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Limerick Music — The O’Malleys at Nancy Blake’s

I caught the O’Malleys in Nancys, still going strong after all these years.

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Did they have a save barringtons number in the late eighties? great stuff, makes me homesick.

Great band, they’d drink lough eireann however- and your problem is. I remember Peter O’Malley (the lead singer) perched on the partition between the seats in Teds once. He had a triangular lamp shade – borrowed from the adjacent light shade – on his head; his eyes squinted up like an oriental. He was informing us – this was part of his solo gig – that he was a Chinese immigrant looking for work on the Shannabooley Road. Occasionally he would play guitar and sing in between stopping to make observations about any misfortune that happened to be passing on the way to the toilet. This was back in the late 80s. Priceless stuff, but a bit advanced for some ot the crew that were attending, who may have preferred a few Elton John covers.

Speaking of which, how did the contrary auld rear gunner get on in TP at the weekend?

The John Mayall revival starts in Nancy’s ! Great stuff, but where’s Derry Bray ?

Dear Bock,
The O Malley’s were fuckin’ brill, got all nostalgic when I saw the vids.
I miss the 80’s in Limerick, the visits of Freddie White and John Martyn (R.I.P.)
I must be gettin old!

Shannaboley — Me too.

Abdul — He’s not really Peter O’Malley. It’s just made up, y’know? Like Elton John?

Wrinkley Joe — I just seemed to catch the John Mayall section of the gig for some reason. Not quite sure why.

Brian — Did you ever see Freddie in the Theatre Club?

One thing that always gave me a laugh at their gigs was the intro to “Romeo and Juliet”.

“Heres a song we wrote for Dire Straits…..”


Still hairy after all these years. I remember there was a big benefit gig in Limerick around 1983 to send the O’Malleys on a tour of Germany. Everybody played, including the O’Malleys. All went quiet for a few weeks, then there was another big benefit gig to get ’em home again – the tour went bust. Everybody played again, except the O’Malleys because they were stuck in Germany. Those were the days whem air travel was expensive and you could tax a car for a tenner, a situation that has reversed itself.

When I was young, sex was safe and motor racing was dangerous.


Well Bock,
did not see him in the Theatre Club.Saw him a couple of times around the corner in the Glentworth
and once in the Parkway he was awesome!
Question for you Bock,there was a Limerick band called The Outfit they even got a song called
“El Salvador” into the then meaningful Irish charts and we used to go and see them on Sunday afternoons
in a place just off William St. behind Burgerland (mmmmm!) in one of the laneways what was that place called? (I guess I left too many brain cells in the bars of Limerick)
Oh and I am as bald as a coot now,congrats Nuts for being still hairy.

Brian, – the above on the U-Tube vid, Ger Costelloe, (guy in the purple shirt) used to be the lead singer with the Outift. Tom McLoughlin used originally play drums, then Brendan Wallace, Brian Healy on bass, world class bass player. Paul Healy, was the lead singer. Mike Ryan (not the Mike Ryan from Tuesday Blue) on keyboards and they had a brass section also. They folded no long afterwards and the Healys formed the Groove, who played support to David Bowie, in Slane I believe. That place behind Burgerland was called the Courtyard – and by the way, you still owe me for that ten spot, you bollocks.

Thanks Abdul,
you will have to get into a veeeery long line to get your ten spot!
I will meet you in Buddies on Friday at about 6 we will listen to Zappa and maybe indulge in a doobie or three …………
I really miss the 80’s in Limerick!
yours ,
Brian A.K.A. bollocks.

Buddies, Jesus, Brian. A regular at the pub, I remember hoping desperately that the drug squad, on one of their drugs “busts” maaaaaaaan – would search me in the bar in frontof everyone, looks really cool etc etc. Myself and a few friends were barred out of there for a day.
We positioned a midget, whose name I won’t mention, on the wall of the toilets overlooking the women’s. Remember the toilets, there was a gap between the top of the wall and the roof separating the men’s and women’s. We, er, maneuvered short ass up between the gap He couldn’t get down. Proportionally it was a 40ft drop for him. Eddie Buddie wasn’t amused to have an effing and blinding midget stranded on his toilet wall – the language out of him – and barred us. We were allowed back in on condition that we stopped marooning midgets on walls, fair enough.

Hardly ever go to ” town ” but one of my daughters tells me of grat music in Limerick, when i tell her of my youth, it seem’s amazing even to me.
I was from the “country” so going into Limerick was a huge deal, I’m a bit older than most people here, i think, but in “my day ” Limerick was rockin….bands like Thin lizzy and skid row most week-ends, and the music scene for Limerick bands was incredible, wonder if any of you ever heard of “sweet street” or “jerimiah henry” ? Jack Costelloe, Gers older brother was in that, So was Johnny Fean, who joined Horslips, did any of you ever know a guy called Eugene Wallace, totally amazing guy, sounded like a mix of Ritchie Havens and Joe Cocker, another guy called Joe O’Donnell, i’m pretty sure he had the first electric violin in Ireland…….jesus i’m stopping here, going back way too far and probably beyond memory for most of you………..would’nt be cool to say those were the days but they were.

if that midget had an unhealthy liking for Benylin cough syrup then I know him!
I think that a Buddies regulars re-union is called for and we should hold it in that new place above where the Royal George was and wreck their fuckin’ heads.

Abdul; where did you find that ! amazing, thanks so much.
Way back, ’71 i think, i was living, we shall say in “Europe” and Eugene was asked to play this big gig in Copenhagen, He came to stay with us and this other guy offered to drive to Copenhagen, but he (the driver) was a bit of the uptight variety,We had about 600 kms to drive, This was going to be Eugenes “big break” however, As Eugene was totally hilarious and never stopped, messing, imitating and making faces, We spent most of the journey in hysterics, granted we had assistance in the form of some afghani tasters, The driver guy got so pissed off he dumped 3 of us out of the van about 200 kms short of Copenhagen.
We got there eventually, Eugene was amazing, still broke down in heaps of laughing in middle of gig, but what a great guy.
Lost touch for years, then back in the late 80’s maybe early 90’s i was passing through Thurlas, stopped for a coffee and there was Eugene, it was as if no time had passed it was amazing he was still singing and laughing, unfortunatly i heard some time later that he had passed away, a great guy, world class.
Great to hear Johnny Fean still gigging, there was also a guy called mick fraser, jesus we were all so innocent. really thanks.

Norma, – So sorry to hear he passed away. I believe that he had a few albums out and someone told me that one of his records was produced by the producer that worked with Genesis (LP, record, album, hah, call me old fashioned). Meantime, Phil Collins, (world class drummer, whatever about his solo career) cites Wallace as one of his favourite singers. Fean is another amazing musician. His brother Ray used keep time for Tuesday Blue, believe he worked with Riverdance for a while also, brilliant drummer. I picked up above link with a google search. Afgani Tasters….tut.tut,tut…….I remember being in the top floor of the Savoy once and the Black Adder (Murray) came up to inform the sound man that anyone smoking bamboozlers was to be kicked out. The sound man, whose name I won’t mention had a joint lighting behind his back, the band were wasted beyond redemption (ps the joints were stashed in the bass drum) and 95% of the audience had that far away look in their eyes, as in far away on the planet Jupiter. “I’ll keep an eye out for that,” the Black Adder was told….. RIP to Eugene Wallace. I don’t think the Irish music scene was aware of the talent that man had.

Brian, I’m taking the 5th on that midget……I heard he sued Limerick corporation ….. for building the ground too close to his ass.

Another sound man, whose name I won’t mention, used sit said midget on his knee and pretend he was a ventriloquist to strangers in the bar we used frequent – on our f*****g knees laughing.

Phil Collins Profile & Eugene Wallace

Philip Collins: drums.
Born: Chiswick, London, 30th January 1951.
Education: Chiswick County Grammar School and Barbara Speake Stage School.
Musical training: self-taught piano and drums. Subsequently took lessons in reading from Frank King and Lloyd Ryan.
Career: has played drums since age of five and acted in numerous television films and radio shows, including playing The Artful Dodger in Oliver for ten months. Joined a group called Flaming Youth at 17. Has been professional since 16.
Musical influences: the Beatles, Yes, Mahavishnu Orchestra.
Favourite composers: Lennon and McCartney, John Anderson, Martin Hall.
Favourite musicians: Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford, Ian Wallace, Peter Banks.
Favourite single: I Wanna Hold Your Hand, the Beatles.
Most influential LP: Inner Mounting Flame: John McLaughlin.
Favourite singers: John Anderson, Eugene Wallace.
Residence: Epsom.
Instruments: Gretsch drum kit, Ludwig snare drum, seven assorted Paiste cymbals and a few gongs, triangle, whistles and finger cymbals.

Abdul; You have really taken me back, so many stories, could’nt tell them here ! my kids think i should write a book, we sure had some adventures ! so many memories, It was basically about 18 months of my entire life to date that i dove headlong into a scene which looked groundbreaking and world changing at the time, But you have triggered now so many feelings and thoughts of those says and how they have hugely influenced my life and choices.
Of all the people i knew, certainly Eugene stands out as extraordinairy, he had outstanding talent, but he did’nt care a whit about recording contracts and all that, he was his own man, kind and so generous, i’m not sure at all he even knew how talented he was.
I think his sister might still live in Limerick, When he sang Ritchie Havens “motherless child” time just stood still.
A lot of truly creative amazing people back then, not tainted by technology ! I read recently an interview with Bob (Dylan of course ! ) where he expressed his concern that young people now are creating such a block for themselves via i pods, mob phs, games etc, basically pre occupation with constant technology that they have or may lose touch with being in the “now” and that poor level of awareness will prohibit so much creativity and growth.
None of that around in my day, I was married young, very young, we had an old record player and 4 albums, Cohen, Dylan, Van the man and Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
I gave up the afghani tasters and alchohol when i was 20, for no particular reason other than i did’nt like who it made me.
Really, i’m grateful to you, stuff like you have given me is invaluable.
Eugene Wallace RIP hope he’s still giggin in the sky, want to retain some degree of innocent thought and not always be the cynical obnoxious fucker i’m capable of these day’s.
You know what……i’m going to try and track down some recording of Eugenes, must be out there somewhere, if i ever find any, will let you know.

I’ m right there with you Abdul, It might sound weird, but something has changed very dramatically in my life of recent weeks ( don’t want to get into it here) and whereas i knew i had become very cynical and even withdrawn over the years, the strangest things have happened in these past weeks, people who were very important to me, who i have had no contact with me for years have just appeared, people i have been thinking about have contacted me in one form or another, and i am such a fucker for never contacting anyone, these people knew nothing about what was going on with me.
For a time in my life Eugene was like my brother, but as always i just drift, i have thanked you for bringing his memory back to the forefront of my thoughts.
Look I really think the young musicians would be greatly inspired by his memory, a “Eugene Wallace rememberance day” lot’s of music, a giant picnic, barbecues, jesus he would have loved it, i have a tear in my eye now, and i thought you were rummaging for the spoils in an old mattress ! look if i can help in anyway just ask Bock for my e-mail, i’m under pressure with what’s happened but ready willing and able to help with whatever you might need to pull this off.
I found “book of fool ” on the internet and have enquired as to how to get it. I still have an old record player in the attic, must check if it works. jesus ! imagine getting all the “old fogeys” back rockin in Limerick !….would leave any Stones concert for dust……….

Hmmm, Norma a rememberance day gig for Eugene. If there is anyone out there that has the know how to organise such for one of Limerick’s most talented – but seemingly forgotten – sons then I would be willing to lend a hand in any capacity. I’d certainly chase down some of his former recording buddies, including Phil Collins, who knows, seconds out. Anyone want to give it a shot?

Didn’t Tom Cronin play lead guitar with the O’Malleys back in the 80’s? He was my guitar teacher (at least when you could get him to stop talking and concentrate on teaching). What ever happened to Tom? Anyone know?

Abdul; probably not advisable to be over ambitious, but Rememberance Day for Eugene would have to have some music and hopefully some with people he knew and played with.
I have no idea where most people are, I have’nt been around for a long long time, I will definitly find out a bit though, still have an idea where 1 or 2 might be holdin out, will get back about it.
It was all about getting out of Limerick back then, a lot of people did just that, will try to contact Johnny Fean, and possibly Guido di Vito.

the summer of 81 in limerick with the outfit when they were playing down on the docks in a place called the hogan-stand i believe which was an upstairs joint with john cotter and ger casey working the door (a classy pair) for the band ger as i had’nt much money on me at the time let me stand and watch the whole gig it was booming dermot moloney was part of the brass section tenor sax the outfit were one of the storongest bands of their time with a very strong politcal edge to them as well within their songs such as the dying soldier -red cement – the reel- as well as a cover of junior murvin’s police and thieves consequently i got to know the ads reallywell and i went on tour all over the place with them in 81 and 82 and took lots of photos recording them before during and after the gigs however that night when i first saw them by pure chance in sep 81 as i was undecided as to going to dublin for the weekend or staying in limerick i chose to stay and went out drifting for the night and suddenly heard the music they were unforegettable this was limericks finest years later i remember talkng to dave fanning in dublin who said they should have gone all the way they were in some way leaders of their time……

Outstanding! “drop kick me Jesus thru the goalposts of life”! etc, is that Des Des Dessie o ‘Dywer in the background? O Malleys great band and great laugh! Remember Outfit, Groove, and all the rest too!!! good times! Ta man that happied me up no end!

A fine band indeed John, I remember they (The Outfit) supported the Bureau ( formed after the break up
of Dexy Midnight Runners) in the Courtyard and they blew them off the stage.

The band split up not long afterwards. Mike Ryan formed a new band, The Rhythm Sector, that used play in the top floor of the Savoy. Toucandance, all good God fearing well hung Catholic boys, were called Average Contents in those days. They knocked out some great tracks. Green Eyes and Dry Land were two of the finest songs I heard from anyone in the 80s.

Tom Jones, not the one with the giant medallion around his neck from Wales, was playing with the Toucans at the time but then joined Tuesday Blue and Mike Ryan joined the Toucans following the break up of the Rhythm Sector.

We remember Casey also, but seeing as this is a family site I shouldn’t mention that time in his car smoking “smoking”
bamboozlers and listening to Black Uhuru. The bass octave was so low and the volume so high that the wheel bearings nearly fell off the van.

A elderly woman knocked on the window looking for directions?

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph”, she exclaimed.


I don’t remember Tom Jones playing with the Toucans. Perhaps one of the former Toucans who visit this site might clarify.

You are right, I believe, in that Tom played with Average Contents, but left for Tuesday Blue at around the time AC changed their name to Toucandance.

Fuck! Incredible comments string on this O’Malley gig posting BOCK.

Great stuff from you Abdul and Norma; go for the Eugene Wallace day. I am available in any way I might be able to to help with that. Brilliant, didn’t know Eugene unfortunately but may have crossed his path at some stage back then though not at a gig obviously.

John Mc, Tom Cronin did play and was the original guitarist and a founder member of the O’Malleys believe it or not.
He left the band early on and only did spots now and then when the lads were minus a guitar player for a gig but eventually sold all his gear, guitars too.
Went to a bodráin maker in Thurles and purchased his best bodráin and became a bodráin player from then on. That was early ’90s or there about. He had a nervous break down a few years back now and has disappeared from the music scene that I’m familiar with but he’s probably still out there I hope. I’d heard the break down really damaged him initially.
No further information on Tom; yet.

By the way BOCK, I assume that on the video omalleys003 that Vinnie is passing a ‘normal’ cigarette to Peter?

do you remember Razzmatazz (Thurs. nights top floor Savoy) ?
And a lad called Dom ? cant remember his surname (he passed away a couple of years back)
He used to play in the Glen Tavern. He did a fantastic cover of Pink Floyds “Brain Damage”
All fantastic stuff.

I do remember Ramazzmatazz Brian.Question. Did they play on the top floor or the middle floor? Of course I was only two years old during that “epoch”, my mother used bring me to the gigs , so I’m not an auld fella like the rest of ye, hah. I don’t remember Don however. But I am sure that if I saw a pic of him I would know him. Sorry to hear that he has passed (RIP). There were some great bands playing in the top floor in the 80’s. In fairness to the Murrays and Gary Sasche (sorry if I’ve spelt his name wrong) they had a great set up and a fine PA for its day.

Some fine bands came down from Dublin also. “Light a Big Fire, Those Handsome Devils (they were no oil paintings),Aslan, still going strong, and so many more.

The Limerick bands of that era were: Average Contents/Toucandance, Tuesday Blue, The Grove, Sixteen Tons of Jive, The Rhythm Sector, This Ones For Her -am I leaving anyone out? – did Ger Costello have a band called, Out of the Fog at the time? – and of course, The O’Malley’s. Up The Downstairs arrived a bit later, a fine band.

I knew Tom Cronin, Unstranger. A fine guitar player. He had a guitar school just down from Collins for a while. Like yourself, I have not heard of him in over a decade. I saw him once in Dolans, must have been at least 11 years ago. I wish him well.

Remember razzmatazz playin’ upstairs at ‘costelloes’ regularly at one stage, on a thursday night I, think. Used to do unreal covers of all the good stuff back then! saw a few of the others there too! Great thread!

After nearly a quarter of a century I finally admit to the DS that the bamboozlers were in – the bass drum. Hidden under the blanket they were, all snug like and innocent looking.

Of course, like US President Bill Clinton, we smoked them, but we never inhaled. Bill was playing around with cigars and Monica Lewinsky also, but claimed he never shagged her.

“He Don’t Inhale and He Don’t Impale”, the headline in the New York Times read.

Meantime, The DS arrived on the top floor one night and proceeded to imply that we were all taking drugs for some reason…….us? The collared one misfortunate in a corner and grilled him.

“Do you think this is funny son?” they were enquiring, with menace.

The kid had his glasses on upside down, couldn’t stop laughing and couldn’t find his mouth with his glass -but other than that he was normal.

One of the cops, who was obviously Scotland Yard material, Interpol even, came to a starling conclusion.”I think he may be on drugs, or something.”

The “or something” part intrigued us. Was there something else out there that would induce the above appearance and conduct – and where could you buy it.

Ah, but our DS were so perceptive – I mean it would take a forensic mind to arrive at that conclusion so swiftly – especially as the above was wearing his shoes on his hands at this stage, and still laughing.

Of course the Rhythm Sector were providing the perfect backdrop to all this by doing their excellent cover of Aswads (Arabic for black), “Down the Line”.

The song was about a “product” called sensimealla, which you, er am, can smoke……

“My house could never be a home without you, my sensimealla,” the Sector were singing, as innocent as the Vienna Boys choir.

But our dear old DS never twigged.They were listening to much more advanced music in their day, like Tommy Drennan and Margo. And what ever gave them the idea that people were smoking dope at the reggae gig anyway……?

Perish the thought Abdul,
what would Marley have made of that?
Ahh the good old DS, they used new Garda recruits (young and hip!) to try and infiltrate the group.
You could smell Templemore off of them! All they needed was to bring their hurleys with them they stood out so much (the girls especially). We had great sport one night with a sherbet (minus the liquorice) although thinking back they probably would have thought that the liquorice was a piece of Morroccan Black!
I often wonder what they would have made of a coconut snowball!
Did I tell you that I miss the 80’s in our fine,bueatiful looking, musically brilliant city of Limerick.

Abdul, spelling is Sciascia, I know cause I know a Sciascia and so had to learn the crazy Sicilian spelling!

As for the DS, I remember them too. Is it any wonder we have the asshole drug gangs so entrenched in our communities today. Stuff needs to be legalised a.s.a.p.

The say there’s no future in nostalgia lads, but don’t you believe them. Great days indeed. Sciascia, Unstranger, I won’t even try to pronouce it. “You could smell the Templemore off them,” great line Brian.

Really sorry to hear that about Tom Cronin. I hope life has been kind to him since. It was hard to get him to focus as a teacher but nevertheless I learned a lot from him, and as I write my white 80’s Yamaha SG is hanging on the wall (many other geetars have since joined it), I bought it through Tom. He was a nice guy, if I ever needed to borrow an amp, he would loan me his. I used to bump into him at gigs when I was back in Limerick from college, and he seemed to have quit music at the time. If you’re out there Tom, all the best.

I’m hearing through the grapevine, as Marvin Gaye, an ex Motown session drummer might sing, that a Buddys re-union is planned for the Bank Bar in O’Connell St next Saturday evening.

To lend authenticity to the occasion the organisers are planning to have members of the DS in attendance.

So, all you hippies, punks and enormous brats in council flats, your attendance is required. To paraphrase Roberto Zimmerman, you will be given the opportunity to show that “your were older then but your younger than that now.”

A reliable DJ is being organised, – one that won’t play anything by Wham, the Nolan Sisters or Shakin Stevens.

Where did Shaky disappear too by the way? Is he behind the Green Door? Mickey Martins anyone?

More to be confirmed soon – but the word on the street is, “be there or be eternally square”, maaaaaaaan.

Hi John L.
Long time since we last met, we had some great fun eh?
Hope life is treating you kindly.
We had a reunion gig a few months ago in Dolans and there are five videos on you tube.
Just bang in “the outfit limerick” and up they ‘ll pop!
Best of vibes to you
Ger C.

ger it’s been a long time yes we did have a good time all those years ago i was in limerick a few weeks ago for a few days and will try and get back before christmas if possible i hope you’re keeping well and still writing as for myself i’m still working away as an artist but now in in paris these last twenty years in fact anyway lets get together soon best to you john

Heya toms daughter dad was sick 4 a bit but doin gr8 now…he best musician in the world n always will tell him 2 get on this n say hi 2 ye

I can actually say I have The Outfit and The Groove tshirts. My uncle played the drums with them and I can remember the excitement when we were all gathered around the TV to see them perform on top of the pops . My Grandfathers vest tie dyed and him wearing it proudly banging out the song which i think was “Blue Blue Monday” They could have gone all the way if they had the right management. Alan Cheevers the lead passed away since RIP.

Really enjoyed reading your posts here in London! Limerick was a better place in the 80’s. I remember the lark in the park – i think.. in the potato market. With 80’s revival here in London – Spandau, Bannarama, genesis maybe we can get those old bands back out again.

Adul of June 16th:
The guy you speak of was Dom Hayes. A huge man physically,with a ponytail,looked like a wrestler,but was a genuine pussycat,nice as pie. Worked in Clover Meats as a butcher. Good musician. Missed by many.

Any one remember the Theatre Royal? It was at the tail end of that era, a last attempt to keep a live venue with real music going? And sciascia – is pronounced sasha – worked there – just sent him the page so he can enjoy this wander back to the days…. I know she was never much fun – but I will never forget the day Joe Browne walked into Tom’s – about 4 in the afternoon, (it was the early 90’s and we had unemployment beyond the 20% mark), holding the Rolling Stone high above his head with Duh’lores on the front cover…. Singing ‘Cover of the Rolling Stone”…..

and about the midget – he has also been know to pose as saint patrick when he is in a green room, and as for Toucan dance – jesus – anyone got that video of green eyes…. the laughs that were had making that….

Thanks all – really enjoyed it…. Ger C. have to catch u in Tom’s for a story telling session soon.
Speaking of which this is the recession – why arent we back in the pubs telling stories and cheering each other up, being bold the odd night and not going home at 7pm for tea – but going mad with hilarity and liquor till as far as we could push it beyond closing time???? Thats how bands were formed or at least appraised. Are we all PC now and its not good for our resume? Or (i am finishing my rant), have we lost our sense of humour, along with the celtic tigger, so we old and broke and boring that we can only talk on Computers?

Jesus lads, Some memories there alright. Father Ralph rubbing his tit in the Frans, lol. Fucking Great bands there each sun nite. My favourite the Urge, with their Clint Eastwood lookalike {Sheepskin jacket et all} on blistering lead guitar, others like Honey Sweet, Macbeth and before they got too big, Thin Lizzy, Skid Row and the Grannies. Hearing about, trying and dissapointment with the Aspirin in the Coke fiasco. Do i remember you Unstranger taking in coats for a bit downstairs? The P.A speakers atop stools on stage. The occasional big Fight, inside and out. Air Guitaring our way through Black Night, Whole Lotta Love, Smoke on the Water etc. Climbing through Sextons or Richmond school windows to see our mates Ed Clancy, Seany Franklin, Brian Healy and our own Tom Jones in Master Hair doing Free’s ‘Alright Now’ on stage, {am i missing someone?}. Nobodys mentioned the Bailey yet, one of my 1st gigs there, fee was 3pounds & 3pints a night, enough for the late night movie in the Carlton where we could see Pink Floyd live at pompei, Woodstock and Helga. With a bag of vinegar soaked chips from the Cafe Capri in hand, change & 10fags in my pocket the night was a good 1. The multi talented Morris Mcarthy {always surprising us} and Kevin Hock. The sessions in Gearys Hotel where all the visiting bands stayed. lots of music then. Well, i’m off to catch the O’Malleys for their bank hollier gig in nancys.

Gearys hotel ! the uncoolest cool place, all dark and smokey, It felt like the precipice of freedom !
probably the closest thing to St Germain that Limerick ever got, forget all the new urbane cafe society of to-day, Gearys was the groundbreaker !

Yeah Norma, Gearys {or Jack Burkes} Was one of limericks uncoolest cool places ok, coolest uncool even. Dingy, AND a Hotel to boot. 3pints in hand negotiating the 3 or 4 steps down into the sometimes happening backroom without falling arse over tit was an exercise delicately taken.
Capt Hogs next to the U.S bargain store, O’Brians {soon to be Joe Malones} and the bailey were all fine haunts too, great places.

Hmmmmm, Never been called God before! Thanks Bock. i think.
I do know a few ok. Classy in a Classless kind of way, if you know what i mean.
In fact, Less is more, more-or-less.
Getting a bit surreal now.
Did you catch Big Girls Blues Band in de Boatclub last night?
Missed that no doubt fab gig as was boppin’ to The Wailers with my son in Dolans. Ex. gig.

Last comment went missing & cant be arsed writing it again. God keeping watch i suppose. Speaking of which…….
The LesPauls in George bar tonite if anyones out ‘n about. Could do with a few bums on seats as The God Who Cancels Gigs will be in attendance.

Hello all, nice to read your comments about my cousin Eugene Wallace. Eugene came to LA in 1974 to sign a new record deal, he stayed at my house during the time (I was musician working in LA at the time). His new deal fell apart and never happened so he headed back to London. We lost touch for several years, but I saw him (London) in 1998 and he was still writing and pursuing his career. He passed away shortly after. Two of his brothers and sister still live in Limerick. It sounds like Limerick was quite a place in the 80’s. Kind regards to all.

A Joe Malones type session would be really nice. Where we al just showed up on saturday afternoon. Played with and listened to each other for a few pints. I think thats where most of us learned our craft. Name a good pub and i am on for it. Played a session in the spotted Dog of all places with Paddy P. recently and a few of the old cats turned up. We had a great night. And I learned one or two new songs from some of the other musicians, that why these jam sessions are really great fun. Any sugestions welcome.

To Jen of Sept 6th: my dad, Bryan Healy (who has been referred to in many of these comments, which is cool to see) shared the rhythm section with your uncle in both of those bands. I had been aware of the existence of a Slane ’87 shirt which listed the names of all the participating bands and mentioned the Groove, but I’d never heard of any dedicated Groove or Outfit t-shirts. I do, however, own a badge belonging to the Outfit with a fucking great design on it – whoever had the idea to turn the U into a saxophone is a genius, so simple but so effective. haha.

To Ger Costello: I really think ye should do another reunion gig, if possible. I thoroughly enjoyed the two ye did in Dolan’s earlier in the year. Supporting ye at the second gig was pretty surreal too. Anyway, yeah, it’d be great to see ye again. Bryan also said ye had been planning to record over the summer earlier in the year and it’s a shame that never materialised. On the evidence of those reunion gigs, ye had a number of cracking tunes that never made it onto either of the 7″s. Which reminds me, I’ve been onto Bryan about loaning me those old Groove & Outfit singles, with the hope of getting a friend to digitise them & transfer them to CD. He hasn’t gotten around to digging them out yet and passing them along though, and I keep forgetting to remind him. Problem is though, he doesn’t have a copy of the Toytown/ A Sharp 7″. If you ever see this comment, still have a copy of that single & are interested in preserving the stuff (maybe even getting it online), you might consider passing it along temporarily and I can get it done.

Oh, two more things.
i) Only just today, I found some photos of The Groove both hanging around at Slane & on stage at Slane, from when they supported Bowie in ’87 (3 years before I was born!) Photos are courtesy of Bob O’Connell. Fucking great shots. You can all view them here , if you’re interested. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be my friend on Facebook to view them, or even be on Facebook at all.
ii) The O’Malley’s are playing Upstairs in Dolan’s on New Years, incidentally with Bryan Healy filling in on bass.

Thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of these comments by the way. Learned a lot Bryan had never mentioned; though I guess his & Paul’s memory have probably been coloured by their intake in the interim of the Afghani Taster’s, Bamboozlers & Jazz Woodbines alluded to above :)


keefe nice to hear you appreciate those shots as i think i took them all as i photgraphed them on the stage that day and also backstage while bowie was playing in fact we all went in too see carlos alomar who was playing lead guitar and hung out with him drinking pints while he showed us all his guitars and indeed his whole set up on stage ( a fantastic guy) we later then set up a shoot with bowie and also big country an it is to be said the groove played a wild set a blinder in fact and were greatly appreciated by bowie himself and the crowd it was truly a memorable day with a party in the castle afterwards up on the hill we all then headed back to limerick in the van and got to limerick eventually and after a good nights sleep later again met on the sunday at nancy blakes it was all a fantastic time that whole period and your father whom i met first in 1980 while in the outfit is a great friend and a brilliant bass player as is your uncle paul truly great artists i can’t belive you were born after slane best wishes to all the healy clan john

Ok, we are fondly reading all of this in Sydney and the question “Where’s Wally” has been raised. Where is Brendan Wallace these days? Can’t forget the big ending he gave on the drums at the Savoy and promptly fell off the back of the stage……….

Keefe et al,
I came across this thread while gathering some info to put on facebook re my brother in law Alan Cheevers, RIP.. My wife is Adele Cheevers, Alans sister, actually we think that that is her, the hairy bespetacled one in front of the Groove flag in the first picture on someones shoulders, (not mine, we have never done that).
It was great to see the pics you had ,she hadn’t seen them before and we will show her folks too.
Can I assume that it is ok to forward a link to your pics on my facebook page?
Then maybe you would like to see the few I have gathered so far. Mainly Celtic Fusion related.
Alan was a great brother, Adele was very close to him especially as they got older. He will never be forgotten. All he seemed to want from life was a few beers (citation needed as they say), and to listen to and play music. Adele remembers that he did not want to meet Bowie at Slane, even though he was his idol, in case the reality of meeting him would be a disapointment. (Not sure whether he had the opportunity or not).
I think Brendan Wallace is working in Tom Collins bar, a great friend of Alans I often gave the two of them lifts into town, usually to Tom Collins funnily enough.
I know that Alans brother Clive has some of the old singles etc. framed on his wall but I am not sure which or what, so I will check, he may not want to deframe them though, but we will see.
I remember the Outfit badge too, wasn’t it “Charlie the Postman”, who played sax ,or trumpet I suppose.
I love to listen to music but dont play anything, my thing is old cars, was it your dad or Paul that had the Humber Sceptre years ago, very cool,,
I think that is Dave Keary in picture 6 on the very left, but was he playing there or with who?
In your picture 17, methinks the man in the fetching shade of blue would be a Big Country type, the time they got to meet the Groove

John; I passed on your message to Bryan, he said to say hello to you for him here…

i) That could well be Adele, I can’t say for sure, but I was pretty sure that was June Healy, Bryan’s sister & my aunt. The one supporting her looks a lot like her sister too, so it would make sense.

ii) Work away spreading those photos. Not a bother, as they aren’t even mine. Afterall, it was John that took them & Bob that shared them, so feel free to share them further…

iii) Not entirely sure about Brendan working in Collin’s… I don’t drink there much. (Once a year on Christmas Eve is pretty much enough for me) I definitely didn’t see him on on Xmas Eve just gone though…

iv) Those photos of yours of Alan’s are cool. As I was I only ten when he passed away, I don’t think I ever had the chance to meet him. Although, chances are I did but was too young to remember. Point is, it would have been nice to properly chat to him, especially about the Groove & himself & my dad’s friendship etc. RiP indeed…

v) Bryan didn’t meet Bowie either, but it was far less of a conscious choice than Alan’s… Bowie actually walked right past him, saluted him & said hello to him too even. Bryan was just simply too starstruck to respond, apparently.. But you’re right, they did meet and hang out with Big Country & that would be BC in a few of those photos. & yeah, that is indeed Dave Keary, as far as I know he was there as a friend & fan and not playing.

vi) I presume that was Paul who owned the Sceptre. I don’t ever remember Bryan driving in my lifetime, but I know he had a Mini at one stage. Paul on the other hand I know went through numerous cars/vans, so it’s likely to be him…

vii) Bryan has the two Groove singles himself, & a ‘Live @ Galway’ demo tape, actually recorded at some competition show they played and won I believe… The recent bout of nostalgia brought about by the unearthing of these photos has made him finally agree to pass those along to me, temporarily, so I can digitise them. I’m hoping to get the Outfit 7″s & any other live tapes he might have onto a CD as well… If this ever materialises, I’ll see about getting copies out to those interested.

OK, think that’s everything. Happy New Year John, Bob & everybody else.

Yes even before you replied Adele reckoned it was June,
I don’t partake at all any more so I can’t confirm re Brendan in TCs either,
Walking by and saluting etc., would count as a meet in most peoples books, I would have thought, actually by now the story should be that they were the best of friends, and that Bowie rings Bryan any time he is stuck for something.
Big Country man , looks like he is dressed for a bit of drummin, or maybe a game of football as per first suggestion re John Delaney.
Yes probably Paul, actually a friend of mine can probably confirm this as he tells a good story of asking/hiring Paul/Bryan to deliver a motorbike/(scooter actually) to Galway or Mayo or somewhere. And of course they had to stop for one on the way home. I think the full proceeds of the sale were gone before they got back.
So do you have Toytown, or should I check with Clive.
Talking of bands and competitions was there an earlier competition , where a band from Limerick called Terminal Bud, came second to some shower of ghouls from Dublin, called U2 or something. (John O Rourke, Kenny Kavanagh, John Murphy etc. I think). But I probably have this all wrong.

Re: toytown, I think I should be OK in getting a copy of that. Bryan played with the O’Malley’s in Dolan’s on New Years Eve & had a word with Ger about it. Once he gets that off him, I think he’ll have pretty much everything.

& I think you could be right about that competition. Obviously I wasn’t around at the time, but I have a vague recollection of Bryan telling me a similar story. Think he may have competed actually. I definitely remember him telling me he didn’t bother with u2 at the time, went to get chips instead or something…

well if it falls through, come back to me
And I would prefer chips to U2 as well, although this is reminding me of a record called “the chocolate biscuit conspiracy”, from the same era, with some sort of U2 involvement that was great, must try and find out more.

There is a man called John Dundon, who I think had a punk rock shop, (?????), years ago, and is supposed to be pretty much encyclopaedic about all the bands and scene back then, I think his wife even played with one of the bands, don’t know if he is around on this board though.

Bob — It’s not really a board. It’s more of an insane asylum really. However, if you wish, I can pass on your email address to a few people who might be able to fill you in on the details you’re looking for.

yea I wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about all that
but I am all wrong about the choc bickie thing, it was the Golden Horde, although they were signed later to U2 s label or something

Hi,….. Bob Whelan might be interested that Paul H bought the fab Humber Sceptre from my dad, what a car!! red leather seats, formally owned by a priest, then my dad had it for 21 years, Happy Happy Days being taken for drives in the Humber . All the clocks, in the car were made by Jeagar. All in our family are lovers of vintage cars, x mini mayfair driver myself, Adeles’ hubby knows my brother Mark who has a Capri. Wonderfull reading all the comments of years gone by and how it shaped us all down through the years.

Hi Lulu,,,,,, its me,I am Adeles’ hubby and yes I know Mark , (since the eighties), but met him during the summer and had a great chat,,,and yes I remember now that he told me the Humber story but I had forgotten it again. So do you know Adele? Are you still using the mini or do you mean that you used to have one. I have a 1965 mini in bits, (Mark seen it, or at least some of it), but it will probably never go back together. I love the car Mark has now that used to be your dads as well. Getting back to the Humber though, Adeles dad Charlie used to have one of them as well when they were new, and also admired your dads /paul healys one when Alan was involved with the Groove.
P.S. tell Mark he was asking for me, haha

Hi Bob…what a small world eh….tell Adele, that tonight, Im returning Tracey Smiths grad photos from 1990 ,took me bleedin time wha?!! Ya Marks’ a topper on the motors, Ive the glad eye for old motors always. Sadly no, I no longer drive a Mini, bought it for £600 and sold it for £590!! Im my fathers’ daughter!! one of my favourite sights of 2009 , was a bright orange BMW, 70s I think, used be parked on Cath St for a while. Just had a brain storm there….I think plates of the Humber were WZI 262..I was trained by masters!!!

That bmw used to be on st josephs st as well not far from your home place I think,,,I noticed cos I have one too,,,,if you ever go for an old car I can really recommend them, little tanks, and a lot cheaper than a Nissan. And BMW still support them too, heres the first of three vids where they build one from scratch from parts in the store, your favorite color too
Theres no hurry giving those pictures back to Tracey, tell her I said you could hang on to them,,,,haha

Tom had a shop in Catherine street, on the corner with Shannon St. but it was upstairs. In later years he had a shop in a basement in Thomas St. Still does a bit of memorabilia dealing.

ok so I was right about catherine st ,and at least there was a stairs involved, whether up or down,,,some few brain cells working so

For Paulo and Bob…… Indeed The Punk Shop was up a set of stairs, it was fully decked out with disco lights, twas very cool shop to be brought into by your Mum on a Saturday, she’d buy us badges of The Police & Pink Floyd, well for older sisters she did, aged only 5 or 6 only and yet I remember that it was Coool!! Catherine St, almost at corner where Lorrettas’ Cafe is, leading onto Roches St. There was another guy called Tom who traded in second hand lp’s and rare stuff, he was located in a basement , it was called The Music Vault, his girlfriend had a beauticians above it, down from Tom Collins’, think he only goes to trade fairs now.

Bob…..interesting link bout the BMW, cheers, Inka Orange I think he said that colour was, super car in any colour especially that one, I would love something old, never been swept away by anything modern. Saw my dream car in Croatia in June……a Fiat 500! how fab are they?!!! Those cars need TLC and deserve a garage, but I live in hope!! My dad used drive a Heinkel, a tank of a scooter! 4 of us could fit on it!! He sold it to a mod. My mum is 76 and still wishes for a yellow Morgan, so if you ever come across one of those!!!

Hi Tom Croinin here. Just to set the records straight I was not the original guitarist with the o’malleys.It was Des O’Dwyer. I would like to say that Des is one of the best players in the country and 100% original.
You don’t hear the usual Clapton and Hendirix touches like most other players. You hear just Des and I always found his playing a breath of fresh air. I hope 2010 is a great year for you Des !!!
I am now teaching in Shannon Airport but not music. I actually teach/train airline pilots to fly the Boeing 737 800. We use the very latest flight simulator technology and it is very interesting work. I teach all the systems but mostly the automated flight control system.
I would like to wish all the Limerick musicians a happy new year and “keep on rockin in the free world”

Hey Tom — Now we have recreated in cyberspace a perennial problem of real life — the multiple Tom Cronin paradox. If you look back through this site, you’ll see comments by not one, and possibly not even two, but perhaps as many as three Tom Cronins. All musicians, all from Limerick and all from the same general circle of acquaintances. All avatars of each other.

Lulu; Have you ever been to the Morgan factory in Worcester ? Well worth a trip if you love them.
I had an Uncle who was car obsessed, He was a kind of crazy genius with all kinds of engines, but the Morgan was his thing, Owned by the same family since 1909, Ash frame with steel chassis, More art than car, Hope your Mother get’s her wish, in any colour, as they have 50,000 colours !

Tom is that the the place that was on nationwide last week? It looked great.
Lulu, don’t remember the Vault at all, but the punk shop was definitely the place to buy badges, and safety pins I suppose, studded belts and collars and other essential gear.
One of the great things about the 500 was that they could fit into the smallest garage / shed /parking space or whatever. I know a guy who collected one and put it in the back of his van. Another friend, who is 6 foot 5 had one and I went with him to town in it once and have never seen a car to get so much attention, especially from schoolgirls who squealed with delight when he beeped the horn. They are slow on the open road but very fast around town, cos they nearly never have to slow down, cos there is almost always a gap they can squeeze through. Thats the red Heinkel that used to go in and out the Corbally road I think. Another friend has one of those, but rarely takes it out. Don’t know of any Morgans, not my cup of tea but fair play to the lady anyway. I can really recommend old cars, I hate the way cars are seen as nearly being disposable items now

love them too but extremely complex,,,,,if I was going to take a chance on an old citroenit would have to be an SM, derived from the DS, but with a Maserati engine,,,google them and see what you think.
I could talk cars forever but I am worried that it might be driving others here mad, as it started out about music.

Yes Bob ! It was on Nationwide last monday. It is a new venture run by two people in the aviation business.

Hey Bock ! There is only one Tom Cronin ex music teacher and guitarist. That is me !!!
All others are fakes………………………ha ha ha !

Bob….Ha Ha! funny you mentioned that! was thinking same meself, site is meant to be about tunes! …..cant help it but….friend of mine used drive the classic green Citreon Diane, someone on my st, which is Barrington St sold it to her, twas fab! come to think of it, a Charlestown would be lovely, only ever got as far as buying a model of one, which Mark now has. God had I known how fab the Fiat 500 was, Id have asked Santa, sounds utterly fab!

Many’s the push i gave Lulu around Barrington St. Wey hey. luv ya babes.
Great to hear from you Tom C. {the i in my moniker stands for eye so use ur irish detection}
Good luck with the job, sounds great. I was with SRS aviatian in its various guises for 19yrs and the 737 800 series rocks. Last time i met you, you were playing Bodhran with trad heads in the limerick Inn.

Bock: excellent news, its a grower ok.
Keefe: Checked out the pics, great stuff.
Anyone remember the the Old Stand gigs/sessions. Caught the tail end of them when i was playing with Tony Hayes, another Fine limerick guitarist.

Good for you Tom, seems to have worked out ok. Very scary that this was a prescribed drug,,,which one was it, seroxat? Scary too that the doc that prescribed it was of little use after. I won’t ask his name even though I am curious.

Mind yourself and enjoy those grankids.

Tom; That does sound very scary, But you sound like the journey from there to here has been amazing.
That movie had massive impact on me also, not in any mind altering way, but it was before syndromes such as post traumatic stress were recognised, And the slippery slope of war and trauma and the mental impact on an individual, That movie was in my head for a long long time, Nowadays I think people have become very desensitised to that kind of message, maybe a lot of messages !
Grandkids really are the biz !
Bob; I have promised myself that someday I will get another DS, Yes they are very complex , I googled the SM you mentioned but it looks more Maserati than Citroen and has none of those curvy bit’s and methinks lacks the directional headlamps which were truly fab ! the tyre changing could be carried out by a terrier ! so simple, They are collectors items now, I loved mine but it fell apart, too expensive now also, but i still hold out for maybe…………..When I get that winery in France !

Tom — I imagine many people have had similar experiences and maybe one or two might take heart from hearing what you said.

Incidentally, it’s my fault that the comment appeared. The person who made it should have known better and if I had noticed it I would have removed it. That sort of comment is unacceptable, and I must apologise to you for allowing it to remain on this site.

No problem Bock. There is never any need to hide the truth about things. That is why the clergy in this country got away with all they did.

There is a difference. Personal private information should never be taken out of the control of the individual. That was wrong, and I’m annoyed both that I failed to notice it and that the person said it.

Don’t worry about it Bock. It is fine by me. You are doing a great job on this site. You should be proud of it !!

Lulu, I am kind of worried in case you go out and get a 500 and then blame me if and or when it goes pear shaped, there are some downsides too. Like where do you put stuff like groceries or kids if you have them, I drove a mini which is twice as big for a while and this was a problem. The gearbox, is non synchromesh, which means every one will cringe when you change gear from all the crunching noises and you will get a reputation as the worst driver in Limerick. Great around town as I said, but you will probably need sandwiches and a flask to go to shannon. Then theres rust to consider. Oh, and they are ridiculously overpriced now, for some reason, for what they are. And woe betide the man/woman who has an accident in one.
Now, go and get one but don’t say you haven’t been warned.

Norma I didn’t realise you used to have one. I would love to even drive one to see what they are like, I have read about it so many times, like for instance how most people nearly go through the windscreen at first before they realise how sensitive the brake “Button” is. American market SMs had non swivelling headlamps but the european market ones swivelled (as they should behind cuved glass front). But to my mind the SM is very curvy, check out the “Maserati Khamsin”, to see what straight lines with Citroen mechanicals are. Now that car would be in my top 10, but guaranteed to cause untold grief, with Citroen hydraulic complexity, maserati mechanical complexity and expense, and italian stroke russian steel, for the body. But absolutely gorgeous.
I hope you get your DS.

Tom C…….Very interesting Tom, and fair play for the courage to share it, you were lucky you discovered ‘something was afoot’, so to speak. I , like a lot of folk used think,..Doc knows best….Until I had an experience like yourself , somewhat similar, I promptly changed my Doc and never looked back. I wish you well on youre journey.
Norma….I thoroughly agree with folk becoming desentisised, of course we must mind ourseves & be selfish by times but at such a cost . On Christmas week @9am,Aurthurs Q, a pregnant girl girl, slipped on the ice, to my horror myself & another woman went over whilst a small gathering at bus stop discreetly ignored it, AGHhhh!!! Restrain me!!! That said, I have noticed a lot of kindness about during the cold snap.

Audrey — Your comment was deleted. You’re well aware of the comments policy. Personal abuse to another commmenter will get you blocked and you know it well.

Comment deleted.

Right Audrey. I’ve had enough. We’ve had the same argument on three separate threads in recent days and I’m sick of it.

You clearly are unwilling to respect the comment policy. I will decide how matters are handled here, not you.

Therefore I feel that you should post your views elsewhere for a while.

Take a break.


Dear Wrinkley Joe
I know where Derry Bray is !
He would have been at Nancy Blake’s John Mayall revival
but, now living in the U.S.A


Thanks for the nice mentions of Freddie White at the Theatre Club. I was one of the gig organisers there with Mark Donnelly and Brendan Wallace of The Outfit and The Groove fame. We ran the club between 1997 and 2000 and had Freddie White, Mick Hanley, Phillip Donnelly, Louis Stewart and Honor Heffernan, Lesie Dowdall, Cran, Cafe Orchestra, Maurice Dickson, Andy Irivine, Jim Page, Don Mescall, John Spillane, Paul Tiernan, Ronnie Taheeny, Maca, Maggie Keane, Sonny Condell, Gerry O’Beirne, Thom Moore, Juliet Turner and the late lamented Pigmeat Pete Smith among others play there. The club met a need as there was no real live music venue in Limerick along the lines of Cork’s Lobby and Whelans in Dublin. The idea was to present quality live music in a good listening venue where the artists and audiences could enjoy it. It was a wonderful 3 years and I enjoyed it immensely. It was my first time running gigs and Mark and Brendan were a pleasure to work with. I am glad that people remember it fondly as I know the artists do and still ask about it from time to time. Good luck with the site and if anyone is interested look at this site and check out ‘Caught in the Act’ a wonderful music webzine from the UK. I contirbute regularly and have a feature on ‘New Limerick Bands” there also material on The Driven, Miami Showband with Johnny Fean and much more there. Oh and one more thing I wrote a full page obituary on Eugene Wallace published in ‘The Limerick Leader’ shortly after his death and I interviewed him on my ‘Regan’s Rambles’ radio show back in the Pirate days of John the Man’s Radio Luimni. Great character.
Thank you
Yours sincerely
John O’Regan

one comment I forgot to make in the space above some more memories come now Freddie White playing downstairs in the Basement in Perrys -we had moved as the Theatre Club building was bein renovated so we had the gigs in the basement area – Freddie played surrounded by candles – very atmospheric and Sonny Condell and his new band played a 3 hour set one night. Also the biggest crowd we had was for Eamonn Hehir when he launched his Bloodmil Road Cd – we had 120 people crammed into the basement,
Eamonn had a ful band with him there and it was amazing, For anyone archiving the last gig we held was the Phillip Donnelly Acoustic Band in summer 2000. Things changed after that as the hotel was being renovated and so the gigs just stopped – it had run its natural course. I was still getting requests from artists looking for gigs so after a while I started doing things with the AMC (Aspersions Music Collective) with Albert Twomey and friends. We had some great nights in the Savoy, High Stool and Tims Bar with people like Buddy Mondlock, B,A, Robertson, Jonsmith, Richard Gilwitz, Jim Page, Rory Faithfield, Annie Burns, Doug Hoekestra and Kat Parsons, The Prodigals, Tanya Opland and Mike Freeman etal. It was another exciting period from 2000 to 2002, thank you for this opportunity to share and relive some very happy memories.

Best wishes
John O’Regan

Hi again Bock ! I would be very grateful if you could delete thread 96 above.
I wrote it myself back in January but due to some very narrow minded people
it has cause me a lot of grief since then.


Great thread !
One thing that hardly anyone knows, is that Tom Cronin (guitarist/teacher) was actually approached by Phil Lynott of Lizzy after Eric Bell left the band. How do I know this ? I worked as one of their lighting techs at the time. He actually turned them down.
Wasn’t into the fame and all that crap. Great guitarist and hope where ever he is that life is being good to him. Freddy H.

Interesting info there Freddy. I never knew that.
A friend of mine has a copy of a classical guitar recording he made back in the early 80’s.
I was at one of his recitals in Christ Church in 1983. Wow !!!
This guy was too good to play with the O’Malleys. He should have been on the world stage.

Where are you TC ?? Limerick music needs your incredible talent.

Took classical and lead lessons from Tom Cronin in the mid-80’s – Tom, thanks for everything, I’m still mining those licks nearly 30 years later!

Have great memories of seeing Tom and Ger Costelloe playing with The Giant Kites in the Glen Tavern in the early 90’s. “Sensitive Guy” – what a great song!

Andy H.

Not quite right there Freddy.
TC auditioned for Lizzy when he was 16 but was turned down because of his age.
I agree he definitely would have been in that league back then.
Like myself he started to study classical guitar at the Royal Irish Academy Of Music in Dublin and that was the end of electric guitar until the O’Malleys in 1988. We often had a jam together and I have learned everything I know about improvisation from this gentleman. We had a coffee and a chat recently and he is starting to play electric guitar again. It’s great to see that things have come full circle for him now.
Back to where he started. I am really looking forward to hearing him play. Music just flows out of him.

Happy New Year to all the Limerick musicians, Paul Creegan.

I feel really bad about allowing the moronic comment from Unstranger to remain on the site, but it slipped through the net and became part of the general discussion. Hopefully Tom will forgive me for this lapse.

I’m really enjoying the theme/design of your web site. Do you ever run into any internet
browser compatibility issues? A small number of my blog readers
have complkained about my website not operating correctly iin Explorer but looks great in Chrome.
Do you ave any tips to help fix this issue?

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