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Shell Exploration Steals Irish Economy

Ireland’s natural resources are being stolen and protesters beaten off the road by Gardai following a deal made with a corrupt politician.

Let’s get some of the facts straight about the Rossport case.

There is no reason to take gas from the Corrib field now.  It’s cheaper for us to buy it from Scotland and leave our own gas in the ground until we need it.

We are receiving no royalties for the gas that Shell E&P extracts from beneath our territorial waters.  Not one penny. We’ll pay top dollar for our own gas — more than we’ll pay to get gas from Britain.


This is the agreement that convicted criminal Ray Burke signed with Shell, aided and abetted by Bertie Ahern.  The Corrib Field is worth €14 billion and every penny of it is going to Shell, instead of rescuing our crashed economy, because a crooked energy minister signed our natural resources over to a bunch of international thieves.

In most civilised societies, this would be known as treason.

Shell E&P got the government to issue compulsory purchase orders so that they could run their pipeline through private land.  When the landowners refused to comply with this order, and defied the courts’ decision to force the pipeline across their land, they were jailed.

Last week, one of the protesters  was beaten up by thugs on the payroll of  Shell.  What’s more, our police issued false statements supporting the Shell version of the attack on Willie Corduff.

Here, right now, today, in this country, a foreign company is able to maintain a private army, capable of beating up our citizens, unhindered by our police force.

They’re taking €14 billion from you and from your children, and this government is doing all in its power to assist them.  Why?

Why not renege on the agreement and tell them we want a new, better deal?

What are they going to do — sue us?

If we were able to renege on the employment contracts of nurses and firemen, surely we can renegotiate a contract that gives away all of our vital natural resources to a foreign company for nothing except a brown bag full of money in some public toilet.

Be angry.  Be very angry and ask the next Fianna Fáil canvassers who call to your door why their party gave away your wealth to some foreign carpet-bagger.  Ask them if it was because somebody received a payment to sell his country down the river.

Ask them if they’d consider that to be treason.  Then ask them why they still call themselves a republican party.


Retired Garda chief joins security firm

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While we’re at it we should also ask the Green Party canvassers who call to our doors how they can support their minesterial colleagues. Green Party ministers who not even 3 years ago were claiming to be behind the local community but now huddle up behind their Fianna Fail counterparts in defending the actions of Shell.

And for what it’s worth – the field is more than likely worth a hell of a lot more than 14 billion. Don’t forget they’ve spent almost 1 billion so far on the exploration and what they’ve built at Ballinaboy and Glengad so far, and the court cases, and the local bribes, etc.

Yes. You’re right.

I say €14 billion but there’s a lot more to be told about this story, and I will bring it out in future posts.
One of the most significant is the fact that Shell were allowed to veto any government monitoring of their activities.

This is without question the most corrupt country in Europe.

The government should be monitoring the oil exploration they’re doing out there at the moment…. And for that matter the allegedly falsified environmental data they’re publishing.

“canvassers who call to our doors” – is it me or are have you noticed a distinct lack of canvassers? This is the first time that none, nobody – not one canvasser has called to my door in any campaign I remember.

There’s plenty of false arguments about this as well.
The vested interests (and the sheep who believe them) tell you that the government would have been reckless to spend taxpayers money drilling expensive holes that may or may not find gas or oil.
What they don’t mention is that Providence Resources, (Tony O’Reilly owns about 40% of the shares) is currently exploring the Porcupine Basin off the coast of Co. Clare for gas and oil.
They recently announced a farming out deal, with a firm called Chrysaor, whereby in return for Chrysaor doing the actuall exploratory drilling (expensive and not always successful) they will get a 30% stake in the gas field, rising to as much as 70% if two wells are established.
There was NO reason in the world that the Irish Govt could not have done a similar deal rather than give it away.

The other aspect I’d like to draw people’s attention to is this, The Kinsale Gas field is of course slowly emptying out, and that supply has to be replaced. We can’t rely on Corrib gas for energy security because there is no pre-condition on shell to supply a single cubic metre of gas to the Irish Network. They are free to export the lot to the highest bidder through the interconnector.
So where will we get more gas?
Enter Gazprom, the Russian state gas giant. They entered the Irish supply market late last year, and aim to supply up to 15% of the Irish Market. Gazprom… who were up until recently headed by Dmitri Medvedev, prior to his change of job as President of Russia. Worth bearing in mind how quickly the Kremlin turns off the gas supply to Western Europe when there is a dispute (see how the Ukraine and others suffered).
So, in short, apart from robbing us blind, denying a certain supply of gas for Irish homes, industrial use and energy generation, what Frank Fahy and his FF buddies have done, is left us open to economic attack from those lovely gentlemen from Moscow.

Hi Bock !
Very well said – great post.
Could I suggest you copy and paste that post onto the relevant thread on ‘Indymedia’ , as I know that so-called ‘main stream media’ journalists ‘borrow’ a lot of articles , leads etc from there and it might help to get those facts out to a wider audience ?

its quite possible that the only issue the greens are behind at the moment is securing their pension.

It’s not actually Shell’s website, if you read it.
But the Telegraph piece displayed at that link is a well crafted example of spin put together which would please Shell PR and Garda Press Office.
Look at how they try to link Shell to Sea with the murders of two soldiers.
No sources are quoted, other than the Garda Press office.
As I mentioned above, Tony O’Reilly hopes to have a similar operation going in Clare, and it is in his interest that Shell to Sea does not succeed. His media empire INM also includes the Belfast Telegraph.
The phantom paramilitary tag has been thrown around for a long time, and I’ve been up to Erris enough times to know that it’s baseless.
But because the paper doesn’t give any names of people they claim to be part of this terrorist conspiracy, they haven’t been dragged into court yet for libel.

Trying to link paramilitary activity with protest is an old tactic of Shell, in order to co-opt the apparatus of the state. It’s obvious that this has worked due to the fact that they are now treated as enemies of the state. As for the ‘good’ people of Mayo, I’m sure if an international corporation came with a plan to establish a concentration camp they would gladly accept for the sake of a few low paid jobs.

obviously corrupt stunts like shell and the indemnity deal for the perverts demand that the corrupt politicians are removed once and for all

the first step is in the elections
Vote independent even if you don’t like them
and i don’t mean pseudo independents like jackie healy rae

vote no to the next lisbon referendum

and furthermore,
i will not vote fine gael because they were in power throughout our history and did nothing to help the plight of the helpless children in the industrial schools.

i will not vote labour because they were in power with fine gael

i will not vote green for obvious reasons

the PDs are finished, but were just malcontented fianna failers …. never got my vote

i have never voted fianna fail and i never will ……….. even if mother teresa was alive and ran as a fianna fail candidate.

so that leaves the independents, the shinners and a few crackpot parties……..i will give any of these a chance
(please resist the temptation to post that the shinners could have been included with the crackpots)

I’d be in favour of seeing a 100% turnover in the Dail, but what would be ideal, would be if we could pressure them to introduce some new laws that will outlive them

such as

a) a mechanism for the public to SACK a poltician without having to wait for the 5 year term to end. Perhaps similar to the system in California (although, yeah, that did result in Arnie getting the job)

b) removing the rule that says TDs can’t be held financially accountable for decisions. If we can show reckless or corrupt behaviour, the rule should be that they can be sued or jailed, and the decision revisited.

c) a mechanism whereby the public can call a referendum, if a sufficient number of registered voters people so decide.

These three would be a big start to cutting the power that these feckers wield with impunity.

Mother Teresa was a crook who would fit very neatly into Fianna Fáil.

I will be voting yes to Lisbon and I definitely won’t be giving a vote to Sinn Féin.

Why would you be voting YES to Lisbon? It makes it even harder for the ordinary person to get accountability from the people who will make the major decisions affecting them.
The small print in the treaties, incrimentally edges towards privatising education, hospitals, water and the prison service.

If all those crooks in Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, and Labour are in favour of the Lisbon Treaty, then it’s hardly something that works against THEIR interests.

They should have accepted the No vote the first time, so we should repeat it louder.

Certainly you’re not obliged to explain your vote, but there’s no harm in asking eh?
I was just surprised, given your opinion on other things I’ve read on your blog.
You vote however you think fit. We’ve gone off topic for this thread anyway.

There is no doubt in my mind that The crooked Fianna Fail gang sold this countrys oil and gas resources for a pittance. I say oil because I know for a fact that shell are building an oil pipe line along with a gas one. When Fianna Fail are ousted from goverment after the revolution we should tell shell and Tony o Reilly we want our resources back we have changed our mind as a new nation and the old deal was rotten and we are not standing over it.

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