May 252009

As the cracks appear between the bishops and the religious orders, we begin to see a mediaeval division re-emerging.

The independent monasteries and the secular clerics  are at each other’s throats over money, while the people who suffered from their crimes stand back in disbelief.  The members of the  religious orders are loyal only to their international organisations and have no difficulty negotiating a deal that inflicts a gigantic burden on you and on me, because they don’t think of themselves as Irish.  They think of themselves first and foremost as Christian Brothers.

Let’s be clear about these religious communities: they reject in every way the concept of  Irishness.  These people’s only allegiance is to their multinational organisation and they will suck blood wherever they can find it..

So far, we have heard four bishops speak out, demanding that the abbots, abbesses, superiors and mothers-superior pay for the abuses they inflicted on the children of Ireland, for the rapes, beatings and humiliations.  The bishops have asked these haughty lords and ladies to share the burden they inflicted on this nation, and have received in response a dusty answer: No.

We will not contribute our fair share, is what they tell our craven government.  Though we carried out the rapes and the beatings, you ordinary mortals shall pay the price.  We stand above such concerns.

What does this tell you about the religious orders that form part of CORI?

It tells you that these fine  religious people care nothing for this country. It tells you that these men and women do not regard themselves as being of this land, but as part of something greater., just as our former minister Michael Woods sees himself as part of something greater than our democracy.

Michael Woods is a member of a secretive Catholic organisation and he should never have been a member of cabinet.  This man who signed away a billion euros of our money was not representing the interests of the Irish people, any more than those who accepted his donation sqw themselves as Irish. These people see themselves as part of a much greater international Catholic movement.

It matters nothing to these people if our country becomes bankrupt.

They see themselves as part of some overweening international brotherhood whose concerns do no not include Ireland’s bankruptcy.

This is the same international order of which Michael Woods was a member when he negotiated the  despicable deal on behalf of the Irish government in which you and I pay for the crimes of the criminal organisation we call the Christian Brothers.

Truly, these are the  Illuminati and they couldn’t care less if our country sinks under the burden of their demands.

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    that’s so true. I just came upon this thread in from someone who outlines reasons for punishments given (as if any were needed). Grim reading.


    i caught the end of an interview on radio the other day. the speaker had produced a tv show, looking at the abuse cases. i’m not sure of the programs name, but think it may have been something like ” a state of terror”. state was definately in the title though. anyway, in the interview she said the only time the church showed any real concern was when the question of money arose. they became uncooperative. the money that was being discussed/ looked at, was that paid by the state for the upkeep of the kids. it seems a great fiddle was going on. money was taken in, and only the bare essentials were provided. were did the excess go? while i understand the concerns about the €1.2billion compensation., i feel that the moneys paid over the years should also be examined. it is surely a fraud that was carried out on the state. send in the CAB and the revenue and let them examine the situation.


    Hi Bock, I have been talking to people over the weekend and the disgust we share about those rapists, dehumanisers,bullies and so called people of the cloth. they can not get away with what they did. Suffer little children who come on to me…. where is he? May those so called humans die roaring and feeling the the pain that they inflicted on the Poor Children Of Ireland! May they all rot in hell where the belong………….!


    They compared him to Brian Wilson.Discuss.(ted)


    Sorry Bock.Wrong thread..


    What do the So called Christian Brothers own in Ireland is one thing but what do they own in the Vatican .Was the meoney moved there to finance the building of their headquarters. Does anyone know what that place looks like?, how many floors are underground .These are cunning people and their god is a well filled treasure chest, The industrial schools were run as buisnesses and the idea was to run them as cheaply as possible and send the profits to their headquarters in Rome . Raping Irish children was a perk of the jobb something like a bonus. Ireland means nothing to them it,s meerly a colony, a part of their empire with Rome as it.s center. The Plastic republic did not dare clallenge these Taliban for fear of the rath of Rome. That is why these beasts could carry on so long undetected. They only needed to point to Rome when any so called offical dare ask any uncomfortable questions. So follow the money trail.


    In my country you go to the police and report the crime and they are expected to act swifly especially if that crime is against children, not so in Ireland, Instead the criminals are treated as if the Irish government is afraid of these monsters and do not wish to hurt their feelings. These people have dragged Ireland through the mud before the world. We scarce can beleive what we read and hear in our media. Reading the Ryan report was painfull and at times impossible. You sure changed one master for another.


    Perversely Bock, these same institutions are most likely relishing in the thought of extreme hard times befalling the country… I have seen comments on some threads to the effect that the ‘catholic church’ will emerge stronger than ever from this…

    The sanctimonious bastards know that based on how Irish people have been conditioned over centuries of their authoritarian bullshit, when times are tough, people fall back on their ‘faith’ to get them through. Talk about your self fulfilling prophesies. It’s is in the church s twisted interests to see the country fail…

    I hope that the nation can break the cycle by stopping all support for these leeches.


    A poor Ireland is the wet dream of these parasites, The Irish on their knees litterally, And the money flowing in to their strong boxes.Maybe we can have dances at the crossroads again and lads and lassies indulging in meriment to the tone of a lone fiddler. All under the watcfull eye of the pp. Our needs will be simple and our life style frugal. You will hear “yes father and no father” as in days in days of yore. The churches filled to the brim and the smell of damp tweed and corduroy mixed with incense from the altar, womwn to the left and men to the right. The Taliban are back. Bock do you have a bucket nearby.


    aside from the minority of mad bastards directly involved in these heinous crimes, the most horrifying thing for me is, the likely majority of them in roman dog collars & penguin frocks back then, knew well what was going on but stayed silent and allowed it continue for the sake of holding on their little bit of power and control. How folks can still visit the roman sheep pens on sundays after all this just shows how well the mind control methods (go to mass or go to hell) have worked over such a long time


    Indeed tom I was surprised to hear a woman complaining during the week about how hard it was to get a seat in church every sunday as the place is so packed.I would have expected the church to be as empty now as the Dail chambers on RTEs Oireacthas Report.I must be very naive.


    [Comment deleted. This is another copy and paste. Not allowed.]


    The Medugorje fraud was concocted following a dispute with the local bishop. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now. Must get round to it soon.

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