Ireland’s Billions Given Away For Nothing

The country is bankrupt, yet we give away billions worth of gas for nothing.

While you become ever poorer due to increased taxes, the government is quietly giving away billions worth of natural resources to a private company.  In fact the government is giving away enough money to rescue our economy, and there seems to be no explanation for it.

I’ve been talking about this for a long time, but if you don’t believe me, maybe you should have a look at this report in the Irish Times.

You are paying for hundreds of police to protect the Shell construction site in Mayo so that a multinational company can take billions of euros worth of our gas and give us not a penny in return.

Why?  At a time when we need every cent we can scrape together, why is this happening?



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Justin Keating (Lab.) had a plan to create a kind of StatOil way back in 1976. Norway were getting up to 90% royalties from the oil companies and Keating figured we’d better sort ourselves out. But something happened along the way, i.e. Ray Burke, Bertie Ahern etc. (those names seem familiar somehow).

Well, I’m sure you know all this stuff anyway, but there’s a nicely documented and concise history here. Well worth a read.

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