Questions and Answers – Clerical Rape Victim Confronts Minister

This doesn’t need any comment by me.


(For the record, this was put on Youtube by Dan Sullivan)




27 thoughts on “Questions and Answers – Clerical Rape Victim Confronts Minister

  1. That man, Michael O’Brien, had asked the initial question and that was his response to the panel’s answers. You can watch the whole show online on the RTE Player for the next week or so. Highly recommended.

  2. Yup. Noel fucking Dempsey speechless. It had the feel of being an important moment in history. Absolutely horrendous stuff but you have to respect this guy.

  3. Unbelievable and well done, sir. You stated your case.

    (May I enquire, quitely, what exactly would have to happen for you to not vote FF?)

  4. It’s all over the internet. Everyone has said the same thing about the clip from RTE. Michael O Brien said everything that needed to be said and there’s no need for the rest of us to comment.

    What’s your problem?

    Why would you choose a grave subject like this to try and score such a petty point, unless you have a serious personal disorder needing treatment?

  5. That’s my stalker again folks.


    It’s good to have somebody obsessing about what you write, and I’m only sorry there aren’t more, but at least I have one. It’s a kind of compliment to know that somebody cares.

  6. Maggot… Plagiarism! Are you fucking joking? The only story to talk about in Mireland at present and you think it should be restricted to your friend, or acknowledged as his as though he’s the man.
    Go home to your mammy and come back when your balls have dropped…

  7. The most shameful period in Irish history. In some ways you almost want this whole thing to disappear because it shows how evil and dispicable people can be to each other. It is truly distrubing not that people can inflict this type of abuse and pain on innocent children but that friends, colleagues, co workers and others in power can be aware of it and cover up for the abusers. It is essential though that people like Michael have their stories aired and that the web of silence that covered the actions of the abusers does not win. This abuse happened over a number of decades and was wide spread. Until the religious orders responsible for the cover up admit their wrong doing and work to ensure that this cannot ever happen there can never be closure on this. For me this was Irelands holocaust, a generation of children persecuated and tortured becuase they were poor or orphaned. Picked on and abused by evil men and women protected by religious orders. The Jewish people have ensured their Holocaust is known and that those evil men/ women involved in that have been chased all over the globe.

  8. How many of the rapists and abusers have been to jail? How many of those that facilitated the abuse and covered for it have been prosecuted.
    The conditions that led to this abuse and hid the abuse over decades still exisit. Maybe not here in Ireland but in the developing nations where religious orders are viewed with the same sense of awe and power that previous generations in Ireland viewed priests, brothers and nuns. It is essential that we prosecute everyone involved in this shameful episode and that the consequneces of treating and abusing kids are known throughout the world. This shameful episode cannot be allowed to happen again. We cannot allow our example to be used of how to abuse and get away with it. People that have the privilege of teaching and influencing children should understand the consequences of their actions and those that shielded and hid the abusers should be made pay for their actions. Until that happens in full, nobody in Ireland can remain quiet or allow this to move off agenda.

  9. I’ve just read that the c.b’s will hand over property worth tens of millions to the state as part of the compensation deal.
    But, it turns out that in 2002 they had property valued around 500 million but last year they transferred around 400 million worth to a trust, the Edmund Rice Schools Trust.

    Now they can say they don’t own it.

    Fucking brilliant. Who’s got a crystal ball, then.

    Christian Brothers…

  10. Who is going to buy property is this economic climate? Will the state end up “buying” the properties form the orders? If the properties are owned by the diocese why not sell them to Rome?

  11. All that’s worrying the brothers is if this will affect their efforts to get Rice turned into a saint. No other reason for the back peddling from them now.

  12. Maggot, if you’re talking about hat tips. You might not have noticed in your hero worship but twenty didn’t post it to youtube. He was just linking to it as have many many others.

  13. Mr O”Brien was so brave to speak out in such a compelling way. The poor man. We need change in Ireland:
    – An end to parochial party politics which continues to perpetuate and reward corruption (“cute hoors”)
    – A complete break from the Catholic Church (in schools, hospitals, the state) . This organisation needs to be seen for what it is – a proven accessory to paedophelia, murder and abuse (not just once but hundreds of times for 50+ years)
    – A complete change in our judicial system which was inherited from the British Empire – which is a closed shop allowing the rich and privilaged to hold court over the poor. This abuse would not have been allowed to happen in the private schools of Ireland. Because these kids were poor, nobody cared.

    Lorcan (Grandfather sent to Artane aged six – because his mother had died the day before.)

  14. We are wittnising a defining moment in Irish history were you just feel that things will never be the same again in Ireland. The very existence of the state as we know it is not so certain anymore. The magic of the Catholic Church is gone, They not only plunderd the country but raped and beat at will unchecked by the political class. These sects are prepared to go a long wat to protect their assets and have moved these beyond reach, possibly to Rome. What a wonderfull man and so brave, sheer beauty and honesty shone from him, you could feel his truthfullnes. I think your hard won republic has lost it.

  15. Blasphemy laws to further protect the church….impecable timing don’t you agree
    Torture institutions for poor children
    Launderies to abuse wilful adults and SELL babies.
    corrupt politicians in almost every political party.
    natural resources given away in return for back-handers (shell).
    Forthcoming internet tax to include those who don’t need a TV licence.
    Property tax for all homes.
    Irish government complicit in CIA torture flight stopovers.
    corrupt police force……only donegal was caught but they’re all at it
    and lastly Frank Dunlop should have been given a medal.

    WTF is going on ?

  16. Seems to me that even going to church in Ireland after the revealations of the Ryan report is the same as aiding and abetting criminals. Empty churches are a powerfull way to send a message. I,m not kidding. These people have run rings around the Irish people for centuries, They have accumulated vast wealth and power. Do you honestly think they are about to give it all up just because they have been found out?. No they will dubble their efforts and pay lip service and wait for more favourable times. After all they know how to survive and have been around 2000 years. They will be back with a vengance unless you empty the churches and their treasure chests now.

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