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Limerick Music on the Holiday Weekend

I was out last night, you know, and this is a bank holiday (bank??  Hock thooey!!) but that’s what they call it.  Bank holiday.  That’s just what they call it and I have absolutely no control over these things.


Bank fucking holiday.  Bah!  Banking motherfucker bastards!!!

Anyway, because it was a bank holiday, there were two Sundays in the weekend — last night and tonight.  So I went in to Nancy’s because the O’Malleys were doing their usual irony-fest, I thought it might be a good plan to video them.

Now look, if you’ve been any kind of a visitor to this site you’ll know that I have no first fucking clue about technology, and I always make a complete shit of these things.  However, this is even worse.The camera I’ve been using up to now for video is completely unsuitable for bands and gigs and stuff like that, because it can’t grab images in low light.  And that’s why the last few posts of bands have been sound but no vision.  It’s a camera, for Christ’s sake.  A camera.  It’s for taking pictures.

Anyhow, I now have a proper video-taking thing, and it does movies in HD and all sorts of clever stuff, though it isn’t mine.  It’s a Canon HG-10, a beautiful piece of gear.  I don’t own it.  A concerned citizen lent it to me saying  Go forth Bock and tell it like it is!! Thank you, concerned citizen.  I might well purchase such a recording device of my own if this one works out as I hope.  It can record things in the dark.  It’s great.

So what happened?

Well, I recorded a few songs, though it isn’t easy when you’re dealing with a band like this.  I slid over to the Baby Jesus,  playing lead guitar,  and I said to him, Look, why don’t you give me the nod when you want a song recorded?  See, I don’t know what you’re going to play next.

The Baby Jesus looked back at me sadly.  Bock, he said,  here’s the trouble.  We don’t know what we’re going to play either.

That has to be a problem.  It does, really.

It really does.

Nevertheless, I managed to record a couple of songs and they were fairly good, despite the drunken state of the band.  I took them home, put them on the PC, and then I realised how disastrous new technology truly is.  They’re too fucking good.

They’re so good I can’t upload them because they take up too much room.


I have to make them smaller before putting them on Youtube, but I don’t know how.  Any clever fuckers out there who might havethe answer?

I’d love to put up some of these videos.

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Handbrake is a nice piece of technology which might meet your needs. I am no video person but it does allow you to play around with the settings to change sizes and ‘things’.

If all else fails next time video a smaller band – terrible Joke for a Tuesday I know!!

I’m over there; to the land of my birth, next thursday the 18th.
Any trad music on in limerick city that we should check out?
Your help in this matter would be much appreciated.


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