Local Elections — Time To Kick Them Out

Kick ’em out!

Fuck this moratorium shit.  Tomorrow we go to vote in the local and European elections, and this is our chance to show what we think of this crowd of incompetent, corrupt crooks.

I know it’s not a general election but at least it’s an opportunity to vent your feelings.  Who knows?  If they’re wiped out in the local elections, it could be the start of the big push to rid ourselves of these bloodsuckers once and for all.

Look at these gobshites and tell me they’re fit to govern our country, or even to clean its public toilets.

Go out, please, and make sure not one of these people is returned to office.

Now’s your chance.

16 thoughts on “Local Elections — Time To Kick Them Out

  1. Fianna Fail will be decimated tomorrow. But it is our patriotic duty to ensure that they are decimated completely.

    Even FF know they are going down. They have been on a damage limitations exercise for weeks.

    The plebiscite is not a general election, unfortunately.

    But if the collective boot is planted firmly enough in the FF bollocks it could create the momentum for one.

    Every vote counts, even spoiled ones – write “general election now” on your spoiled votes.

    If we want to build a new Republic, free from the unholy trinity of FF, cute hoorism and the church, tomorrow is the place to start.


    “We can have democracy in this country, or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

  2. Your studying too much Latin me thinks, will “destroy completely” suffice? Otherwise the FF wretch that gets the bullet might be going round singing, “I am the one in ten”, with apologies to UB40.

  3. Sorry lads, but the cleanout should not stop at FF. The FG councillors where I live almost outdo the other crowd in ‘cute hoorism’. The problem is the messenger boy political system, at which FG (and Labour) are just as adept (albeit with fewer opportunities)

    The choice is so lamentable that I’m glad I happen to be out of the country tomorrow and won’t be able to vote. Going into the polling station would be too depressing for words …

  4. Voted myself this morning Bock with your post and my ever decreasing income ever week in mind!!!! Just wish it was a general election.

  5. Do not forget the Greens they are by far the weakest link. If they lose their councillors and have none elected they shall jump ship. We may get a general election yet.

  6. roll on a general election,maybe we might get some honest politicians in charge of this country.if there is such a thing,tomorrow will tell a tale.

  7. Off topic, I was just wondering, how many of the 402,000 odd unemployed were offered the chance of a badly needed days work today manning the polling stations, or was it just the usual public service “perk”?.

  8. Problem is we get rid of FF, who do we get to replace them, there lies the problem they have no real
    competition. We cant really have Enda Kenny as t-shock… Can we

  9. Tony I despair. The mindset that F.F. are the natural Government sickens me. It seems that some people feel there is only F.F. or F.G. there are others . Pour likittle F.F. have been blown away and their likittle Green friends as well. Awaaa! I shall cry.

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