Separated At Birth?

Poor old Susan Boyle.

It looks like world stardom just didn’t work out for her.

She’s been forced to change her name and run for election to Limerick City Council.

17 thoughts on “Separated At Birth?

  1. Brilliant! Aria and Maria – Cllr Maria is the only one running locally who has her mouth open in the mugshot. Must have a pint in Bobby’s again some time.


  2. Would love to leave a constructive comment but sadly can’t.

    Those populating the background of Maria’s poster are the same that populate mine! Mine are bigger though!

  3. I for one wish Maria Byrne every success in Britains got Talent. I will also be giving Susan Boyle my number 1 on June 5th

  4. bastard!currently picking bits of me rasher sandwich off the screen..nice one centurion!

  5. Thanks Bock that was bugging me for ages where I seen that cllr on the poster before.

  6. The hair put me more in mind of the head of the Medusa from one of those Ray Harryhausen epics than anything else. It’s all snakes I tells ya!

  7. What about Independent candidate James Houlihan and Keith from BBC series ‘The Office’ – an uncanny resemblance… You should do a whole series Bock..

  8. I rather think that Willie O’Dea and JR Ewing were separated at birth… did ye ever hear this…

    According to the register of interests (quoted in Village Magazine) our Minister for Defence, Willie O’Dea bought shares in an oil company operating in Iraq in 2003, and sold them ‘very recently’. The article is well worth a read, and there’s more on Liz O’Donnell and other TD’s shareholdings.

    The company is named as Petrel resources, registered in Clontarf, and operating in oil exploration and production in Iraq. According to the Village, the directors of Petrel are well known to Minister O’Dea, as he provided seed capital for another of their ventures, West African Diamonds.

    According to the statement of the company chairman on the Petrel website

    the war has been good for Petrel.
    Before the shock and awe started, Petrel’s shares were trading at an all time low of 3 pence (sterling). By the end of June 2003 they had risen more then 400%
    Today they are trading at 38.5p each, more than 10 times the pre-invasion price.
    That’s one whopping return for an investor who knew when to get in.

    Shortly before the attack, invasion and occupation of Iraq, Willie O’Dea (then a junior minister for justice) appeared on RTE to defend the use of Shannon Airport by the US military. (RTE’s Questions and Answers 27th January 2003)

    He said that oil was a strategic vital interest and that it had a vital interest on jobs, including his own.

    He never, during any discussion on the war or Shannon’s role in it, mentioned that he PERSONALLY had these shares, and that he had a financial interest in the outcome of the invasion of Iraq and access to Iraqi oil.

    How many shares did he have?
    When did he buy them?

    It would appear that Willie personally benefited from the Invasion of Iraq, which was helped enormously by the decision taken by him and his FF/PD colleagues to allow Shannon to be used for the invasion.

    Funny how Willie never mentions this…

  9. If you get the right pictures, Roger Federer and Quinten Tarantino are definitely twins.

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