Cloudburst in Paradise

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Jun 202009

It’s fucking raining.  After all that beautiful weatherness of the past week, this morning began with  a crash of thunder, a lightning strike in the street and a lunatic downpour that went on for hours.  Everything is flooded, it’s still drizzling, it’s a bit chilly and we’re all back in jeans instead of the embarrassing but very comfortable baggy shorts.

Isn’t it awful that this …


…  could turn into this?


Shit and onions!

Isn’t it lucky we have something to divert us, in the shape of the afternoon rugby match between the Lions and the Springboks?  And isn’t it even luckier that one of the local hotels has  it on TV, even if the commentary is in Italian?


And wasn’t it a good idea to bring my Munster shirt?

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    come to savannah next time! it’s 115 (with the heat index) and no rain in sight! but yes, aren’t you still the lucky one, sugar! xox


    Life is a bitch and then you die. How does the place stay green without rain?
    pity about the game.

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