Why Do Clergy Control Schools and Hospitals in Ireland?

If you were building a power station would you give it to the Franciscans?

If you were building a power station would you give it to the Franciscans?

Of course not.  Why would you?  The Franciscans know nothing about running a power station.  They’re priests.

If you were setting up an oil refinery, would you give it to the Dominicans?  You certainly would not.  These guys only know how to run Inquisitions.  They’d kill us all.

Would you put Augustinians in charge of the space shuttle?  The Poor Clares in charge of water supplies?  The Capuchins in charge of airports?

If you were constructing a motorway, would you entrust its design to the  Presentation Sisters?  If you were setting up a railway, would you give control of it to the Christian Brothers?

No, no, no and no.  No, you would not.

And yet bishops still have control over most of our primary schools, and many of our secondary schools, though the State pays the entire cost of operating those schools.

Here we are, building a new national children’s hospital, entirely funded with tax money, and the plan of this government is to hand control of it to the Sisters of Mercy.

This has to be stopped. If the Catholic church are once more to gain control of our State resources, after all that has been revealed about them, we might as well shut the country down and emigrate.

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If it does come down to emigration then you’re welcome to come to Vermont. It gets a bit colder than you’re probably used to and it doesn’t have any ocean shoreline to speak of but it does have lovely green mountains when it’s warm which turn a lovely white in the winter.

We do like to keep our population under 1 million though so some of you could settle in New Hampshire and perhaps upstate New York (mostly farm country there) if you had to. Hell, we have a whole country where a few states need more people so come ahead if it comes to that.

The reason they controlled the schools and hospitals is because they were the first to set up schools and hospitals.

That does not mean they should control them now however, and not just in light of the Ryan report.

But to imply they had no expertise in either field in the first instance is to deny historical fact.

They never controlled oil fields and such. They did however establish places for the education of children and the welfare of the infirm. It’s a pity that they never maintained those principles.

Shut them down, their time has passed, in some cases, thankfully

Don’t forget that the schools and hospitals are getting an income from the state, rent and so forth. So all in all, taking them over will have a positive cost benefit.

The pedophile ring that is the church have no interest in anything that doesn’t give them access to children so all those areas mentioned are safe enough from them.

Well spotted BOCK.

Robert– They were first with schools and hospitals because they exerted so much political pressure on Irish governments to make sure they had control of health and education. It was nothing to do with altruism and everything to do with power.

Blame the Brits.It all goes back to the hedge schools and the penal laws. Dam priests started hauling kids off into the bushes to teach them to read and write and other such nonsense. Within a generation the Irish were entertaining high felutin ideas, such as being allowed to vote, own horses and e-man-cip-fucking-pation. Demanding it they were, roaring for it, I say. So blame the darn Brits.If they hadn’t denied Catholics an education then the Church would might not have darkened the door of our classrooms.

Abdul — Calm down there. As far as I’m aware the Catholic church lobbied the British government to gain control of education for its own nefarious purposes.

What did the Romans ever do for us?

National education was established in Ireland in 1831 by the state, not by the church (and a full generation before they got it in England: I suppose they were just checking out whether it would topple the system before educating the English poor!). The church did everything they could to destroy this state education and gain control of the schools. This they achieved by the second half on the 19th century. The government (spineless as usual) caved in. So in response to previous posts, the Brits can’t be blamed for this particular crime (oh that would be so easy, which is why several leading FFers are trying to).

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