Limerick Printmakers and Lyric FM Celebrate 10th Birthday

pamela_dunne_the_watermill_mezzotintLimerick Printmakers and RTÉ’s Lyric FM are both 10 years old, and they’re celebrating by producing a limited edition boxed set of prints. The studio of Lyric is right across the street from the Limerick Printmakers and they opened their doors within months of one another.

Ten of the Limerick Printmaker’s Studio & Gallery artists responded to music chosen by ten of RTÉ’s presenters. The music was selected by the presenters, with the only stipulation being that it should be their favourite piece of music.

Máire Nic Gearailt chose Mozart: Piano Concerto No.21 in C, K467 and Suzannah O’Reilly responded to this by creating a monoprint called Epic Journey, in muted tonal ranges, suggesting the abstract image of piano keys. Mike Byrne’s chosen presenter, Paul Herriott, picked Joseph Canteloube: Obal , Din Lo Coumbelo. Byrne was inspired to create a rhythmic and colourful piece.

Classical, jazz, pop and opera are among the genres of music used as inspiration. and every print created is an original piece of art.

The work will be officially launched in the Georgian House, No 2 Pery Square on 25th June at 8pm. and you can preview it here .

12 replies on “Limerick Printmakers and Lyric FM Celebrate 10th Birthday”

Nice one.

Had a peek at the pictures and my favourite is Fiona Quill’s Transpose at Sight from Sinatra’s ‘It Was a Very Good Year’.

The triptych is also excellent. But €2,800 per boxed set, a bit over my budget I’m afraid. Still I hope I get down to the launch night.

Why do they call it Lyric FM when its nearly all instrumentals they play, like?

Come to think of it, why is there only one monopolies commission and er,am, whatever.

hmmm that box or x box set was an idea a colleague of mine came up with. They were quite shocked and amazed to say the least when they saw a headline in the paper in relation to same. It was an idea they conveyed in a general conversation with someone in the printmakers. Wonder who stole it from who. I shall say no more…..

well all I know is that this person came up with the idea some time last year, on hearing that a tenth anniversary was approaching. There was some talk about the box sets in general and this person came up with the idea of ‘X’ box. It was conveyed in a general conversation at one of the printmaker exhibitions. What shocked them was the fact that in the paper it suggested that it was the manager/director ‘s idea. not so…..
and I’m not making a big deal out of it, I’m just saying…

“does it matter who had the idea”..

of course it does – credit where credit is due! why pass something off as your own in the first instance. It would be like me plagerising one of your stories and passing it off as my own. This person isn’t particularly bothered, just amused that that the director had the gaul to say that she came up with the idea and decided to convey her thoughts to RTE Lyric.

heh hubble bubble toil and trouble? plagerism, stealing and whatnot? Lockvar I’d love to hear your story! Stealing someone’s idea – well that doesn’t suprise me! if you are referring to the person in LP that I am thinking of! I’m looking into something at the mo because that said person made a very defamatory and derogatory comment about me and that person doesn’t even know me. I’d consider that individual extremely unprofessional and arrogant to say the least.

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