May 192009

Let’s get some of the facts straight about the Rossport case.

There is no reason to take gas from the Corrib field now.  It’s cheaper for us to buy it from Scotland and leave our own gas in the ground until we need it.

We are receiving no royalties for the gas that Shell E&P extracts from beneath our territorial waters.  Not one penny. We’ll pay top dollar for our own gas — more than we’ll pay to get gas from Britain.


This is the agreement that convicted criminal Ray Burke signed with Shell, aided and abetted by Bertie Ahern.  The Corrib Field is worth €14 billion and every penny of it is going to Shell, instead of rescuing our crashed economy, because a crooked energy minister signed our natural resources over to a bunch of international thieves.

In most civilised societies, this would be known as treason.

Shell E&P got the government to issue compulsory purchase orders so that they could run their pipeline through private land.  When the landowners refused to comply with this order, and defied the courts’ decision to force the pipeline across their land, they were jailed.

Last week, one of the protesters  was beaten up by thugs on the payroll of  Shell.  What’s more, our police issued false statements supporting the Shell version of the attack on Willie Corduff.

Here, right now, today, in this country, a foreign company is able to maintain a private army, capable of beating up our citizens, unhindered by our police force.

They’re taking €14 billion from you and from your children, and this government is doing all in its power to assist them.  Why?

Why not renege on the agreement and tell them we want a new, better deal?

What are they going to do — sue us?

If we were able to renege on the employment contracts of nurses and firemen, surely we can renegotiate a contract that gives away all of our vital natural resources to a foreign company for nothing except a brown bag full of money in some public toilet.

Be angry.  Be very angry and ask the next Fianna Fáil canvassers who call to your door why their party gave away your wealth to some foreign carpet-bagger.  Ask them if it was because somebody received a payment to sell his country down the river.

Ask them if they’d consider that to be treason.  Then ask them why they still call themselves a republican party.


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