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Speakeasy Jazz, Limerick

We all went along to Shannon rowing club last night for an evening of jazz, wine and mellowness, and I have to tell you, it was as jazzy, wineful and mellow as it gets.

Here’s a flavour of the evening.

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Bock;after a bit of interested research from the researchee… can’t be done apparently.

OMNG, as the atheists might exclaim, a tenner in? Abdul will look at that and mentally deduce in a heartbeat that that’s the price of 2.3 pints of black sauce. He will feel uneasy forking it out, queasy even.

He’ll know that by the time he has consumed 2-3 pints, after dropping a tenner before he’s even ordered, that he’ll be in the red, amid the ambience, instead of being in the black, so to speak.He’ll have budgeted for a rake of liquor only to realise with horror that he’s 2.3 pints down at the end of another night gallivanting in the Treaty City.

Abdul will then be invited to measured the aesthetic value of the wonderful music these gentlemen are creating vis a vis 2.3 pints and will he begin to fret because of the sheer moral dilemma engendered by inviting comparisons of this type. And in making these comparisons he might say to himself that there are a few other bands playing in town that don’t have a cover charge.

You see Abdul is used to paying for drink and getting the music free. But he could balk at paying for both at the same time.The way he sees it, the deal is simple.The publicans put on a band which attract extra customers to the pub. The extra customers drink more and the extra revenue is used to pay the band.

Meantime, all this could mean that we’ll lose the jazz nights – and all because of a tenner and those 2.3 pints. Maybe the cover charge should be dropped, on account of the economy as Springsteen might sing.

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