Croatia Report #3

The suffering goes on

It’s too hot to think and I’m too lazy to write.  All this delicious food, 35-degree heat and ice-cold beer are wearing me out, so here’s a few more pictures to cheer you up.


This is the little place I found where I can send you this nonsense.

Cafe Mura, hidden in a tiny laneway.  They have WiFi and you can use their electricity.  If you’re ever in Novigrad, call in and ask for Manuela.


Now.  That’s enough talk. Here are some pics.
















17 thoughts on “Croatia Report #3

  1. Whats in the little jars with the blue tops ?
    You won’t recognise Ireland when you get back………its shangri la… la la now.

  2. Is there a very small possibility,only very small mind you,that the whole planet is great apart from the crap little part I’m on?Get back here now and suffer like normal people.

  3. Love the pics of Pula, nice little town with some fantastic bars if my hazy (hungover) memory serves me correctly. Enjoy the hols more pics please

  4. It’s not Split.

    Prices are low compared to what we’re used to. In other words, traders are looking for a fair price instead of wanting the eye out of your head.

  5. Bock fair? €15 for a guided tour of the villages. I could not get fifteen minutes in Dublin for that. Enjoy yourself. You should get a job with the Istria tourist board . Great Photos.

  6. What’s more, there’s no litter and no aggression on the streets.

    (I’m conscious of the irony of saying such a thing in a country with Croatia’s political and religious extremism, so please don’t bother pointing it out. I know. This is about daily society).

  7. I live in Croatia and I ashamed to confess that I have never been to Novigrad. :( These pictures look absolutely awesome and I think I definitely need to visit it as soon as possible. Thanks for opening my eyes. ;)

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