Una Hardester’s Mother Speaks Out

This is a statement from Katherine Hardester, the mother of Una, who was central to the Hannon miscarriage of justice.  It paints the usual picture of incompetence that we have come to expect of our police force in Ireland.

Una Hardester’s Mother Speaks Out



Michael Hannon Innocent of Sexual Assault

15 thoughts on “Una Hardester’s Mother Speaks Out

  1. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. A detailed first-person account can’t have been easy but it shines a lot of light on the reported events.

  2. This letter should have begun with an apology to Hannon. Her family circumstances,if true, are terrible, as indeed are the circumstances surrounding many families. But
    these circumstances in no way justify an attempt to destroy a mans life. So what next here? An open letter from the father saying that he was in an abusive relationships – maybe an open letter from the family pet . Everyone is a “victim” here, except the real victim, Hannon, who has not received an apology from this family, the state – a state who failed to pass on information such as “Oh, she admitted that she made it all up”, or the legal profession, or the Rape Crisis Centre as pointed out by Kevin Myres in relation to this case today –


  3. I wouldn’t believe a word this woman says.

    She allowed her ten year old daughter to be put through that and she stood by and watched it.

    The time to clarify things was in the court room when she could have made a difference.

    Where is the apology for ruining an innocent mans life?

  4. Seems to me from reading the letter that the people who groomed the child were the Gardai.High time this load of crap were disbanded and we get a real police force.

  5. I do not get what the reference to Bosnia has to do with the interviewing method.
    But overall I have the feeling that a hatchet job was carried out. Even Judge Judy uses the difference between the written and what is being delivered. I do wonder if the garda ombordsman O’Toole has her hands on this yet. It really does seem proper to her.

  6. i’m shocked that if that WAS written by katherine hardester there is not even a sideways apology to the man that was convicted of the crime.

    what proof is there that this was actually written by katherine hardester?

  7. I agree Mr Hannon should go to the Garda Ombudsman.And as for the Ban Garda in this case any convictions this sack of piss has secured in any foreign country should be looked at again.

  8. As I commented on the original post you put up BOCK I will comment on this. The statement is along the lines of what I hoped to have seen revealed by Una. But of course the statement could only have been made by her mother.
    Behind closed doors Ireland has always hidden it’s dirty laundry.
    John B wrote a play about it but these families went through their own personal hell; Irish style.
    I believe the statement is a truthful account and written as best as could be expected from a recovering victim of domestic abuse. The worst abuse any one can suffer from.
    Fair dues to her and may both families receive real help and friendship in their future endeavours.

    As for the Irish legal system; don’t start me!

  9. “the field” a brilliant and very sad play. What a mess we might make over a piece of land. If any of this be true then People should be sacked without fancy pensions . It seems that Una was “groomed” but they walk free.

  10. This to me looks like an over-reaction by the Gardaí, probably due to scandals at the time involving all the sex abuse revelations. Just shows what happens when the pitchforks come out…

  11. artyeva – there is not even a sideways apology to the man that was convicted of the crime

    How about the final 4 sentences begining with this one?

    “I know it must have been sheer hell for Feichin to live with the shadow of that conviction and for that, I cannot express how profoundly sorry Una and I are”

    I’m not commenting as to the behaviour of anybody then or now, but surely that sentence constitutes even more than a sideways apology?

  12. It’s a harrowing read. The whole thing hangs on a statement taken by a bangarda it seems. While she may have been well-meaning, she took it unprofessionally and there were no robust checks and balances to validate it. Next thing you know it appears in court and the witness merely confirms it. No-one in their right mind should ever give a statement to the gardai in Ireland – you are not obliged to give one in any way, despite the great love AGS has for them. I would blame an Garda Siochana for this one.


  13. I’d agree with you. The coaching of the child seems to have derived from the unprofessional behaviour of our police. But of course, our police force is as unprofessional as every other arm of government in this failed state. The whole thing is a disaster.

  14. I new Una , and Katherine & Croftin but didn’t know the back storey until Katherine Una & the children had returned to the US . I was lucky to get to know Una and Kitty because Una worked part time for me in the salon I managed at the time and now own. I must say before I go any further that I can’t imagine the grief Mr Hannon must have endured. I believe Una’s mum in the statement and from the distance I am I truely belive kitty’s acurate account. I knew Una to be a very hard working young girl & the same age as my wee brother Stephen who visited shortly after he had a severe head injury which he recovered from fully. But Kitty brought Stephen Una and me and her kids to the beach and places so my brother and Una played together. Una was very bright , well mannered , kind and considerate. Kitty I recalled was a strong woman but the more I got to know Croften the more I understood how crippling her life with him must have been . To read kitty’s account of how she suffered abuse at her ex husband’s hands is a deeply personal revelation and the voice of a selfless mother caring for her child who no doubt suffered obviously in many ways. I care for Kitty and for Una and hope they consider me their friend because I consider them to be mine.I haven’t been in touch with Una and Kitty since they left but would like to. I have a passion for literature, acting drama and the arts and this was something Croften and I shared but that quickly ended when I realized there was more than one side to the man other than his plesant side , I wouldn’t count him amung my friends and never have and never will.

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