National Blasphemy Day Reminder

Don’t forget.  Tomorrow is National Blasphemy Day.

This is the day when you do your best to piss off as many adherents of religious sects as possible.  Do it now before it becomes a crime.

Do it now, and send this idiot PC government a strong message.

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National Blasphemy Day

Blasphemous Libel

Crimes of Blasphemous Libel

11 thoughts on “National Blasphemy Day Reminder

  1. Have a look at the “Jesus and Mo” site from April 1st. They’re watching you….

  2. I blaspheme the naturalistic worldview of atheism and it’s irrational proponents. (not the rational ones).

    Have fun blaspheming something that you don’t believe in, because that’s really smart!

  3. Jonathan — You might have overlooked the reason for this post, which was the introduction of a law making it a crime to offend people’s beliefs. How’s that for irrational?

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