says and he understands most of the issues.  He says he’ll deliver on some of his campaign promises, and many of his policies make sense.

You can usually trust him.

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This is the same Pat O’Sullivan who is erroneously claiming that the Opera Centre would have been built by now in his interview with Squid over on the Limerick Blogger if it weren’t for one person? Maybe he could be right if that one person is Seanie Fitzpatrick head of Anglo Irish bank who it now turns out owns 50% of the Opera Centre development.

Is Pat on the side only of big corporate developers or is he on the side of local residents and businesses? If he’s looking to be a cllr for the city then it would be the latter who would be paying his wages but it sounds to me at least that his first loyalty would be elsewhere.

Pat was Noreen Ryan’s campaign manager wasn’t he? There’s none so ‘Independent’ as a lapsed FFer, eh!

Well if he is a politician; he’s lying. Just swop his stress on which percentage applies to which area.

Politicians can’t tell the truth, especially when they’re in ‘campaign’ mode.

Pat is a wealthy man with a substantial property portfolio, fair dues to him. He no more needs the Cllr. income than Bertie Ahern. Pat has his eye on bigger things and IMO is using the local elections as
a/ a stepping stone
b/ a method to feather his own nest
c/ a play thing for bored, wealthy people

IMO this is an ego trip and like all other politicians he can’t be believed or trusted.

Which of Willie’s gems would you pick? “If it matters to you, it matters to me”, “I will be a vigiliant watchdog” or my own personal favourite – “Its time to put Willie in!” Hear hear I say, although maybe not his specifically……

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Are Minsiters of State allowed to use the state car, driver and armed detectives to canvass on behalf of their children?
Batt O’ Keeffe was spotted doing just that last Sunday in Ballingeary, Co. Cork.
This is the same man who initiated an audit of special needs assistants (SNAs) to ensure Value for Money for the tax payer. The audit is on-going and causing a lot of suffering for special needs children, their parents, classmates and teachers.

Pat was at an event last night and he mentioned that the Opera Centre, and a recycling centre in Southill are both held up by one person (not the SAME person).
Can anyone shed some light on the truth or otherwise of this claim.
Good to know a bit more about the guy.

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