Nels Cline

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Jun 242009

As the Infant Jesus described it when sending me the link, this piece is about 17 minutes long, very ambient. It’s all done live, he tells me, using old and new guitar technology. And if there’s anyone who understands guitar technology, it has to be the Infant Jesus. He even has a little light thing that he shines at his guitar and makes it play without anyone bothering to touch it. Some day, I hope to understand how that little light thing works.

Relax and enjoy Nels Cline.

Nels Cline + Devin Sarno – the wulf from ZF FILMS on Vimeo.

(With thanks to the Infant Jesus).

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    Dessie O’Dwyer uses a small light-emitting-gadget too but his is a tiny hand held unit. Probably same technology employed.


    Well there’s seventeen and a half minutes I’m never going to get back!

    What a load of self-indulgent codswallop. (Everyone to their own taste, I know!)

    For some real music, check Tae-Kyung Im singing Nella Fantasia, on the youtube.


    Amazing stuff.Have to give it another go.
    Unstranger-Is that gadget perchance called an E-bow?


    Saw him play with Wilco about 18 months ago in Vicar Street. Absolutely awesome. Check out the DVD ‘Ashes of American Flags’ to see what I mean. Wilco are coming back again at the end of August, but I’ll miss them as I’ll be on hols.


    BOCK!..Ya bastard! The Gua’uld!..yet again im cleaning half chewed crunchy nut cornflakes off the screen of me Mac..HeeHee..(shamon)


    wrong thread..sorry..


    That’s beautiful. Very eastern sounding.

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