Scunthorpe United Promoted

Scunthorpe defeated Millwall in a thrilling league play-off, with performances on both sides as good as anything you’ll see in a Premiership match.

It was a cracker, and I felt sorry for Millwall’s Alexander who played his heart out.  I also felt sorry for Scunthorpe’s Joe Murphy who had a great day in goal but let in a silly one to go behind.  It was an end-to-end contest and Scunthorpe only managed to get through in the end with a last-minute goal 

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m on Scunthorpe’s side.  I’ve even travelled there a few times and I have the T-shirt.  Obviously, most of the sport commentary here has to do with rugby, and you’ll never see a report of a Man United game or anything like that, but Scunthorpe are something special.  I like them.  I like their grit, and their determination.  I like their attitude.  I like their manager, Nigel Adkins, the former  physio, who took over from the useless Brian Laws, and immediately brought them up to the Championship.

I just like them.

Scunthorpe is a basic kind of town, but it has an honesty that I like, and I intend to go back there in the coming season to support them.

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It seems that no one likes their iron anymore judging by the lack of comments in here.

Fair play to the Iron, but will you -paradoxically – support them if they are promoted to the Premier Division where a high proportion of em will undoubtedly evolve into a shower of obnoxious prats, prats like our own Stephen Ireland – don’t mention his grannies, one day they will do the decent thing and actually die, the two of em. Ah, but sure, auld Stephen – he’s 22 -, is not the full shilling, he’s a few knives short of the full cutlery set, not quite right in the head, a mad fucking bastard. Yeah, he’s so fucked up in the head that he’s looking for 80,000 a week sterling from Man City – he’s mad in all the right ways. Meantime, Ireland won’t play for Ireland – what is it with Cork men and walking out on their country – eh Keano? Looking back on the 12 months that was,Irish rugby players putting their body on the line to win Grand Slams, Triple Crowns, European Cups, Magniers League etc etc. Brian O’Driscoll, O’Connell, O’Gara, who may or may not have been having a twang on the auld one string bass when he had his hands in his pockets as he was introduced to the Queen. Irish boxers down in Vladivostok, base of the Russian nuclear fleet, near the China border, sparring with the Russian number one team in the lead up to the 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing. Two sessions a day, wholesale fucking slaughter for a fortnight. By the time they got to Beijing it was easy, talk about being battle hardened… They took home three medals – Ireland’s only medals – from the 29th Olympiad. Look right across the sporting spectrum and you will see Irish men and women giving it all representing their country. And yes, some of them are footballers. However, we then have this sad specimen called Ireland, a young millionaire who couldn’t give a rodents ass about his country. So be afraid Iron fans, your are now just one tier below the parallel universe of the English Premier Division, a world inhabited by specimens such as Dimitar Beratov, who, as James Lawton wrote of him, “if he brings any less concentrated effort to his task, he’ll slip into a coma,” is on 100,000 sterling a week for doing absolutely FA. A world where Rio Ferdinand is on 150,000 sterling a week and he was out jumped by 5ft 5in Messi for Barcas second goal in last nights “Heineken Cup final” in the eternal city. How can a 6ft odd centre half be out jumped by a midget? Crossing the ball to Messi is like firing one over for Ronnie Corbett, or our own Pa Roche. Rant rave. Well done the Iron, great final. As for Milwall, that’s what you get for beating Leeds, a proper side, in the semi finals, bastards.

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