Ryan Report — Artane, The Christian Brothers’ Gulag

Extracts from the Ryan Commission report Artane Chapter

These are extracts from the Ryan Commission report on St Joseph’s Industrial School, Artane.


  • Although the initial proposal was that £1,600 would be spent building dormitories and classrooms, an Annual published by the Brothers in 1905 recorded that buildings costing over £60,000 had been erected at Artane by that time.
  • Artane was conceived on a grand scale. Dormitories accommodated up to 150 boys, sleeping in ordered rows of beds with no personal space. The dining area or refectory accommodated all 825 boys at one sitting.
  • The undertaking comprised the School, the trade shops and the farm, in addition to the Community house. The trade shops and the farm constituted a substantial business enterprise, of which the farm brought in a large yearly income.
  • The number of children detained in Artane from 1937 to 1969 was as follows:
1936 n/a 1944 820 1952 732 1960 421 1968 230
1937 679 1945 820 1953 696 1961 395 1969 211
1938 737 1946 811 1954 739 1962 367
1939 772 1947 797 1955 650 1963 341
1940 820 1948 830 1956 566 1964 319
1941 817 1949 803 1957 496 1965 314
1942 817 1950 776 1958 426 1966 307
1943 810 1951 749 1959 446 1967 230
  • These boys were ordered to be detained in Artane by the courts for reasons of inadequate parental care, destitution, neglect, truancy or the commission of minor offences. It is clear, however, that poverty was the underlying reason why children were sent to Artane, whatever the statutory category grounding the detention.
  • The reasons for committals during the period from 1940 to 1969 were as follows:
Improper guardianship School Attendance Act Destitution Homelessness Larceny Other crime
1374 1045 720 227 229 9

(*Bock Comment: An examination of the figures shows that 3366 of these children had committed no crime at all. 319 were incarcerated for larceny or some other crime, but the larceny might have included the theft of food due to starvation.)

  • In 1936, the Cussen report concluded that in Artane Industrial School, with over 700 pupils, only the minimum standard of literary education required by the regulations is provided, and pupils, however promising, cannot, as a rule, proceed beyond sixth standard.
  • The Institution was not adequately staffed. The report goes on to say that some Brothers did not participate at all in the running of the School due to age, ill-health or even, according to one Brother, because of disinclination. These Brothers were supported by the School, but did not participate in its work.


The Christian Brothers made similar submissions regarding Artane as they did in relation to other institutions. In particular, they submitted that:

the welfare and best interests of the boys was the paramount concern of the Congregation and of its members who worked in Artane. The evidence would also suggest that the quality of care which was thus provided to the boys was, in all the circumstances, of a particularly high standard

(* Bock comment. This statement was not made in the 1950s. The Christian Brothers made this statement two years ago in relation to an institution wehere children were routinely beaten and raped by their members. This represents what they still believe).

The spokesman for the Christian Brothers at Phases I and III of the hearings was Br Michael Reynolds, who conceded that:

There are three and possibly four cases there where I would say yes, there was certainly very severe punishment administered. I am not saying that is the totality of it, I am saying that is what I can work out of on record.

According to Ryan, the Congregation’s concessions stopped far short of what the complainants alleged and did not even match the admissions of individual respondents.

Br Olivier was also involved in a shocking incident that began when a 12-year-old boy accidentally defecated on the floor in the sports dressing room. The Brother came on the scene and some of the excrement ended up on his shoes. The Garda statements made by the witnesses differ as to how this happened, and the precise sequence of events, but what is admitted in statements made by Br Olivier is that he told the boy to lick the excrement from his shoes and he did so. The Brother, in his statement to the Gardaí, said that he was shocked when the boy did this and told him to stop: €˜I only said it out of frustration. I didn’t mean him to do it’.

In the 1990s, Br Olivier wrote an apology to the former resident. A copy was furnished to the Committee by the Congregation. Br Gibson had asked him about a statement made by the former resident. Br Olivier’s letter to the man was as follows:

Br Gibson … brought to my attention a statement you made to him some time ago.

I am deeply saddened to learn of your pain and hurt and I sincerely offer you my humble apology for my part in causing any of the above pain and hurt.

I hope you find in the goodness of your heart the courage to forgive me and I promise to remember you always in my prayers.

I pray and hope that you will find peace of mind and happiness in your life.

May God bless and protect you always.

(*Bock comment : he was deeply saddened to learn of the pain and hurt caused by forcing a child to lick shit off his shoes. What is most interesting is the Christian Brothers’ interpretation of the letter: While this letter acknowledges [the complainant’s] alleged pain, the letter is not intended to be an admission of the allegations made against Brother Olivier).

As the Commission remarks: there is a marked contrast between the apologetic position taken by Br Olivier and that of the Congregation.

Suddenly I find myself completely sick of this. I was going to write more about this vile organisation, and I will do so, but not today. I find their attitude so negative, so destructive and so life-destroying that I’m beginning to feel soiled by association with them.

For now, why not look at these photos of their gulag in Artane, and remind yourself why we need to shake off forever these vampires and their kind.




54 thoughts on “Ryan Report — Artane, The Christian Brothers’ Gulag

  1. Dear People.

    I just want to say I am sorry for your ill treatment by brutes and paedo’s. I hope you get what is rightfully yours.

    I would like to say you are a force to be reckon with and admired for having to put up with troubles inflicted upon you.

    Thinking of you all.

  2. Just want to say how appalled I am that so many of you were so brutally treated when you were attending and living in the various institutions throughout the country. I trust that you will get what is rightfully yours.
    I would like to say that you are a force to be reckoned with and admired for having to put up with the troubles inflicted upon you.
    Thinking of you all.

  3. It’s worth looking at the Catholic churhes in other countries.
    I searched Youtube for ‘Catholic church Phillipines’ and found all kinds of clergy giving lectures over there. It would give you an idea of the amount of power, prestige and influence they used to have here. The one below is interesting;

  4. Found this list of international Catholic Child abuse ;


    I would be surprised if their isn’t widespread child abuse in countries where the church still has status, influence and power. I would hope that I and others concerned with child welfare can do something to hasten the inevitable collapse of the Roman Catholic Church.

    On a positive note in recent times we have seen the virtual collapse of the following institutions in Ireland;
    – The Catholic hierarchy.
    – The financial/banking system
    – The Political system
    and I won’t be surprised if the Judicial system comes under pressure with the rise in crime and the white collar criminals continuing to evade justice.

    The above will need to be replaced with what I firmly believe will be a more equitable, just, humane system. Those who crave after an economic recovery are longing for a return to the old unjust, materialistic, society which I have no wish to re-visit.
    Roll on the decay of the old world order and welcome to the new world order.

  5. I think there are many legal ways to bankrupt this organisation (i.e. the Catholic Church in Ireland) If the same money was made available to the victims/survivors as is available to the Church/State for top lawyers the battle for justice might be fair but as it stands even the redress schemes and court cases are so top heavy with legal eagles on the church/state side that the people who have already suffered so badly physically mentally and emotionally all their lives are now being asked to bend over once more.
    In the snippets of their stories I have heard through the media in the last couple of weeks I think we have a nation of amazing men and women to have been raised like they were and come out of it all so brave so strong and so normal, they are just your neighbours, normal people in society who have been to hell and back and none of us who didnt suffer it even recognise what happened to them. To any of you reading this- your spirit and courage and amazing will for justice and good has been a huge inspiration to me in my daily life. YOU are doing God’s work now.


    Is this what men died for in 1916??!! — This country of ours has survived invasion and opression. We survived a famine only 3 or 4 generations ago. And then when we were starting to get up on our feet and become a strong independent nation we turned on our own children. We let fear grip us and control us. I’ve read mafia stories where joe soaps didn’t live in as much fear as the average civilian was in fear of clergymen in the 60’s in this country.
    Is this the work of Jesus Christ? I think not.
    It’s time for the people of Ireland young and old to stand up and change things. Stop encouraging the bastards. Don’t vote for those who are letting these people down AGAIN!! Don’t put another cent in the coffers of anything to do with the church. If your faith means that much to you go in and pray by all means but don’t pay the wealthiest organisation in the world your loose change in their little baskets. Let them get the message. The evil corrupt bastards need to be dragged down and kicked out of it and what remains will be the decent honest hard-working priests. And maybe the Catholic church will build itself back up again. as for the Vow of poverty? Have you seen a parochial house lately? or a bishop’s palace? Please.
    Let’s build an Ireland we can all be proud of. Built on truth and reality and love and peace.
    God help us x

  6. I am 64 years of age and was a day girl at the same convent school for 13 years. The nuns ruled by fear shame and guilt. At seven years of age we were told that we were personally responsible for the horrible death on the cross of Jeses who lived 2,000 before us. It was, we little kids who drove the nails into his hands. Soul good (if we were vigilant,) body very definitely EVIL. Later, all BAD THOUGHTS had to be confessed as sins. I was so confused that at 16 I went to a priest in confession and told him I felt attracted to boys. I really thought that was a sin. Our parents at home were in agreement with all of this, terrified of my mother, I recall seeing my father take off the belt from his trousers and beat my brothers on the bare legs. SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD was his oft quoted mantra. My brother, beaten for bedwetting, died young of alcoholism. Corporal punishment was widespread in society. I condemn th censorship of books by the best of Irish and International writers.
    I condemn the CHURCHING of women after childbirth, tho total ban on even information on CONTRACEPTION, the holding of slave women in the MAGDALEN LAUNDRIES some for life, the persecution of UNMARRIED MOTHERS and GAYS and hope that in future there will be Ryan like reports on the poor people incarcerated in mental hospitals for decades, as well as the laundries. Shame shame on the arrogant obsc enely wealthy and powerful Cathiolic church, I have no problem with the Loving teaching of Jesus and to that extent will call myself a Christian, but dont believe he came on earth to form the New Empire that is Rome, or that he intended his successors to be the custodians of millions and millions of euros worth of priceless of paintings, man uscripts, sculptures and tapestries , books chalices etc etc Take a leaf out of his book Pope, ‘ SELL OFF SOME OF THE VATICAN TREASURES, GIVE REDRESS TO CHILD VICTIMS WORLDWIDE, GO FEED THE POOR AND DRILL A FEW WELLS IN AFRICA. YOU COULD PAY FOR EVERY CLEFT PALATE OPERATION NEEDED BY THE CHILDREN OF THE THIRD WORLD.’ A VERY VERY ANGRY IRISH WOMAN . CATHERINE

  7. Part of getting familiar with this stuff triggers ones mind fairly quickly to send a sense of revulsion in order to protect.

    It’s the ones that have felt and continue to feel otherwise that this is all about.

    Welcome to my world.

  8. my father was a resident in artane industrial school for 9 and a half years. he escaped in 1939 and joined the british army. how can i get more information about the time he spent in artane ???

  9. Isn’t it time they stopped playing the angelus on RTE every night…Do we really need to be reminded of these people and their hideous institutions every night if we don’t need to or want to?

  10. I am a New Zealander educated by the Christian Brothers in the 1970s. Catholics were only 15% of the population. So I had a standard by which to judge the insane predations of these evil men. I knew it wasn’t right. Ireland for most of the twentieth century was not in this situation. The Irish nationalist state was in thrall to the Catholic Church. To be Irish meant to be Catholic. To be Catholic meant theocracy. It is refreshing and heartening to see modern Ireland finally wake up to how the equating of Irish nationalism with Catholicism inflicted an appalling wound on the country. Perhaps, once the Christian Brothers have been eradicated and the yoke of the medieval anachronism that is the Catholic Church has been thrown off, the Irish Republic will be truly independent.

  11. We are still not independent, not in our minds. Our republic is a failed state, It allows another jurisdiction to exercise hegomoni thtough it,s agents from within. Ireland first.

  12. And Bock one other thing, thank you for giving me the chance of being offensive, I do not offend people nor do I get offended but that is about to change.

  13. i was sent to boarding school run by the nuns in 1977 – and still feel resentful towards my parents for committing me to what i can only describe as a 5yr prison sentence – they were without a doubt the unhappiest days of my life and made me the insomniac that i still am today…..i wouldnt send my dog to one of these institutions for free let alone pay the hefty fees that my parents incurred for the privalege.

  14. Bock, Have ya heard the latest?, the CB,s who ran the Irish Gulags are being called “monsters” and “the dregs of society” by me? oh no! by a theolog or ideolog or what ever you fucking call them Thought Police from the Dream Factory in the sky. Anyway he has a collar round his neck and a black suit if ya know what I mean. Great stuff Bock, they are now playing the name calling game. And that,s just for openers, Hope they keep it up. He,s a Ratzo man so I think the ground is being laid for a panzar attack from the boss. Just maybe we have missjudged Ratzo. My guess is the CB,s days are numberd.

  15. Bock, I agree with you that associating with this subject drains energy that should be used to celebrate life, so I,m taking a pause from my offensive and will rest out in the hills a few days. I,ll take my whisky and some beer and travel to the inner of Norway high up in the mountains and prepare my next campaign. Wanna come?.

  16. I am deeply sadened to hear the stories of all the poor people who had to live with those priests and nun ….May god forgive them for the trrrible things they have done …the lives the destroyed……This here on earth is not our heaven its meant be be a learning ground …so let God and time take care of all those you inflected these terrible wrong doing on those poor innocent people. A greater reward awaits all thoses who suffered.

  17. I grew up in Louisville kentucky and went to catholic schools in the 80s . My friends brother was one of the children abused by the priest scandal . My husband reported being bothered by a brother when he was to serve mass. He knew to run away and his parents protected him. I pray for these people and the family members that could not protect them. The damage that has been done to the church here and in other cities in America will never heal. The Catholic church needs to stop being a hiding place for these preditors

  18. Bock, i,m back from the hills of Norway with a vengence. The basrards have shipped out the money to an off shore shore investment company in the USA. So we have the dregs left here and the smart ones are making tracks out .One thing we can do is if they pop up over here on the European mainland they could be arrested on foot of an european arrest warrent. Look what happened to Pinochet. We just have to talk to some Spanish judges, they have the balls to do it. Anyway Bock I,m back. I,ll start brushing up on my Spanish.

  19. Hi Robert,

    You can apply to the Origins tracing service to get more information about your Dad. This is a service run by Barnardos. Call them, they will send you a form and you supply them with as much info as possible, they do the search for you. This is a free service.

    Good luck to you

  20. hi Ruth, i’ve only just seen the comment t.hat you left for me, many thanks, Robert

  21. my dad was in artane from the age off ten .i have only recently known about his chidhood and the extent off what he and thousands of other children suffered .the pain i felt when i knew was sickning and heartbreaking.i never had a loving relationship with my dad when i was growing up life was very difficult with him.but now i understand why he was like that.what i want to say is that the evil what them institutions was not only destroyed the generation who was sentenced there but the generations that followed.

  22. i hadnt read a book in 20 years but when a friend of mine that attended artane asked me to read( fear of the collar) i bought the book and could not put it down and read it in 4 hours its a life changing book and i understand how it became a best seller patrick touher is a very special person and my heart goes out to anyone that endured time at artane and the abuse suffered therein thank god its come to an end and no one else has to go through it we should fight abuse in any shape or form ………….. pete coyne

  23. Going to mass every week and putting money in the plate is pure cowardice.
    Inaction by the government, protecting the rapists from criminal prosecution is cowardice.

    I don’t expect anything but evasion and damage control from a mummified church clinging to power.



  25. My late beloved father was in Artane from tender age of 7yrs to 16….(he would have been there from approx 1934 -1942).
    He never told us much about it ,but that the CB’s were sadists and the boys were always hungry. He nearly died there at 8years old from a burst appendix, because he was made to run around the parade area when doubled up suffering from the acute pain.
    Unlike an earlier commentator, luckily my father NEVER EVER raised a hand to us children. He was very protective of us and a good loving father, so I suppose it affected different boys in different ways.It is a testament to him that he did not.
    I think these CB’s should be named and shamed and treated like nazi war criminals and be prosecuted in the courts. Those that are long dead should still be named. We need to appraoch this like the jewish people did the holocaust – and take the catholic church on…because due to the vows of celibracy it attracts the wrong sorts…in fact it is like a peodophiles private club and prob still going on in poorer countries right now.

  26. I am so sad reading on this subject my father was raised in this place….wrong word HELL HOLE!!! my father is the most beautiful warm person but will never talk about this place has no memories that he chooses to share…bar one he once told me when i was a child that he stole a potato skin from the kitchen because he was so hungry…he was caught and forced to stand in the gardens naked in the snow for aprox 6 hours as a child i thought yeah right now after reading this i feel i owe my dad a hug….They will rot in hell for what they forced upon children monsters hiding in cloth they make me sick!!!!

  27. i have just read about the christian brothers at the atane industrial school and i am very shocked at the disgusting treatment they inflicted on the poor children who were unfortunate to be sent there. Sick horrible men hiding behind the cloth.My heart goes out to all the children who had to stay in this horrible disgusting place. The artane may no longer exist but i am sure that the horrible memories stay with these people, my heart goes out to you all..God bless you all xx

  28. Trying to find out about my granfather and his brothers who went to atane industrial school i would love to here off any one who knows them there names are michael augustine francis fahy patrick fahy andrew fahy

  29. 10,000 cases internationally in 60 years, thats less than 1 year of incidents in US Public schools.

    Abuse in School 100 Times Worse than by Priests
    April 1, 2010 (LifeSiteNews) Charol Shakeshaft, researcher of 2004 study prepared for the U.S. Dept of Education, “physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100xs the abuse by priests”
    2004 study most accurate data available at this time indicates nearly 9.6% of students are targets of educator sexual misconduct
    6 credible cases of clerical sexual abuse in 2009 reported in the bishops annual audit- 65,000,000 members’

    October 14, 2009 NY Times reporter Paul Vitello, exposed the sad extent of Child Sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community and details Cover-ups that have long been aided by law enforcement
    According to the article, there were 40 cases of such abuse in this tiny Jewish community last year alone, 40 in 1 town!
    Yet the Catholic Church had just 9 cases in the same yr nationally.
    Orthodox rabbis allowed by the D.A.’s office to settle these cases “internally
    Smell Kosher controlled media?

    How extensive is the problem of clergy sex abuse in the Jewish community?
    Wayward Clergy: Is it Rampant or an Aberration?
    Eugene L. Meyer & Richard Greenberg
    NY(JTA)-Some experts estimate that “between 18 and 39% of Jewish clergy are involved in Sexual harassment, sexual Exploitation and/or sexual Misconduct -the Same Percentage as Non-Jewish clergy,” according to the 2002 book “Sex, Lies, and Rabbis: Breaking a Sacred Trust” written by psychotherapist Charlotte Rolnick Schwab.’

    October 14 2009, New York Times, reporter Paul Vitello exposed the sad extent of Child Sexual abuse in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community and details cover-ups that have long been aided by law enforcement.
    According to the article, there were Forty cases of such abuse in this tiny community last year alone
    40 in 1 town!
    Yet the Catholic Church had just 9 cases in the same year across the entire USA.
    Smell the Hypocrisy & Kosher controlled media?
    Zio Jewish media love to attack Catholic and Christianity.
    Protest-ants Abuse rate is Double that of Catholics.

    2002, Christian Science Monitor on national survey results by Christian Ministry Resources:
    ‘Despite headlines focusing on the priest pedophile problem in the Catholic Church, most US churches being hit with child sexual-abuse allegations are Protestant & most of the alleged abusers are not clergy or staff, but church volunteers
    Penn State professor Philip Jenkins, on Pedophiles & Priests: 0.2 & 1.7 percent of Catholic priests are pedophiles. While Protestant Clergy Ranges between 2- 3%.’

  30. That’s right, Bill. Make little of the suffering endured by Irish children in Irish church-run prisons.

    Who do you think you are quoting bullshit American figures on a subject that has nothing to do with them?

    Are you trying to distract people from what the church was up to? I think that’s exactly what you’re doing.

    You won’t get away with that sort of bullshit here, Bill.

  31. my dad suffered at the hands of the ‘christain brothers’ from the age of 9 (1937). we were all brought up Catholics because our mum was Catholic, but my dad would never even go into a church. He always said, “the things I’ve seen done to little boys,, there is no God”. Now I know what he was trying to tell us.

  32. looking at some of the pic,s brings bk the memeries, i had four brothers thire in the 50&60.

  33. There is a web site Shame of Ireland. It is dedicatrd to survivors of abuse and their familes.
    Please Google it for more info.
    Also The God Squad. Paddy Doyles web site, this site has plenty of information regarding abuse of children in instutions.

  34. My father was in that awful place from 1943-1945 from the age of 8, he was in there for begging in the slums of Dublin, he had been fostered out from an orphange to someone, nobody knows if this person fell on hard times and couldnt look after him.

    The awful thing about this is that he only knows his mothers name but her whereabouts were unknown at the time and he doesnt know when he was placed into the orphanage.

    I am at present trying to find out more info as of the 11/5/2013 the above information was found out.

    To this day my father has not said anything about his incarceration in that place, and I only hope from what ive read about it that he did not suffer.

    To all those who were in there my deepest apprection to you all x

  35. my father went to this prision as his parents dumped him there i was wondering if any one has any info on how i can find names of the children that went as my dad and his brother who managed to escpae and lost all contact with my dad apart from one time when his brother took him out for the day to watch dublin play football just latley my father has been wondering a lot on the where abouts of his siblings as they never used there given names at that prision they used there confirmation names my dad was confirmed at christoper his given name is joseph christoper murphy his brothers are jimmy,paddy,john and 2 sisters called calre and bernadette his father was mary myers (madien) his father john murphy if any one has any kind of info please get in touch or if you may know my father get in touch thanks in advance they did unforgiviabl things to them poor boys bashed there heads if they got a music note wrong whipped them with raw leather if they didnt eat all on the plate made you stand in the boiling heat while you blisterd for 8 hours of the day my dad still has the blister scars the evil scum

  36. my grandfather William Breen and his brother where placed in artane ,my grandfather is named on the 1911 census,being age 11,his brother is believed to have died whilst in there,if anyone could help with how i would find out more information could you please contact me.

  37. I sympathise with all of the people who are mentioned here.I was also a victim of abuse but am now a survivor.Having had experienced the brutality and abuse from the nuns and the so called “CHRISTIAN” brothers during the years 1950-1960.I would not hesitate in naming and shaming the evil bastards who were supposed to care and protect rather than abuse and use us.If anyone would like to talk to me,please feel free to make contact through my e-mail address.

  38. Can someone please help me my daddy was brought up bt Christian brothers from 1942- 1958 roughly spent 16 years there he is now 72 and recalls his mother visiting him but stoped after a while im trying to find out all about her and the coward man who left the mother of my father which ended up my dad being an orpan with no family only the family he made for himself does anyone know where I could get records to see who his parents are their names where they come from I realy want to find this out for my daddy please help

  39. Cathy Kelly,

    I cannot offer you help myself but I think that you may have failed to notice reply number 22 above in this conversation.
    Maybe it could apply to you also.

    Regards, iap337.

  40. My husband was in Artaine from 1944-1952, he was there because his father was dead. So he was classed as an orphan. He was very badly treated, to this date he will never admit to being raped, but certain discoveries make me think he was. I hope this lot burn in hell for the suffering they have caused. veronica.

  41. I have just found out that my Father and his Brother were in Artane in the 1950’s, I am now trying to get information from Records Section, Department of Education and Skills, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co Westmeath Tel: 00 353 9064 83951 They are very helpful unlike the church have been to me. My Dad died in 1984 aged 41 in Liverpool, his Brother Committed suicide in 1972 aged 27, they were mentally unwell, my Dad was a very nervous man as was his Brother, my uncle never came to terms with his treatment from the CB Bastards, My Poor Dad had such a short unhappy life, I now understand why he was the way he was. My aunt’s were in Goldenbridge, its shocking, the church can’t hide anymore because we are all wise to them now. It’s not just our parents that suffered, we did too having to watch them go through the pain

  42. Yes I was that soldier, I was in Artane Industrial School Nov 12 ,1942 until 24 Feb 1948, suffered every abuse there is going while under the scum bags care.I’m now 84 and still have flash backs

  43. One good thing to say Mr Lambert and be sure of. MOST OF THE
    decent Irish people respect and always will respect for your courage
    and strength.

  44. I know that most of the evil scumbags have gone forever,but the scars still remain with us victims that endured such cruelty and various forms of abuse through no fault of ours. I will never forgive or forget.

  45. Peader, You are right never to forgive or forget, it’s the forgiving and the
    forgetting that allows these monster’s to prey and bully others. They should
    be in prison under abuse of human rights. it’s people like you and other
    with the courage to expose them that will eventually put them there. Then
    you will have had justice.

  46. hi.i am a sole survivor of the early days of the artane boys school band and i would like to see photos of the band ,from the year 1954 to 1965,i would for you to email a few to me i would be very pleased if you could ,gabriel o connor.i am now going on 72 years old please try to please a old man G.B.Y.

  47. Gabriel, I don’t have any photos, but if any reader wishes to pass something on they can contact me and I’ll put you in touch.

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