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Christian Brothers Deny Child Abuse

On the 15th May, five days before the Ryan Report was published, this is what the Christian Brothers were saying.  Five days!

Brother Kevin Mullan sent the following letter to the redress Board five days before the Ryan Report exposed the Christian Brothers as an organisation that beat, raped and starved thousands of little boys.

According to Kevin Mullan,

The only form of corporal punishment allowed by the Congregation was moderate slapping on the palms of the hand with the approved leather strap (some 12 ins long approx — including shaped “handle” — and without metal inclusions).  No other form of corporal punishment could be condoned by the School authorities, nor could such punishment be administered without sufficient reason.

Now.  There you have it.  They did nothing to the children in their control.

This is the same standard statement that Brother Kevin Mullan sent to the Redress Board countless times in order to dismiss the claims of people who were raped, beaten and starved by his colleagues.

He sent this five days before his brotherhood was exposed for sexually abusing and beating hundreds of small children.  He wrote this letter on behalf of his organisation.

Tell me please why this organisation should not immediately be dissolved by the State and why all its assets should not iimmediately be sequestered.

Oh wait.  Perhaps the problem is that we don’t live in a modern democracy.  That would probably account for the fact that all of these people are not in jail.

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They won’t be prosecuted because the politicians and gardai fear that the christian brothers will damn their souls.

Like evil witchdoctors with a white collar rather than a bone through their nose.

Remeber when Bertie said that the religious orders had no money?

Well the Sisters of Mercy want to get 27 acres rezoned in Navan

And the Sisters of Charity are embarking on a €200 million for-profit private hospital development at St Vincents in Dublin funded by wealthy investors, bank debt and tax breaks.

I bet you there are examples of this up and down the country.

‘the kind of dimwit fucking skobes we allow to pollute our streets’. From a post of yours.
And you wonder how the christian brothers and others managed to shift your thought into action, via the state agencies.
Remember that there were people shifting vast amounts of moneys- and brains- out to the Black babies.
Oh, where exactly do you see the ‘dimwit fucking skobes’ you are disallowing to go if not to places like Letterfrack or Clonmel.

We place the cause of the Irish Republic under the protection of the Most High God, Whose blessing we invoke upon our arms, and we pray that no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine. In this supreme hour the Irish nation must, by its valour and discipline and by the readiness of its children to sacrifice themselves for the common good.

Really you would have to say that ……….

This criminal sect should be sent to the Hague, I don,t think the Irish are up to it as regarding bringing them to a criminal court in their own country. The UN could step in and direct that this be brought to the Word Court in Hague. It took 9 years and the cb played hardball all the way even up to the days before the release of the Ryan Report. Do you honestly think the Irish State is up to it, After all they shared the same bed for a long time.

Was this the order who run Artane and used the boys as training objects for student dentists. What happened that day when a bus load of boys were driven from Artane out in the country and used as guinea pigs. Their teeth pulled out ,not bad teeth, healthy teeth , without any form of anastetic. Bet that never made it into the Ryan report. Ask Peter Mullen the film director who was told this by a former inmate of Artane when the film “Magdalene Sisters” was shown first. I mean this is Mengle stuff. There is such an interview with Peter on the net. This story has haunted me since I read it. He gave no dates or names but I am confident that some one out there knows what happened that day.

Jesus Bock I don,t know where my sanity would be witout you. I hope I,m offending the right people.

Bock it,s late and I can,t sleep. It,s your fault for providing me with this possibility to write my head off. But I have to confess that I just had a vision and it,s about Ratzo the boss and the visit by Matin and Brady to UFO Land. Look I don,t like them ,none of them but I dont , hate them except Ratzo. Now back to my vision, well In my vision I heard Ratzo say to Martin and Brady ” I think it,s time to ditch the CB,s, they are a liability on us. So I want you to fix it when you go home. Tell them If they don,t disband and hand over the cash I,ll send in my storm troopers. Tell CORI to shut the fuck up ,they are embarrasing me and UfO LAND.” That fucking Ryan Report is bad pr for us, sure I knew about it and your goings on but you got caught, that was a misstake. we in UFO LAND don,t tolerate misstakes so take them out. See If I,m right Bock.

you christian brothers dispised poor hated children.i have no words vile enough to describe
filth like you.i hope you roast in the hell you promised to the children you beat raped,and ruined.

of course they deny all so does everyone who is guilty every court will show you this. for a start how can some christian brothers speak and deny it they can only talk about them selves or are they all of one mind in crime as well as the church. there were some christian brothers who were good but to a fault as they must have heard and seen what was going on and kept quiet. times were hard then and they did not want to end up like us. what happened to us would have happened to them victimization.

I and a great many more were schooled by these monsters during the 60’s and 70’s. We were going HOME every day so one can only imagine the fate of the kids who were totally under their control 24/7. I remember only one brother who was a kindly man with a genuine vocation. His name was Brother Alan. This was in Scoil Colm C.B.S. Armagh road Crumlin. They rest were all wackos and clearly off their heads it was just a matter of degree. I had first been in St. Agnes convent school across the road from age 4-7 and next after my first communion we were sent across to the C.B.S. school until aged 12. The nuns was evil bad bitches also. I clearly remember as a 5 year old getting called up to the top of the class with another boy by a nun named Sr. Philomena because we has been seen talking. I had liked her up to this point. The other boy got the cane and was told to go back to his seat. But she has something very different in mind for me. So you want to talk and whisper like a little girl she said. I know what we will do. We will put a dress on you. She next opened a drawer in her desk and took out a girls dress. She next put this dress on me over my own clothes. After verbally humiliating and shaming me in front of the entire class she then instructed two boys to take me by the hand and to bring me around every other class on the corridor to show me off to all of the other children which they did. When I next returned I was forced to sit in the class for the remainder of the day with the dress still on.

At the the verbal, emotional, physical and some sexual abuse next continued. In second class we had a Br,O Sullivan. He was not one of the nastiest ones but he looked very frightening. He was aged about 60 and he was a tall stern looking man with a bald head. So quite intimidating to us 7 year old’s. He had a bamboo type cane that he called Bronco. He used to play evil mind games with us. When someone was getting the cane he used to let on that he had misplaced it ? He would go through this ritual of pretending to search for Bronco. We would be trembling and praying that he wasn’t going to find it. He always did of course.

In third class we had a Brother Brophy. He was very elderly and he had dementia. So clearly not a person that 8 year old children should have been exposed too. He was not cruel in the physical sense but he still frightened us with his incoherent ramblings and confusion. He used to imagine that children were constantly talking. Whenever his back was turned to the class while he was writing on the blackboard he would keep turning around constantly and would keep saying : Who’s talking, who’s talking ? (.”)

In 4th class we has the kindly Brother Alan. He was a very nice friendly man and we all loved him. Unlike the others he would talk and chat to us. He never physically punished anyone. Maybe he would slap you on the palm of the hand with his own hand on rare occasions. One day he had a spelling competition. He asked each boy to spell a different word. Anyone getting the spelling wrong next stood out in the aisle. Gradually less and less children remained. The prize for the winner was an orange. lol I was small for my age and also very shy and timid but he used to encourage me to come out of myself. I had never won anything before. Because of my small size and timid nature I was no good at football. lol But I won the spelling competition and the orange. He let me go home early with the orange because he knew that the bullies would have taken it from me at going home time.

The only downside that year was that Br.Alan was poor at Irish and every day for an hour he would go to the class next door and their teacher a vile despicable creature and a clearly insane monster called Br.Dempsey used to come in and terrorize us. He was an Irish fanatic and he would immediately reel off passages in Irish and pick boys to repeat what he had just said word for word. This was impossible of course so he would next beat the daylights out of them for not paying attention. He had an evil smirk that was always on his face and wild insane eyes. His main pleasure came from the huge variety of implements of torture that he carried with him constantly. He had sticks, canes, rulers, straps and leathers of all shapes sizes and dimensions. These were his (babies and they all had Irish names) Whenever he was about to administer a flogging he would open this leather pouch like a surgeon about to perform an operation and slowly select his implement of choice. This was the worse part ie to be standing there watching this. I can still remember the crazed look on his face and the licking of his lips as he would administer every stroke with zeal and great force.

The next and final madman we had to endure was a Brother O Keeffe. He was aged about 30 but he had a fearsome reputation. He would fly off the handle and launch an attack on some child for no valid reason ? We would know when this was about to occur because when he was displeased about something he used to start grinding his teeth and his jawbones would stand out in a most horrendous fashion and the look in his eyes would go dark. He liked to stand behind us looking over our shoulders in the aisles as we were writing. You could feel his breathe on the back of your neck as he closely scrutinised your written work for errors. Your hand would next begin to tremble and shake. Any mistakes or misspellings and he would pull you out of the deck by your ear or by your locks and frog march you on tip toe to the top of the class. He also liked to pull our cheeks with both hands at once with his wild eyes looking into ours and with his manic grinding of the teeth going on and his jawbones sticking out. He also got his jollies from having boys bend over his knee while he was spanking them with his hand. We were aged about 11 at this point. He hated one boy in particular. I think his name was Alec or Alex Stewart. He spoke with an English accent. He verbally abused, jeered and ridiculed this boy constantly. He also flogged him almost on a daily basis for no reason at all. When we heard at the school summer holiday term that we were going to have him again for sixth class we all wanted to vomit.

Every day at lunch time we were given a small sandwich and a mini bottle of milk. This was dispensed in the school yard and in the school shed by a stern bully in a brown coat called Tom. He too would box your ears as quick as look at you. Back then a lot of kids were both poor and hungry. Occasionally there would be some sandwiches left over. Seeing this hungry kids would ask him for a second one. But they were never given one. Instead he would throw them up on the roof of the shed for the gulls.

I can relate to most of these ‘joyous’ memories Paul – very well written and recalled.
My own memory and recall is not as clear as yours however..Im sure there must have been some ‘normal’ teaching and basic humanity but that has been tototally obliterated and wiped out by being inocently handed over to these ‘monsters’.

The memories which were most deeply imprinted were the strap..the cruelty..the out of control adult with the red sweaty face..the black slightly dirty ‘uniform’..the constant fear..the poison mix of religion and savagery.

The seemingly endless sentence of being chosen to be in the ‘scolarship’ programme – from 4th to sixth class Most of us attained it and some even seem to have enjoyed the experience with ..I can see his face clearly – wasnt it Bro McGrath?

If anyone has any better recall of this particular class and period I would be delighted to read it, good or bad, and share the ‘reality’ of that time.

I’d forgotten Tom and the roof of the shed completely for example.. It would be normal to say God bless your memory Paul but the ‘idea’ of god has somewhat been lost me.

David Grant

Paul, well done. I remember Dempsey, he was quite simply a monster! I remember the pint sized
horror , his tanned skin, his receding black curly hair , his unnaturally guttural pronunciation of the text of ‘ Snow white and the seven Dwarves’ as gaeilge.
He struck terror into my ten year old heart! He was for me the Amon Goeth of my childhood. Vile and viscious, without compassion, in short an ideological Sonderkommando. He loved the terror and the violence he inflicted against the children, hocking and spitting into his handkerchief as he waited for us to fail and mete out his reward for failure.
On a brighter note I too have the fondest memories of Br. Allen, slim and lean,kind and caring, Boys Town of Hollywood incarnate.
His ruddy complexion and blue grey hair. his love of the children and learning.
He was, for me, the highlight of my school days( I left school after the Leaving Cert., couldn’t wait!!) I remember the mock slaps and his conspiritorial expression.
It’s funny that these two polar opposites should linger in my mind 47 years on and thanks for confirming my memory of this time in my life.

Hi I was a sufferer at this school also. I transferred over to the secondary school wherein I was abused by an older boy, 5th or 6th year for a while. Terrible stuff really and I was not only boy he abused. I am trying now to find this evil dude to close off this terrible time i had. My mam and dad have passed on and I have therapy ongoing. I was in first year in 1971 with Br Delaney then Bourke as principal. This guy used to parade nude on the stage in the gym during gym sessions. An evil Bstrd. If anyone either you or anyone here on this site knows this guy please let me know it would close off a terrible place and time in my mind

Bro Dempsey was my teacher in 5th and 6th class in 67 and 68 and also moved up to secondary for our 1st year. He may have been odd, all of the brothers were, but I don’t remember him as the psychopath described above. He was fanatical about Irish, that’s for sure, we did everything through Irish, not sure it helped our English! It’s strange how memories differ. My feeling was that he helped more of us than he hurt

Denis, correct me I am wrong; there were two schools left and right of a central area. Br Dempsey was in charge on one side and Br Dooley was in charge on the other. I was a student here in the late sixties, My first teacher was Mr O’Callaghan, a kind soul with a constant dripping nose. I used to ref matches in the yard for another teacher whom I met in rehab a long time after. Br Dooley had the spindle of a chair as his tool of punishment. He wrapped insulating tape around it. A strict man but not an abuser of children. My abuse really started when I transferred over to the secondary. I have never really recovered from this time in my life. I went on to abuse alcohol and never being able to trust anyone. To this day I still have flashbacks and night terrors. This is the legacy i live with daily.

Hi Des Smyth,
I think I remember you. But you were referred to as Desmond. I seem to remember a boy with dark hair who was very bubbly and chatty. I think you were from Walkinstown ? Some kids were. They were better mannered and less uncouth than us lot from the corporation houses in Your parents should have sent you to Drimnagh castle. A few names still come to mind. I sat next to a boy called Denis Mc Quillan.He was from Walkinstown. I remember a Kevin Doran also who was from St.Patricks road.You were probably in my class for several years. I think most of us remained in the same class from 2nd class until 6th class ? I still remember it all very well. There seemed to be a couple of kids who were constantly targeted. I remember one guy called Joseph Fagan who Br.O.Keeffe was always beating. Another one called Declan Heeney. There were two Quinn’s (unrelated) one dark and one fair. The dark Quinn was known as Blackie Quinn and the blond one was Whitey Quinn. Blackie got hammered one day but was a rough and ready character who retaliated. Next cursing and swinging punches wildly. We were all god smacked by this willingness to fight None of us would have dreamed of ever doing that. lol He next treathened O Keeffe that he would bring his father up next day. Later the coward was eating an orange and obviously not wishing to encounter Blackie senior and so he goes and gives half to Blackie as a peace offering. Br. Dempsey was a total psychopath. If that man helped you in any shape manner or form Denis Slyne well that is a revealation to me. We only had him once or twice a week for an hour or two because Br.Allen was obviously weak in Irish. It was like he was deliberately giving us hell because Br.Allen was a saintly man in comparison to this sadistic vile creature. He was a humpy little shit too which added to his grotesque appearance. I have just found this page again by accident and I had forgotten about these comments that I had previously made. So I am only seeing these replies now.

It always annoys me to hear people saying, that your school days were the best days of your life ? I think they (the Christian brothers) secretly hated us Dublin kids, because they were all in the main sexually repressed, ignorant bog trotters and culchies. The Dublin wins in Croke park was probably behind much of this daily terror and abuse. lol They were also fanatical about the GAA and about Gaelic football, hurling and all of those culchie, bogger games that were alien to us Dubs. lol Everyone seemed to want to beat the bejasus out of us back then. If these psychos weren’t doing it, it was the bullies in the schoolyard and lots of kids then were from very dysfunctional families and very disturbed, out of control,violent and very dangerous. So it was like being at the front lines in a war zone going there every day. You would be afraid to go into the toilets at lunch time. Alcoholism was also a very serious problem in many households in Crumlin and I knew lots of kids who lived in dread and in terror of their alcoholic fathers coming home from the pub. It really is amazing that we didn’t all end up totally ga ga and like drooling vegetables.

“The Dublin wins in Croke park was probably behind much of this daily terror and abuse. lol ”

“They were also fanatical about the GAA and about Gaelic football, hurling and all of those culchie, bogger games that were alien to us Dubs. lol”

How can it be that the Dubs could win in Croke park if GAA was alien to them? lol

Hi Paul Cunningham,

Your powers of recollection are a credit to you and an aid to me!
I was indeed from Walkinstown, Esposito Rd to be precise and was a gabby little chap to boot !
Were you a tall slim lad with sandy hair and a good runner. I feel embarrassed asking but my recall is not what it used to be. Denis and I walked to and from school
together with Gerry Mulholland right up to the Leaving Cert.and remained friends til our late teens when our paths divided. Work and an interest girls, the usual!
In the case of Paul Fagan you are again correct, he was in my minds eye an highly intelligent studious lad who for whatever pervese reason could not keep the right side of O’Keefe, perhaps it was his intellect and reserved manner that warranted so much unfair attention.Civility was perceived as weakness in the system.
On the Walkinstown reference , I remember my first day in !st class the CB had me stand on his stool in front of the whole class as he announced ” this is how a well reared boy from a Purchased house looks” his introduction to my peers. Madmen !!!! There was no Joe Duffy then, no recourse. They in my opinion, had in large, no vocation. Their Mothers probably had one for them. in 60’s/70’s Ireland they were the “religious”, farmed out to for an education and a “place in society”
I met a couple since I left school and they had left for secular life. They themselves told me they hated every minute of it. I suppose in a dark way they too were victims . I’m not making excuses or trivialisng the impact they had, it’s just a middle-aged mans reflection on that part of my life.

Thanks for opening this post
I too was one of the bastardised many. I was there from 69 through to 74. I can only talk well of two (in School 2 as it was called) Mr Teehan in 2nd class and Mr Sheridan in 4th Class (they got shut of Mr Sheridan as he tried to teach the bird and the bees). I have blanked out most of my years there and even with the two good ones I have no happy memories of my Primary School years. Sadly I do have the clear recollection of being beating and touched up and vividly remember one brother trying to rape one of the lads on a school outing to Portmarnock and the same lad again with another Br in the sheds facing the football fields which backed onto the milk and corn beef sandwich sheds. I struggle to explain to my kids the way I was beating most days (and mugged everyday walking to school for my Odd’s as I was classed as a poshie) and it hard to describe the size and shape and feel of the “Leather” as it came down on you. I can’t find much peace in my mind for them savages in Black dresses.

I have just come across this article and the replies, today 22nd Sept.
I attended both primary and secondary school in Crumlin as well.
My memories of primary school are in the main,good, up to 6th class when we suffered a family tragedy.
This all changed though, once i transferred to the secondary school on Captains Rd.
Here, i was introduced to a whole new world of physical and verbal abuse. The brothers and indeed some of the lay teachers in this school were nothing short of terrorists, with a license to batter and belittle the children they were charged with educating. I could list off the names now even after 40 years. These bastards changed me as a person at probably the most vulnerable point in my life and i will never forgive them for their lack of compassion or empathy to young children.

Don ,
You must consider yourself a survivor no longer a victim. The Talmud the Hebrew Bible has a quote that advises the reader ‘LIVE WELL,IT IS THE GREATEST REVENGE ‘ Live well Don and you will have your victory over these Neanderthals. They’re all just shadows on a wall now whereas you’re flesh and blood in the here and now! Let them have that past , tomorrow belongs to you and they have no part of that.

Thanks Des.
I have moved on and built a life, but still find it hard to forget the past. It’s shocking to think that “teachers” can have such an impact on young lives. There wasn’t one day i didn’t hate going to that school and all that it entailed.
Appreciate your comment.

I went to CBS Crumllin 1966/1972 I was in brother Treacy’s class ,don’t like to describe it. He was probably the worse but not the only one. l would like to thank Eoin Little for his bravery ,that soft quiet boy I knew has become has become my greatest hero .Life goes on and one must evil regards.

Just found this !!
I’ve been having horrific nightmares lately!
Won’t go into it here !
I am 56 now so I was probably there from 69-74.
Then went to pearse college where another fucker was abusing kids!
Tiernan was his name!!
There was 3 schools primary and one secondary!
Two were joined at the main door Armagh road and the other was to the side nearer the monastery!
The secondary was behind again with entrance in captains road!!
People knew what was happening but were afraid to do anything!!
A group of us got together and got knives to get the bastard that patrolled the toilets!!
It never happened!!

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