Ethnic Cleansing in Belfast

Belfast loyalist attacks drive Romanians out of the country.

When one person is attacked because of their nationality, that’s xenophobia.  When 100 people are intimidated out of their homes and have to flee the country, that’s ethnic cleansing.

loyalistsOnce again, the loyalists of Northern Ireland show the world what an ugly bunch they are.  After years of intimidating their Catholic neighbours, they now  concentrate on immigrants, though the recent attacks on Romanians are nothing new.  Before this, they were attacking Poles, Africans and anyone else they perceived to be different.

Bigotry, of course, is nothing new to Northern Ireland’s loyalist culture.  Hatred of non-loyalists is at its very heart because loyalists, by definition, are intensely aware of their own status as outsiders.  They celebrate it.  They flaunt it.  They commemorate their ancestors’ arrival on these shores, displacing and dispossessing the indigenous Irish.  The manner of their commemorations has  for years been designed to cause maximum insult to those they perceive to be the conquered population.

On the face of it, to any reasonable person, they seem to be completely unaware of the irony in their position.  Any reasonable person might point out that the loyalists themselves are self-proclaimed outsiders, having no connection in any form with Irish culture.  The reasonable man might therefore ask how these manifest outsiders could display such hatred towards other outsiders instead of feeling empathy with them.

That would miss the point completely.  Loyalists don’t do irony.  Loyalists maddogcouldn’t give a flying fuck about anyone else.  At the heart of the loyalist credo is one simple theme: we took this place by violence and we’ll keep it by violence.

I’m not saying all unionists think like that.  There are many who happen to believe the union was a preferable political structure but consider themselves fully part of the Irish culture.

Loyalism is different, and increasingly dangerous as it binds closer and closer with European Fascist movements such as Combat 18 and the BNP.  We now see loyalist mobs attacking the homes of Romanians, smashing windows in the church where they took refuge and chanting Nazi slogans.

Where is this all leading?


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35 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing in Belfast

  1. Bock, the PSNI have said loyalists were not involved in these particular attacks.

    Five people in total have been arrested, four of whom are children under the age of 18. A fifth person has been arrested, 21 year old Shane Murphy.

  2. Funny place the North. I’ve never been to Belfast but I have been to Derry. The way the people there paint the footpath edges in their tribal colours is quite revealing, and intimidating.

    Doesn’t surprise me that this carry on is promoted; and it was. Those kids did not act alone, for sure they were put up to it and certainly, the PSNI are lying in their efforts to play it down.

    Nothing good ever came from the words of a liar.

  3. “….the PSNI are lying in their efforts to play it down”

    Well then. Not only must the PSNI be lying but the pastor of the church which sheltered them plus every politician (irrespective of political or religious persuasion) as none of them pointed the finger at loyalists with some of them explicitly saying that loyalists weren’t involved.

    “Nothing good ever came from the words of a liar.”

    Here’s one. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  4. Yeah Bock thats true and McGuiness and Adams would be scottish and English surnames.So there must have a lot of crossover of people from one side to the other over the years.Its no longer as clear cut as to who are the natives and who are the invaders as it was in the 16th/17th centuries.

  5. I didn’t say it was clear-cut. You brought up surnames, not me.

    Being a loyalist is something that people define for themselves.

  6. It sure as hell did not help matters that Cameron went and did a Randolph Churchill a few week back. Now that really had me worried.

  7. Well, whoever’s willing and able to act like this, and not to forget those who would applaud behind close doors: There’s obviously something rotten (not only) in the state of Belfast, hm?

  8. I’m not condoning the violence or the bigotry in any form; however, are these Romanians taking jobs away from citizens, or perhaps worse, getting on the dole, increasing crime, taking away available housing; all with the government’s permission/allowance? Perhaps the government should look at their immigration policies. Just a thought.

  9. Taking all the jobs. On the dole. Bloody foreigners.
    Would you try some new bullshit?

    1. If there are jobs there, then why hasn’t a “citizen” already taken it?
    2. Being from Romanina, they are not allowed to collect the dole UNLESS they have already contributed to the social welfare system. Nobody can just walk up to the dole office and say “Howya, I’m from Romania, I have no job, give me money!”.

    As an aside, these Romanians in Belfast are gypsies, Roma, Romanies, or whatever you want to call them. They don’t actually consider themselves to be Romanian, but trans-nationality (if that’s a word). They stick together, have very large families, and maybe this intimidated the scumbags who chased them out.

    Yes, they rob, steal, beg, and do as little work as possible. But that’s still not a reason for such despicable behaviour from Belfast residents.

  10. The PSNI said Loyalist paramilitaries werent involved. They did not say that they werent loyalists. It has always been loyalists who have done this kind of stuff, although its played down a bit in some quarters, because it gives the lie to the “they’re all the same up there” line.

  11. These poor unfortunate Romanians were not living where they were attacked by chance, given that they were probably Catholics why were they not living in a nationalist area ? The nationalist areas in Belfast are extremely
    suspicious of strangers (and foreigners), why were they not welcome there ?
    Because they haven’t gone away, you know !!

  12. Don’t be too harsh on our Loyalists brothers. The realisation that they’ll never win the European Cup – unlike the Bhoys – has had an enormous effect on their psyche.

  13. The would be neither Catholic or Protestant. 99% of Romanian gypsies are Romanian Orthodox – though this depends on where in Romania they are from. If they are Hungarian speakers, they would be Catholics, but they are Romanian speaking, so therefore most likely Orthodox.

    But for the boyos up there, the question would be are they Catholic or Protestant Orthodox!

  14. Perfidious Albion, your logic is torturous, but I’m in awe of your powers of spin: Nationalist bigotry forces loyalists to burn Romanians out of their homes. Oh, those cunning Taigs!

  15. I am getting confused by it all.Anyhow the only thing that comes through clearly is that in Ireland everybody hates everybody else for one reason or another.A bit like the Balkans in miniature here.

  16. These poor unfortunate Romanians are burned out or forced out wherever they settle. Is this the fault of the locals or could it be their own fault for the manner in which they behave ?

  17. The people of Limerick appear to accept that burning people out of their homes is acceptable or at least they have done nothing about it when it happens !1

  18. Wow, just look at the Xenos come crawling out of the woodwork!

    This was 100% a Loyalist backed campaign. Come on, you had that thug on the news saying something like oh yeah, of course we condemn the violence, but you know the kids in this area feel dispossessed because there’s no sense of community so you can understand why they might feel the need to express themselves like this but of course we totally condemn the violence.

    This from the same people who, whilst totally condeming the act itself, would have been involved in shooting/blowing up people who disagreed with them a few years back. Because, you know, you can totally understand the need to express yourself like that

    And the only jobs that immigrants “take” from us are the ones our pampered arses wouldn’t do because they are “beneath” us. You won’t find many Irish people nowadays cleaning public toilets.

    I’ve no great love for Romanian gypsies, yes they do steal and so on, but big deal. Lots of people in Ireland are thieves too. So speaking as a human being, what happened was fucking disgusting. The worst part about it; the bastards won – the Romanians are going home.

  19. When it can be justified perhaps it is one of the solutions.
    Does anyone really know why it was done, Belfast is a very dangerous place to steal from the inhabitants (either
    side of the divide)

  20. Scum are scum no matter what side of the divide they come from, they are polar opposites of the same type of person nationalists and loyalists hardliners but they are identical in their practices.

    As for Gypsies well Gypsies are Gypsies no one really likes them do they no matter how PC you are no
    one likes the baggage that comes with them I don’t think this warrants them being burnt out though.

    Had they been living in a strong Nationalist area they probably would’ve been removed as well lol.

  21. 25: OK, let’s assume that these people made their living by theft (which, by the way, has never been alluded to as a cause for what happened). Do you really think they are stupid enough to steal from the people in their area? Do you actually suppose that because they look different and speak a different language that they are somehow retarded? These people have a long culture and tradition of shady dealings and unlike their Irish counterparts, have enough sense to know that you don’t shit in your own back yard.
    So that argument is bullshit really.
    And how do you justify terrorising children for their parent’s (alleged) actions?

    26: I agree, I wasn’t singling out loyalists per se. But it did happen in a loyalist area; and I’m pretty sure there are plenty of Romanians living in Nationalist areas as well. But somehow, they’ve not been hunted out. (yet)

  22. Loyalists, as everyone knows, are people of deep principle who don’t approve of criminality anywhere. They never engage in criminal behaviour themselves which is why they hate to see other people doing it.

    Sometimes, as a result, they find themselves overwhelmed by the need to burn people out of their homes and occasionally murder them.

  23. What where they doing in Belfast, and all crammed into the one area, looks to me as though they were part of a scam, maybe the ones who stayed will get a nice house in a good area now, or they just might come down south (or have we enough pickpockets and scammers already)

  24. Tony — I don’t know why they were all crammed into one area.

    Would it be anything like the way the Irish immigrants all crammed into one area in New York or London?

  25. 130 people in 3 houses, you do the maths, just doesnt seem believable, don’t think us paddy’s could have managed that in New York or London, i think there is a scam somewhere along the line

  26. Or maybe they just wanted to stick together…go and look at the conditions they live in at home in Romania, and then tell us that there’s something odd about cramming into a house where at least you have clean running water.

    That’s what these people are going back to. You might think it’s all a bit exaggerated, but it ain’t. I’ve seen the Romanian quarter ghettos in Sofia and you wouldn’t put pigs in there.

    And whether or not there was a “scam” (lovely how we can stereotype an entire country and its people so easily…if there was a scam then it was probably that the Irish owner of the houses was getting paid for more houses then they provided) it doesn’t justify what happened to those people, does it?

    [slightly off topic rant, sorry]: Ah well, let’s all keep taking money out of our dying economy and go north of the border because we can buy twice as much cheap wine there, and support our brave neighbours in their courageous fight against racial and cultural impurity.
    Flame on!

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