Westlink Rip-Off

There’s a boodie on the radio talking about people who use this product.

Product?  What product?

The Westlink bridge, that’s what.  It’s not a toll.  It’s not a bridge.  It’s not highway robbery.

No.  Now it’s a fucking product.

Everything’s a product these days, isn’t it?  Even the thievery that allows a private company to charge you for crossing a bridge that the government should have built but didn’t.

And why didn’t the government build the bridge?  After all, they built the huge motorway that delivers all its victims to be mugged.  Indeed, they built a huge length of motorway – the M50 – at both sides of the Liffey and the only bit they didn’t build was the short stretch across the river.


Because that bit was intended to channel all the money into the pockets of CRH, or Roadstone as its better known: the company that lies at the heart of this country’s deep-rooted malaise.

It was Roadstone that operated the secret Ansbacher accounts from an illegal bank in their head office.  It was Roadstone that gained control of all the County Councils’ quarries and seized a monopoly on roadmaking materials in this country, selling our own stone back to us.  And it was to enrich Roadstone that Todd Andrews destroyed our rail network. It was Roadstone that bought an entire generation of politicians.

Roadstone own Fianna Fáil, and therefore it was no surprise that the taxpayer would fund the M50 construction but Roadstone would collect all the money.


Fucking crooks.


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6 replies on “Westlink Rip-Off”

Ireland seems to be like one of those businesses where all the staff are on the fiddle. Limping by month after month waiting for that one big bill to come in that will finally shut the doors for good.
Fire the politicians.
Fire the bankers.
Get rid of the developers.
Dismantle the churches grip.
Take the Corrib gas back.
Lose every fucker that’s here just to line their already well lined pockets.
Sell the country to Microsoft as a going concern and see how they do with it.

Don’t forget the legal system which makes fortunes for people in suits in offices in evry town and city in the country. Making a fortune from crime and corruption while producing no material wealth.
The legal system does not seem to be in the business of dispensing justice.

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