Separated at Birth, Part 2

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May 122009

It looks like Susan Boyle isn’t the only celebrity running for election to Limerick City Council.

Salvador Dalí has decided to throw his hat in the ring too.

Before we know it, Limerick City Council will be full of talented artists, unlike the piss-artists we have at the moment.

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    You have to be a piss artist to want the job in the first place.

    Didn’t someone once say that to want to be a politician in the first place should automatically disqualify?

    Or something like that.


    Surely, that is Damien Richardson, journeyman League of Ireland manager?


    Would the real Willie O’Dea please stand up.


    Might have another one Bock. Can’t put up pics but have a look at poster in South Ward for…

    Seán Griffin (Shinner) = Kenny Rogers (Cunty from Weston singer) ?


    Jim Long and a umpla lumpa

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