Clerical Abuse — Catholic Bishops Meet Pope

Archbishop Martin briefs the Pope on clerical abuse in Ireland.

Was sagen Sie?  Was der fuck bist du mich tellen? Für fucksake?

Well, Ratzo, you and me go back a long way, isn’t that true?

Gott in Himmel!  Die kleine jungen-fuckers war die junger in das arsehole fucken was der fuck?  Was???

Ah Jesus Ratzo, there’s no need to be like that.


All right Ratzo. All right.  We’ll sort them out.

Fuckin recht Sie will them out gesorten.  Fuckin verdammte!!  Ich want Sie die Bruder  smashen. Ich bin of this Scheisse fucking Krank!!  Versteh??

Christ Ratzo, calm down.  I’ll get a moral theologian on the job right away.  Do you want them slapped on the wrist or totally destroyed?


OK Ratzo.  Gotcha.


Dregs of Society

5 thoughts on “Clerical Abuse — Catholic Bishops Meet Pope

  1. A point we may be missing. The perverts responsible were, are not Catholics not Christians not even Human beings. They broke all the laws of the state, their church and society. By their own espoused belief they now rot in Hell or shall. Just a thought. Bock your German is worse than mine

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