Croatia Despatch

Life gets even harder in the Adriatic

It’s getting tougher.


Yesterday, we were forced to spend the whole day drinking beer, lazing about on the sea-front and eating to excess.

Today, we’re going to a mountain-top village for a mediaeval festival and no doubt more chilled beer in the sun.





13 thoughts on “Croatia Despatch

  1. By the way, do you know what the wheel signifies in that coat of arms photo?

    Is it the Romany/Greek symbol which goes all the way back to the Oracle of Delphi do you think?

  2. my heart aches that y’all have to endure such hardships for us, sugar! be brave, sir, y’all are doing such a marvelous job for all of poor unfortunates! xoxox

    (love the photos!!!)

  3. I was there a few yrs back ,Spent a particuarly scary- exhilarating night with a bunch of travels id met on the very rocks pictured above in the middle of a crazy thunderstorm, That picture brought back nice memories.
    The town was very beautiful and more impressively being rebuilt block by block after being destroyed by bombs. When in a lot of countries they would of just built over in the quickest /most affordable way and moved on instead 12 yrs later the croatians were still laying block by block rebuilding it to its original beauty.
    I just thought this was really great !

  4. if it gets too much for you, i’m sure that a helicopter could be made available to get you out of there. just say you need to get to gaa match quickly.

  5. Ah where are you , i was in Dubrovnik , That last shot looks really like the outside wall of the castle there.
    Did nobody tell Gerry croatia has an A1 GAA team :-)
    Have fun !!

  6. The depravation!Will someone please think of the children!!..enjoy ya jammy fecker..

  7. You’re suffering will not be forgotten Bock.

    Obviously looking at that food, the excruciating pain of force-feeding comes to mind, how else could anyone digest such a platter?….then, as if that’s not bad enough, having to drink cold beer and wines until you can take no more torture. All the while, a searing Adriatic sun and hazy dreamlike landscapes offering no escape from that desperate spot.

    In the off chance ye make it back to FF-run civilisation there’s an open-top bus arranged to pick ye up at Shannon followed by a uncivil reception in Nancys. A small gesture from a grateful people who can only watch this struggle in admiration.

    oh!, I almost forgot…….you lucky bollix.

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