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The Sisters of Mercy — Would You Want These People in Charge of a Children’s Hospital?

The Sisters of Mercy rejected the reality of their crimes in the evidence they presented to the Commission of Inquiry. Yet this religious order is about to be handed control of the National Children’s Hospital, for no obvious reason.

Here are some quotes from the evidence given by the Sisters of Mercy to the Commission of Inquiry.

Fintan O’Toole points out in theIrish Times, that for some reason, the Sisters of Mercy will have control of the national children’s hospital even though it will be built and staffed at State expense.

I wrote about it HERE and speculated on some possible reasons why Bertie Ahern chose to favour his former employers so lavishly.

Look at the attitude of the Sisters of Mercy

Helena O Donoghue, who was the lead negotiator in securing the indemnity deal from Michael Woods made the following comments:

Corporal punishment which was of the very severe and very cruel nature is denied by the Sisters who are accused of.

I said very clearly that we were not in a position to accept as factually correct the allegations of serious physical abuse or injury to any child.
we have seen and believe that there is ample evidence to say that the Institution [Goldenbridge] was a reasonably effective and caring institution, according to the standards of the time.

We certainly accept that corporal punishment was part and parcel of the life and was routine. We don’t know and can’t be definite about it, but that it may not have been reserved to the Manager only. But we do not accept that there was punishment that would have led to any kind of serious, or that was serious and caused injury.

Children in Goldenbridge were forced to make rosary beads which the nuns sold at a profit.  if they failed to reach their quota, the nuns beat the children. In the opinion of Helena O’Donoghue this was a pleasant activity to while away the time, which was enjoyed by the children and often done to music from the radio.

The woman is deluded.

Another Mercy nun, Sr Breege O’Neill, gave evidence to the Commission that Corporal punishment was routine … But … we say that there has not been established that there was: –

(a) Serious or extreme violence, whether leading to children’s deaths or not
(b) Daily unjustified physical abuse.

In the Commission’s own words:

Speaking for the Congregation on the more specific issue of whether abuse occurred in their schools, Sr Breege O’Neill in her evidence during the Emergence hearings said that individual Sisters – wouldn’t accept the more serious allegations that have been made against them.

Sr Breege stated that the records available to the Congregation did not provide any evidence of ongoing systematic physical … abuse of children.

Clearly, these people are not fit to run an abattoir, never mind a children’s hospital, and especially not a national children’s hospital paid for by all the citizens of this State, Catholic and otherwise.

I’ll ask you again: why is a private organisation with a history of abuse, which is still in denial about its actions being given such a role in our country?

Why would you put a Satanist organisation in charge of our children’s hospital?

What Dirt Have the Nuns Got on Bertie Ahern?


Child Abuse Commission

34 replies on “The Sisters of Mercy — Would You Want These People in Charge of a Children’s Hospital?”

Fuck’s sake…the sisters of absolutely no mercy…you’d think this government would get even an ounce of fuckin cop on.let’s hammer em in the elections next week,vote for the taliban,Dustin the turkey or whoever ya want just not these halfwit fuckwits of Fianna failure or the jolly green compliants,time for a change people,time for a BIG fuckin change!!

I had the opportunity to visit Rathdrum in Cunty Wicklow, in the 1980s. By then it was well and truly in the whole group residential scheme. The report says that the rosary bead making accounted for a third of the cost of the house, which is a fine big house. These people were raking in in on the back os slaves.

Remember the Leonard Cohen song “the sisters of mercy” ? He was singing about whores. The ex.-Minister was livid in the House today that Labour were questioning his cosy little agreement with CORI.
I can not take much more of this.
There was a lady on radio today who had suffered in one of these kips. She said that she did not know what the word “Love” meant . She is married with children and has brought them up as if they were in the same institution.
Where will all this filth end up?

Shooting is too good for them. The bible is quite specific about what should be done to child abusers. It states;


That is Church policy is it not given their claim that the bible is their instruction manual?

I recently spent 2 weeks in a childrens hospital with my daughter and her baby, one day a priest walked into the room, offering blessings and asking very personal questions regarding the health of the baby, all 4 of my daughters were present at the time, 2 in their 30’s 2 in their 20’s, His intrusion was met with a stony silence, his questions went unanswered and his blessing was politly declined.
We were very taken aback that anyone felt it was ok for a total stranger to enter a private room and behave in such an assuming manner.
None of my children were brought up with any religious instruction or cermony and that was a very conscious choice, We all failed to see any connection between hospital, health, sickness and visiting strangers such as he was.
The only purpose it served was to frighten my daughter whose child was ill, and she was already frightened enough, as she jumped to the conclusion that he had been sent because of the seriousness of the illness, by the nurses.
It took us all some time to reassure her that this was probably standard behaviour, and if it is then it is not acceptable, I would consider it ludicrous that any religious representative would have any connection to health care unless it was their profession or by specific request.
May I say here that the naming of CORI is very unfortunate because already i have heard people mistake it for CARI who do a great job in providing counselling for children who have and are suffering abuse.

i have a proposal that would take a massive effort and if successful, could shake the very foundations of the catholic church.

1. set up a registered charity with a panel of trusted famous faces as patrons., like bob geldof and live aid
2. set up a website to publisize the charity and a simple paypal account to start with.
3. Use bloggers worldwide to publisize the charity.
4. accept just 2 types of donations
donation type 1:
goodwill donation from people who are symphatetic to the plight of the ryan report victims

donation type 2:
Donations given by churchgoers who have decided to divert church offerings to the people who really deserve it.

the fund would have a telethon theme, with the total received updated hourly or more frequently if the technology allowed.

each donation would be acknowleged by email (if requested) with a sequential donation number which could be tracked on the website. therefore, full transparency could be assured.

if this was successful, the catholic church wouldn’t be long ordering the 18 institutions to cough up.

furthermore, the people who donated to the fund, could if they so desired, place a penny or cent, painted red into the church basked or plate to signify the lost revenue. red to symbolise the blood that was spilled in these institutions.
would it work?
is public opinion strong enough?

i am busy painting 1 cent coins red (on one side only with ladies red nail polish) today and i will be putting these into circulation this week.
if you receive one in your change, stop for a moment and think about the victims, and think about the rotten catholic church.

As I pointed out in the pub earlier (you drunken lout), your referring to the Sisters of Mercy as ‘satanists’ may frankly be offensive to genuine satanists.

Whether they are Church of Satan (LeVeyan) or Temple of Set makes no difference; Satan is as Satan does. If you slagged off Jesus, all the Christian cults would be equally offended (except maybe Evil Jesus followers).

Thus, I sincerely hope they bring you to book under our new blasphemy laws. That would be perversely appropriate.

This is not a laughing matter at all – the twisters of mercy are a disgusting bunch of hypocrites who should be shut down post haste…. As such, when I smirked at how Sam Smyth phrased his closing paragraph, I felt a simultaneous pang of guilt for grinning… his sarcasm is thick and caustic to both church and government

“Sister Maxwell and Sister O’Donoghue sold their debt for 10pc of its total — €128m in cash and property against a compensation bill now running at €1.2bn. Maybe the Government should ask them to take charge in the Department of Finance.”

May I say here that the naming of CORI is very unfortunate because already i have heard people mistake it for CARI who do a great job in providing counselling for children who have and are suffering abuse.

Given that it was I who named CORI . I find this remark quite remarkable and offensive. Who could possibly confuse the two? Only Gobshites in my opinion.

Fuck’s sake…the sisters of absolutely no mercy…you’d think this government would get even an ounce of fuckin cop on.let’s hammer em in the elections next week,vote for the taliban,Dustin the turkey or whoever ya want just not these halfwit fuckwits of Fianna failure or the jolly green compliants,time for a change people,time for a BIG fuckin change!!

Let’s start by doing something meaningful on the 5th, by that I mean vote against the establishment.
Send them a small but clear message.
One step at a time!

Gary, It does’nt take a “gobshite” to get confused between two vowels.
I could think of far more apt monikers to apply to the “conference of religious in Ireland” and i’m sure you could also.
Remarks are generally remarkable.

Bock, you come from Limerick, a relatively weenchy little town that sucked in all spare manpower out to 70 or so miles. You come from a town that is relatively unusual in that during the ’20 it prospered at most levels. And you come from a town that has the real notion of a class system.
Now, I do not know your position on Jim Kemmy or the O’ Malleys, but to my mind both were attacking the same position all be it from different sides.
And that position is where there is savagery of Ryans report and the now Prior of Glenstal upbringing can happen in the same small area. Where you can on the telly watch the Proir’s elevation with carmina from Mrs O’ Sullivan and then divide your mind between Letterfrack or Ferryhouse.

I will add to this when I find out the numbers of graduates since ’85.

It’s not only the ones who raped, tortured, and assaulted those kids who need to go to jail.
The ones who helped to cover it up, also perverted the course of justice and aided and abetted after the fact.
That goes for anyone in the sisters of mercy who kept a lid on it, and those politicians and civil servants who showed deaf ears, or arrogant rebuttals when somebody pleaded on them to intervene.

Are any of the buildings still intact? Cos I think it would be poetic justice (and a saving to the taxpayer) to jail these people in places like Letterfrack, Artane and Goldenbridge, rather than wait for a new prison to be built.

Just reading about the ‘Blake Case’ actually a 14 year old called Kevin Gogarty. he ran away from Glin after getting tortured by whipping in the 1940’s. his Mother brought him to a local councillor. That councillor got onto the Dept of Education, and had to keep pushing them. They gave him snotty reply after snotty reply. They too are part of the problem.

Actually it is very easy to get CORI and CARI confused. WTF who named CORI? It must have been named to confuse people.
The lady who had problems with the priest, I hate the way they think they are entitled, I had the same problem in a London hospital. This priest kept hassling me even though I had just died and come back, when I told him to go away he asked me if I was a devil worshipper……hahahahaha, no I said just educated. I believe the assets should be seized of the church, boycotted, and the money divided up between the people starting with the victims of CARI. Even my parents believe that and they have driven me mad with their unquestioning
attitude to the church.
Keep the good work up Bock, you should have your own newspaper.

I once helped renovate a house for CARI. (Children At Risk in Ireland) It was fairly run down, but a bunch of us rolled up our sleeves, and got cleaning, painting, plumbing, hammering, and all the rest, as well as shaking buckets on the street to raise funds. It’s a modest house, and it’s used for counselling victims of child sexual abuse.

It sickens me that even at the peak of the boom, groups like CARI had to go shake a bucket, while developers and companies building bypasses got money thrown at them.

CARI and organisations like them, should be getting money thrown at them rather than having to go shake buckets or pack bags in supermarkets.
Let’s look at the fact that there’s a lot less priests now. I know of parishes which had three priests and they all had separate houses. The church could sell off the empty houses now, and put that money and/or building to good use.

I’m not normally comfortable talking about personal experiences to strangers, and I don’t see myself as a victim, I had what was termed a “privliged education” but I earned the rep of being “wild” I was far from that but very disinterested in most acedemia, one nun decided to make my life a misery and beat me almost everyday, yes, i was not the most obedient or attentive student, but she beat me so much i developed a very bad stammer, so much so that i could’nt answer a question even if i knew the answer, that resulted in even more humiliation, it all culminated in her hitting me with a closed fist, fracturing my jaw and breaking 2 teeth, what happened ?
My parents were called in and told that i would be nothing but trouble to them, i was the youngest of a very high achieving bunch, the nuns told my parents to send me to a boarding school, which they did, i was 12.
I was never hit at boarding school but on entry identified and labeled as “trouble” i stayed there 5 years, it ws fine, i became very independent very young, but that was the private system, a lot of those nuns were downright savage and deeply disturbed, there were a couple of decent women among them who influenced me very positively, they have since left religious life.
What it did for me was to turn me off religion forever, I had no religion in my life or my childrens life, my first child was born in ’72 and the shit i had to listen to because of this was unbelievable, i have grandchildren now and i am very happy with the choices i made, and i don’t stammer any more.
My story is no more than what was the standard back then, i never saw myself as abused but there was an insidious evilness that these creatures believed they could dispense on children at will, as long as they are around i think it will exist.

I’m sorry for bringing this up and placing it in this post but I can’t see where else to put it. (Don’t be tempted to tell me…)

The great bertie ahearn reckons it’s no good renegotiating the state/church deal for recompense as the church have no money. He says it’s no good selling their property ‘cos who has the money to buy it.

Well fuck me. Try this.

All church property, and I mean all property, even land hid in trusts, gets handed over to the state (i.e. the people of Ireland). Any church wanting to rent the property back for use can do so but must pay a real rent, not peppercorn.

All legal fees paid (around 140 million at present) have to be reinbursed to the state by the religions. If the Irish churchs can’t pay then let them ask their bosses. i.e. Rome.

CORI’s request that the churches now meet 50% of the total and the state should pay the reat should be thrown back in their faces.

Fuck them. You’re guilty. Pay the lot.

Finally, let’s have an end to the special tax deals all churches enjoy. Any taxes that have to be paid by the people – income, land, whatever – must also be levied on the churches. No exemptions or special status. Survive or piss off.


I wouldn’t shed a tear either if the ISPCC were to cough up a contribution to the fund, or even fold it’s tent altogether, given how currupt some of it’s inspectors were.

Firstly, like any other normal person I am horrified by the Ryan report, that religious orders have been
allowed to get away with this barbarism for so long. Not only politicians but ordinary law-abiding, God-fearing
citizens turned a blind eye to these abominations.
Secondly as an English Anglican, I’ve never had much time for Ian Paisley and his ilk, but given the recent
revelations, might there be some justification for their attitude ?

Sisters of Mercy some mercy they turned out to be.
In May 0f 1955 My Baby Sister was left in there care to be minded for two weeks as my Mother was ill after 3 days she was Dead.
I would ask anyone reading this comment to support the March on Wednesday 10th June 2009 leaving the Garden of Remembrance Parnell Street at 12 noon.

My heart goes out t to the Howe family. Their sister could have been murdered by theses merciless sisters for all we know. Please God the Government of the day will order an exhumation of the body and a full investigation into the death of this innocent child

I went to St Marys Convent on Kings Island, Limerick in the 50s., And they had some Tyrants in the Nuns back then., and I might also say that the (Female) Lay teachers were of the same mold. One Nun who taught us in 1st Class was the worst., I thought It was all over when I left the Nuns School, But where the Fuck did I end up ?, Only in ”Creagh Lane.”, What a Place for Phoneys masquarading as Christian Brothers. THE SCOURGE OF ALL NATIONAL SCHOOLS and now famous for all the Wrong Reasons.
We were left to the Wolves.,


I went to the documentry in carlow, showing the hell children went through in the laundry’s, In particular, new Ross, I cant understand why, the church was allowed, to get away with it, and why was it, that everyone was so frightened of the nuns, priests etc, they were ,and still are a bunch of bully boys, the cruelty they forced upon these poor children was outrageous, no better than hitler.
I have no religion at all, I was sent to a catholic convent aged 6 and I was brought up a prody, so you can imagine the hell I went through, beaten, left in corridors for talking til the morning, I was a child of satan etc:the nuns were in the full black habits with the leather belts around their expaning waist s , there was nothing good about that lot, they just fed off the parents who paid the fees! and this place was in england! so it was going on over there as well, behind closed doors!
I was so moved by the documentry, that I am hoping that enough people will come forward to tell of the horrors they encountered, so we can get together and once and for all get the church to stand up and acknowledge these inhuman crimes they committed against humanity!

The catholic religion is farcical! its unatural for men to comand a post, and preach about god and jesus, and the laughable virgin mary,and hide behind their dirty habits, that goes for nuns as well,and remain married to god, he is supposed to have put man and woman on earth to get together and produce,all its done is bring out their (priests/nuns) frustrations on children, who have kept quiet about their abuse, because no one believed them, the whole catholic comunities around ireland were so brainwashed,by their priest, who strutted about putting the fear of god into their congregations, that nothing was done, until now, and they are still closing ranks, and denying any involvment.
If we must have priests, at least let them marry,so abuse would be no more.

The church is a disgrace,,even to this day my family cant get any answers!! My mam had a son in 1975, she was 17, my brother was placed in st patricks guild. He stayed in the home for 5 months then was (fostered) to a couple,,My mam was unaware of any of this and had signed no papers. she contacted the sisters to say she wanted him back unaware he was placed in a new home, she went to see the nun and then was informed he had died with this family and buried under their family name!! we traced his grave, no thanks to the nun but we want to get his death cert changed and possibly get his body exhumed as the grave is at the other end of the country with his wrong name.
We need to find some legal representation,,,can anyone suggest somebody experienced in this field we dont know where to start and we know it is a strange situation but the nun will not give us any answers!!

My dad was at Salthill some time between 1939 and 1945. As far as i know he he had a crap time – i had it by proxy!! Maybe you can help…

What is the difference between the rock band Sisters of Mercy and the religious order Sisters of Mercy? One is a group who dresses in black and celebrate death and satan, and the other is a UK rock band. I couldn’t resist.

Good on you for putting this information on site. I am formulating report on mercy foundations work on pretence of social justice, and definately will use some info here to show mercys abuses.

CATHOLICABUSESURVIVORSNI.COM—-we can confirm the sisters of mercy, an order of the pagan vatican system, are indeed as equally cruel in the north of the country as they counterparts in the south and abused children on a massive scale, one such guantanamo bay centres in located in newry co, down a coven of witches who shaved the heads of female children and tortured them.

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