Islamic Suicide Bombings Down by 90%

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Jun 262009
I bumped into old Cap’n Purplehead the other day.
Bock, he said, did you hear that there’s been a collapse in the number of Islamic suicide bombings.

No, I said. Why’s that?

Well, he said, it seems they broadcast Britain’s Got Talent to the Middle East and the Muslims realised what a virgin looks like.
What awaits the Muslim Suicide Bomber

What awaits the Muslim Suicide Bomber


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    Be careful what you ask for, it might come true.


    Who’d a thunk, ha? – and all crap and death that Bush the idiot war monger brought when all that was required was one little old virgin pic!

    Chalk one up for the Cap’n.


    Now that made me laugh!


    I dreamed a dream – but that wasn’t it! Allah be praised!


    Now that is hilarious!

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