Why do people say Bullshit?

You’re talking bullshit!

Why does nobody ever say, You’re talking dog-shit?

I mean, as shit goes, bullshit is probably among the less offensive forms.  Cat-shit is a lot worse, and have you ever seen alligator shit?

For fucksake!

Somebody told me once that if you could get a bag of lion-shit from the zoo and scatter it around the place, you’d never have rats.  I suppose that’s because rats and lions are natural enemies in the wild, or perhaps it’s because rats are extremely squeamish.  I don’t know.

But why bullshit, or occasionally, horse-shit?

Is it a cultural thing?  Is it to do with beasts of burden?

Do people in the Middle East accuse each other of talking camelshit?

Or maybe up the side of the Himalayas, some Sherpa is cursing at another Sherpa.  Don’t give me that fucking Yak-shit!

I don’t know.  Sometimes I think I’m going batshit crazy, and that’s when I go completely ape-shit.

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Speaking of lion Shit did you know it’s the shiniest Shit of all according to mythbusters jamie hyneman and adam savage.

I would guess Bullshit is just a merging of “Cock & Bull Story” & “What a load of shit”

Some people say horse shit. Though I’d take that as a compliment, I quite like the smell of horse shit.

Some say bullshit might have evolved from cynical attitudes to papal edicts, also known as bulls.

But others claim that bullshit was coined in ironic tribute to an Irish lawyer, one Odadiah Bull, who plied his trade in London during the reign of Henry 8th.

Apparently, the late, very late, Mr Bull was notorious for telling tall tales (talking bullshit) and making blunders.

There is also a theory that bullshit evolved from the French word boul, which means nonsense, or to be insincere.

I think the whole subject is bollixed. What a buncha’ crap (Crap: Derived from the last name of the man who first invented the modern toilet that we still (most of us anyway) use today; John Crapper).

Actually I think it’s strictly due to the fact that curses that begin or end with hard consonants are the most effective and pleasing to say (shout, bellow, scream, etc). Of course that could also be bullshit on my part.

Haven’t heard of camel shit being thrown around (verbally that is, altho’ physically might be a different story) in my part of the Sandpit, yet bullshit is often quoted by most nationalities here. Pretty much a crock o’ shit if you ask me………..

reminds me of the time i met a french man in germany, who had a bite to eat with a load of us irish yonks ago on his last day on job. With little english he asked me for appropriate words to use as a toast to all 20 present at the table before the meal. I told him somethin’. Then after the meal he stood up in front of all with emotion in his eyes and said aloud and with confidence (thats important) the words “SHIT ON A BRICK”

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