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Michael Shine was a surgeon, struck off after allegations of sexual assault. Now he visits homeless boys in India.

Michael Shine was a surgeon who was struck off the medical register for professional misconduct after a number of men made allegations of sexual assault.  He did not appeal this decision.

It now emerges that Shine has been sponsoring and travelling to a children’s village in India where homeless and abandoned children are cared for.  It seems he’s established an iconic status there for his contributions, not unlike the status Cathal Ó Searcaigh achieved in Nepal after spending huge amounts of money by local standards.

I find it deeply disturbing, at a time when such devastating revelations are emerging about the treatment of children in Irish institutions, that an Irish doctor, struck off following allegations of sexual abuse, should be pumping money into a similar institution in India.

Don’t you?

Don’t you find it disturbing that this man, on a huge pension at the taxpayer’s expense, should be using that money to gain enormous influence over an impoverished institution that houses defenceless young boys?

How influential is Shine?  Well, the reaction of the institution’s director, Titus Poorvakulam, is revealing.  When an RTÉ crew visited the village, they were surrounded by a mob, led by Mr Poorvakulam.  The mob attacked the crew and took their tapes, which they only managed to retrieve after calling the police.

This is desperation.  Shine has been sponsoring two children, named as Michael and Kavitha and clearly, Poorvakulam can foresee Shine’s largesse evaporating. He doesn’t like it.  After all, what’s the cost of one or two kids compared to the survival of the rest?

Michael Shine Struck Off – What’s Going On In Drogheda’s Hospital?

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  1. Bock do you know the name of the institution? Surely the indian government should be made aware of this animals past.
    All of these so called’ Charities’ should be looked into properly. The problem is that the people who protect them are part of the ring themselves. Does anyone know where that peado priest Oliver O’Grady is hiding out as there is a couple of lawsuits and a reward for his whereabouts, the last time he was seen was getting a flight to Holland and the local gardai in Limerick said that it was alright for him to travel. Why do these criminals have passports? The are only going to do the same thing abroad, Until the law changes there is nothing we can do about it apart from try to make people aware of their past. This is where the law fails they would rather persecute people for minor crimes which create fines and tax our asses off. This world makes me sick.

  2. No comments yet on last night’s programme about this twisted f**k?
    I was traveling and couldn’t get home on time but I hope and pray that the sod is thoroughly exposed now and the cases re-opened. Why is it that in Ireland it’s the victims that are always left suffering and not the perpetrators.

  3. What is it about that hospital? That town? Neary and Shine, peas in a rotten and corrupt pod. Or, did every town and city have its share of butchers and rapists pushing a Hippocratic oath?

  4. Bock, saw that vile perv, on RTE .TV . a bullet is not good enough for that Thing. Where does this all end?A man who you can trust, a doctor who was struck off the medical board.Why is he not in gaol like the rest of those cretin’s?It’s a question plain and simple.Made me sick Again last night to see that fucker walking free in his nice D4 neighbourhood. I wonder if that dirty perv will get strung up along with the rest of those Fuckers? No nails just HILTI gun!

  5. I watched the programme last night and RTE have to be congratulated on nailing the fucker, albeit a fucker who is sailing off into the sunset with an index linked pension paid for by us.They (RTE) door stepped him on a side street and 90% of his replies were totally unconvincing.It was grotesque to hear of his former collogues lining up to pay homage to his “character” when he was hauled up in front of the beak.He was acquitted by the courts, mainly because his buddies, ignoring a long list of complaints against the alleged sex offender chose to turn their backs on the victims to instead extol the virtues of their workmate.Nice one lads, no doubt you were calling for the lynching of Christian brothers, priests and nuns following the Ryan report. But why, when you were asked to go on the record for last nights programme, did you all head for the hills.Surely what you described as “character” and “virtue” in a court of law would stand up to scrutiny on national TV.Or was it that the game was up at that stage. Nevermind, and congratulations on your sterling efforts on getting an alleged sex offender, who was struck off the register by your own superiors because of these alleged sex offences, off the hook.Likewise with Cathal Ó Searcaigh. He was heading far afield to befriend young boys also. And not a bleep out of Aosdana. What is it about official Ireland that it closes ranks behind alleged sex offenders thus exposing vulnerable children to risk.But at least we are consistent. Oscar Wilde, like O Searcaigh, a steamer, was “allegedly” rogering rent boys in London, a dime a dozen we are led to believe. But Wilde is one of our foremost writers we are told. He was even on the school curriculum at one stage, a man of towering intellect, a genuis. And by the way, he, er am, “allegedly” liked to bugger young boys in his spare time. But what if Wilde was picking up young girls for sex? Would the unspeakable have been in pursuit of the uneatable then. Would they what.

  6. Nope, do you? some of my best friends are homosexuals, steamers the lot of em, some of them are taxi drivers also.

  7. I was molested by that f##kwit, and just in case he might ever read this, I never reported the incident as it wasn’t that serious. But, the people I saw on that great documentary are not after money. They want their lives back, and unfortunately, will probably never succeed.The cheek of him saying that the complainants are only after money.

  8. Sadly, children in India appear to have less value than a bowl of rice. Shine’s influence stems only from his unfortunate cash on hip. I’m sure the net will close on him sooner rather than later.

  9. Michael Shine was a frequent visitor to SOS Childrens Village at Cochin, Kerala South India as reported by the known local daily Kerala Kaumudi.
    Shine has been frequenting SOS Children’s Village in Kochi for the last few years. He had sponsored two children at the orphanage and used to visit them. Child rights activists are shocked that a person of such character has been mingling with children, exposing them to the risk of sexual abuse.

    SOS Children’s Villages Of India national director Rakesh Ginsi confirmed that Shine was a sponsor of a couple of children at the Kochi home, but ruled out the possibility of him sexually abusing their children. ‘‘Shine was one of our several sponsors. In that capacity, he was allowed to meet the children, but never alone. We have a robust child protection policy that allows sponsors to meet the children only in the presence of our representative. We didn’t know about his antecedents when we accepted his sponsorship. We have communicated that we are unable to revive his sponsorship,” says Ginsi.
    Times of India confirms this http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Irish-child-abuser-a-regular-at-Kochi-orphanage-for-years/articleshow/4651157.cms

  10. During the early Sxties when I became an Officer in the Merchant Navy, I had occasion to visit Cochin, Kerala on a few occasions, back then the Irish Nuns would come on board ships in the Ports, begging for Donations of anything, Food etc. for their orphonages, ” I can remember this as an almost ”Astonishing awakening” having been educated by the same order in Limerick, and ”by were they to be feared”. However leaving my Historic Bias behind, I asked the Captain if he would speak with the Chief Steward/Purser, and see if we could do something to help. We Sent Two Truck load’s of Various Canned Food’s. to them., Many of which would have been considered out of date., but they really appreciated our efforts, and I kept in touch with that same Nun until she died. even receiving a small wedding present . from her a few years later., Some Had Real Vocations., (remembering the old adage ) THOSE WHO CAN ”DO” & THOSE WHO CANT ”TEACH”

  11. There is such a culture of deference,- utterly without self respect,+ pride.
    If someone, anyone,SOMEONE causes you, as a valid human person to feel that,, you should say so, long, loud,+ hard ,incessantly. That it is wrong , to make you feel diminished.
    No-one has the right to dismiss you as invalid,+ an unnecessary pain in the arse, just like that – though please , try not to be! Use your head. Think!
    The gods, or evolution,have given us brains- please, use them!

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