Dutchy Holland, Murderer of Veronica Guerin, Dies in Jail

Dutchy Holland, Veronica Guerin’s killer, dies in British prison.

dutchy hoillandAm I sorry Dutchy Holland is dead?

Of course not.  Why would I be sorry? This man murdered Veronica Guerin, a courageous, if ill-advised, journalist.  This man mercilessly dispatched a young mother for prying too deeply into the drugs subculture Holland inhabited, and he carried out her murder without remorse or human feeling.

The world is a richer place when people like Dutchy Holland die and I wish more of them would pass away, either by natural causes or at the end of a bullet.

guerinvI don’t know what was physically wrong with Dutchy Holland that caused him to die in a British jail, but I hope it was nothing trivial.  Dutchy Holland was typical of the lowlife element that invaded Irish life over the last few decades, exemplified in all its horrible squalor by his paymaster John Gilligan, and showcased in the mutant drug-dealing family that now afflicts my home town, Limerick, with little or no interference from the police.

We need less tolerance, not more, and I’m prepared to relinquish some of my freedoms in return for greater safety.

Here.  Take this liberal, right-on  identity card I carried for so many years and in its place give me a hard regime, supported by the consensus of a society tired of bending to the whims of thugs.

Just let it be enforced by an honest competent police force.

Oh wait.  I think I’ve spotted a problem.

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Bock there should be no need to relinquish your freedoms if as you say we had an honest competent police force.To class those pot bellied boorish oafs here as police would be to insult real policemen around the world.Quite amazing that Holland could have a lifelong criminal career only interrupted by short bouts of R&R in jail.But then that seems to be the norm for criminals in Ireland or at least for the few that get caught.In many parts of the world he would probably have died 50 years ago.

holland was a great man the govement are the real crooks there behind all the drugs brought in to this country thats a fact

Eugene Holland was a great man? Well I suppose that Eva Braun thought that Adolph Hitler was a great man too.

However, Godwin’s Law itself can be abused, as a distraction, diversion or even censorship, that fallaciously miscasts an opponent’s argument as hyperbole, especially if the comparisons made by the argument are actually appropriate. A 2005 Reason magazine article argued that Godwin’s Law is often misused to ridicule even valid comparisons

Dutchey was a great man?

I don’t know about Holland but the idea that a government could in fact be responsible for the drugs trade in it’s own country is nothing new. Look at what happened in the States. But I think Irish politicians would be too honest for that, especially given the tough anti drugs policies they have implemented.

Well I wouldnt argue with those sentiments Bock , if the guy had been convicted of that murder on the basis of evidence, but from memory, during his trial for posession of drugs, a ban Garda stated in the witness box that she thought he had killed Veronica Guerin. Lo and behold the guy got 20 years, for possession of drugs ostensibly, but the message was clear. For all our outrage about the West Midlands Police fitting up the Birmingham 6, at least their justice system required them to go to the trouble of beating confessions out of their fall guys. No such red tape here in the Republic!

Now I spent the Guerin years in Cambodia where the drugs were better and the murderers more mass, so I don’t know how qualified I am to comment on Veronica’s journalistic oeuvre. But…anyone who goes around flattering lugs by promulgating ludircous nicknames deserves a slug in the head….bit extreme…horse head in the bed instead.

You go down around the wrong side of the Big Apple and start writing front pagers on the New York Post about Tony Soprano and your found at the bottom of the Hudson wearing concrete shoe. Whose to blame?

Tony would be sensitive to things like that. He’d sit there on his couch brooding, taking
serious issue with seeing his name contained in the same paragraph as the words , “drug lord, crime boss, multi million cocaine empire”, etcetera.

He’d notice your byline too – and he’d brood some more on that.

esso dee seems to have got the gist of things. Dutchy was never convicted of murder. He got a savagely harsh sentence for cannabis. Incidentally not one smack dealer was convicted after the Veronica Guerin hysteria. Ireland’s Lady Di. Everybody in mourning for somebody they didn’t know, Judges talking about ‘lives ruined’ by cannabis dealers. My life would be ruined if I couldn’t have a spliff. I’d have to drink alcohol, which I hate. I’d wake in the morning with a pain in the head and shit liquid.
The problem is, I have to give my money to low lives because they’ve made a decision to supply a service. Not that I want drugs legalised – five quid, for 20 fags, God knows what they’d charge for dope, plus VAT. No, much better to have legislation inefficiently enforced. And why not lump all drugs together. Which would you smuggle, if getting caught meant 10 years? Bulky, stinky cannabis or compact powders. Customers who score once a week or everyday? If you were already in jail and being tested, what would you take? Heroin which is gone from the system in three days or spliff which stays for months? The Dutchy Hollands and Gilligans and Dundons are creatures created by us, for us. Instead of addressing the problem in any meaningful way, Irish newspapers confine themselves to reiterrating how awful, and violent and unlike us the subspecies is. And really, it’s just business.

Patrick Eugene “Dutchy” Holland was a pillar of society, a paragon of virtue and a Saint. He now sits at the right hand of God, Christ had to move, Well maybe he killed a few people, but they probably asked for it. Without him and his ilk what would ordinary decent citizens do for their Splifs, E-tabs, Coke etc. The point that anyone even thinking of giving evidence against these things have a “little accident” is of no importance. Oh! By the way Decco Cigs cost €10 for 20 in a shop.

Gary, I live in England and I can assure you fags cost £5 for 20 – I did say ‘quid’. As for buying them in a shop, more fool anyone who does. Which brings us back in a round about way to why I don’t want to pay tax on my spliff either.

jj, EssoDee, Kevin, Abdul, and Decco get off the pipe! Dutchy Holland was a prime suspect but, in fact, was never tried for the murdrer of investigative journalist Veronica Guerin due to insufficient evidence. Dutchy Holland did not have a confession beaten out of him he was caught red-handed on film, and after a month long trial he was convicted and sentenced to 8 years in jail for organising the plot to abduct London businessman Nasir Zahid using an attractive woman as a ‘honeytrap’ to lure him to a house to be slaughtered. Dutchy Holland died behind bars after his “latest” conviction i.e. he was not a good man, he was an extremely dangerous career criminal– a murderer. He is obviously the worst possible choice for poster boy for your off-topic campaign for the legalization of marijuana– but you fool-five are even poorer advocates due to your pathetic collective ignorance of the facts, self-admitted memory loss, idolization of both real life and fictional television criminal characters– while blaming the victim of a murder, which left her young son motherless and her husband a widow, for engaging in a lawful and “truly noble” profession– unlike Patrick Eugene Holland. R.I.H. Dutchy Holland. R.I.P. Veronica Guerin.

Truly noble? There are more than the fool five on the pipe. Whores. And that’s speaking as one who has given headlines for head or the othert way around.
Bye now Fiona.[

if he did do it
he was a dog
i hope he died painfully and suffered immensely
just another self serving dog
good riddance !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eugene Holland was let down by society, a society that should have had the heart to forgive a man his sins and rehabilitate him. People are so judgmental. He was a human being, albeit a flawed one. His life was not easy, and he didn’t have the choices many of you had. Destiny played him a shitty hand.

Ah fuck it – I can’t keep this shite up for too long. I hope the scumbag died slowly and painfully, bleeding from the rectum on a cold stone floor. The world’s a better place without people like him. Let’s drink a toast to being rid of the fucker.

Veronica Guerin was murdered by a contract killer. They couldn’t get Dutchy Holland for lack of evidence. That is the paradox of the law in western democratic societies: no evidence no conviction. The English legal system got him for something else. That’s another beautiful thing about western law. They couldn’t find evidence to try Al Capone in the roaring twenties Chicago of ordering the gang murders of dozens; but they finally got him on income tax evasion. He died unhappily in Alcatraz.

I don’t enjoy the fact that Dutchy died in an English jail, but as an honest citizen I am glad that he cannot ever again plan crimes in Ireland.

The drug trade is another thing. Demand and supply, customers and suppliers. Nasty suppliers who often murder. Katy French and Gerry Ryan were among thousands of customers.

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